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Did you watch the new Netflix sci-fi movie JUNG E? If not, we suggest you watch this exceptional movie. We can say that the JUNG E ending is raw and bittersweet, as we see the robot flee from the captivity of humans. However, the price that the mother has to pay for her freedom is too much. So, here’s all about the science fiction movie, as we discuss the emotional ending of the gripping film.

JUNG E is a science fiction film that was released on Netflix on January 20th, 2023. The movie revolves around a dystopian and futuristic version of Earth. Set in the 22nd century, the movie presents a non-habitable version of Earth. Humanity survives in space, and a civil war breaks about among the various shelters. To win against the rebelling forces, other shelters join forces and try to build a combat AI robot. JUNG E follows the journey of the AI robot that has the memories of a deceased mercenary captain. The movie presents the last failed mission of the deceased captain and how the robot cannot make any progress in the same mission.

Let’s find out what problems JUNG E will face and why JUNG E ends so emotionally to watch. We must tell you that if you do not want to spoil the movie for yourself, you should check out other reads by us.

JUNG E Ending Explained | Emotional And Beautiful!

JUNG E was one of the most anticipated Korean movies on Netflix, and we can say that the movie did not disappoint. However, the JUNG E ending was beautiful and emotional. Here’s all you need to know about the bittersweet ending of the science fiction movie.

JUNG E is a Kronoid robot that carries the memories of a mercenary captain who failed in her last mission against the rebelling forces and fell into a coma. Captain Jung Yi agrees to clone her brain so that her daughter can get proper medical treatment for her cancer. After years of memory simulation and combat training, the AI continues to fail its last mission. Eventually, the allied forces signed a treaty with the rebellion forces, simply stopping JUNG E’s development. 

Before she dies, Captain Jung-Yi decides to give her memories to the Kronoid robot JUNG E. So when the chairman of the allied forces decides to destroy the combat robot, Jung Yi’s daughter decides to flee with her. However, Jung Yi’s daughter Seo-Hyun dies while trying to escape with JUNG E. In the final scene, we see the solitary Kronoid robot trudging the mountain ranges on Earth as she has to leave her daughter for death.

The science fiction movie was undeniably exceptional and created a well-structured plot. But the ending of the movie was for sure emotional. The movie succeeded in capturing a raw moment as JUNG E had to bid farewell to her dying daughter, who asks her mother to flee in her last moments. We were left wondering how the robot would live with the memory of her daughter’s death and what she would do now. Do tell us in the comments which other moments from the movie were your favorite. 

Final Words

We have covered everything about the raw and emotional JUNG E ending for you. If you want to find the trailer breakdown of Beau Is Afraid, you can check out more content by us. You can also stay tuned with us to stay updated about the latest news related to the entertainment world, like the cancelation of Warrior Nun and Pantheon.

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