Carry Minati, Indian YouTuber, shared a roast video on YouTube vs TikTok’ last week that went viral. However, Google’s streaming giant took the video down claiming that it had violated the platform’s terms of service. Fans have been demanding justice for Carry since then.

A popular Indian YouTuber, Carry Minati has been making headlines since each day back after his viral video of YouTube vs TikTok’ was removed by Google’s streaming platform for violating the terms of service. the favored YouTuber released a roast video of ‘YouTube vs TikTok’ last week and it went viral among fans. However, it had been removed by YouTube as they claimed that the video had violated the terms of service of the platform. Minati is understood for roasting popular TV shows and celebs and hence, this came as a shock to his fans.

Justice for carry

Many of Carry Minati’s fans didn’t take this alright and slammed YouTube for taking down his video. The video that has been taken down was roasting TikTok users and hence, YouTube claimed that it violated the terms of service mentioned on their platform. As per the updated terms of service of YouTube, it’s been mentioned that, “We won’t tolerate harassment.” Carry Minati’s ‘YouTube Vs TikTok’ video appeared to have violated this term of service and hence, was removed.

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Since the video has been taken down, Carry Minati fans are trending ‘Justice for Carry’ and more on social media platforms like Twitter and are demanding justice for him. A user wrote, “#justiceforcarry We Support Pure Talented YouTubers but we do not support this fucking TikToker guys moves hands and lipsync for less than 15 seconds it isn’t the talent I refer ,Today YouTube deleted Carry’s video @CarryMinati @YouTubeIndia #BringBackCarryVideo #BanTikTokIndia.” Another user slammed the streaming giant and wrote, “Carry Minati’s video was only for fun he wasn’t bullying anyone so YouTube #bringbackcarrysvideo We are with you bro.”

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Meanwhile, many felt that Minati’s video was an attack on TiKToker Amir Siddiqui’s videos and hence, YouTube took down an equivalent . For those that aren’t aware of Carry Minati, he’s a 20-year old Indian YouTuber who hails from Faridabad, Haryana. His real name is Ajay Nager. He also became popular as ‘ The Roast King of India.’ His fans still slam YouTube and Google for taking down his video that managed to garner 7 million views in only week and also doubled his fan following.


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