6 K-Dramas Like True Beauty ( 여신강림 )| Beautify Your Watch List By Adding These!


Appearance might be the factor of liking but never a reason for love, and when it’s true, it is the deepest understanding between two independent souls. The storyline of the Korean drama “true love” revolves around the concept of love, beauty, and acceptance with the punch of school life romance, that sets the viewers hooked to the show, but since the show has concluded its first season, What are some of the K-Drama like True Beauty that should be watched ASAP!

True love follows the story of high school girl Ju Kyung who her parents and friends taunted due to her perceived ugly looks, which became a reason she developed an inferiority complex regarding her appearance. Spending her time on the internet, she mastered the art of makeup before heading to the new school. The makeup proved to be transformative, which made her look attractive and was praised by all. She tries to hide her true face from everyone, but her classmate Su Ho (The most Attractive and talented boy in the class) knows the truth about Ju Kyung. The two then forge an unlikely relationship, share their deepest secrets and seek comfort in one another. 

As the season concluded with the most votes and viewers’ love, it also ignited a craving to watch more K-Drama-like True Beauty. Well, the list is long. While some of the shows are popular, like Oh my Venus, some are quite possible you have missed or never heard of (I’m Not A Robot) that are as good as true love.

Vibe with the plot of your liking or choose your next K-Drama according to IMDb ratings. The choice is all yours, then What are you waiting for? Read the article and start streaming your new show and make your weekend more entertaining.

6 K-Drama Like True Beauty | Dramas To Watch After True Beauty Without Delay!

Following the genre of love, acceptance, coming of age, romance drama, romantic comedy, we have curated our list of top 6 K Dramas like True Beauty worth watching with family or with someone special. We have also listed the IMDb ratings of each show. Go and check out.

1# My ID Is A Gangnam Beauty ( 내 아이디는 강남미인 )

Gangnam Beauty is an uncomplimentary word in South Korea that refers to attractive people, but it seems like they have gone through several plastic surgeries for a pretty face. As the name suggests, “My ID is a Gangnam Beauty” depicts a girl Kang Mi-rae who despises her face and decides to get plastic surgery because of several years of bullies and taunts. After the successful surgery, she gained a lot of praise for her pretty face.

As her life in university unfolds, she faces the pressure of being a pretty girl, and those who know that she has got this attractive face through plastic surgery taunt and gives her the tag “Gangnam plastic surgery monster.” Mai Rae tries to recover her lost self-esteem when she gets to know more about her classmate and former schoolmate.

Kyung-Seok, who doesn’t care about beauty or physical appearance and is very affectionate towards her sister. Yeon Woo-young, a chemistry graduate, falls for Kang Mi Rae for her looks but grows to love her personality as they share their perfumes expertise.

Watch the whole season to get to know what happened next in the story of Mi Rae and who she fell in love with and how she regained her self-esteem.

Starring: Im Soo-Hyang, Cha Eun-woo, Jo Woo-ri, Kwak Dong-Yeon

Genre: Coming of age, Romance comedy, Drama

Original Release: July 27- Sep 15, 2018

No Of Episodes: 16

IMDb Ratings: 7.5

Total Season:1

Watch On: Netflix, Viki, and Dramacool

2# It’s Okay Not To Be Okay ( 사이코지만 괜찮아 )

Everyone needs a partner who can help in the upbringing of personality and emotional healing. The drama tells the story of Moon Gang-Tae, a selfless caretaker. He lives with his older brother Moon Sang-Tae who has autism (Difficulties in social interaction and communication). They live a nomadic life, moving from town to town since Sang-Tae witnessed her mother’s murder. 

Moon Gang Tae works as a caretaker in every town he visits and one day meets with the famous children book writer, Ko Moon-young, at the Hospital suffering from antisocial behavior, who never believes in love. Circumstances lead Gang-Tae to work at the Hospital in Seongjin city, in their hometown where they all three used to live when they were young. Moon Young falls in love with Gang-Tae after finding out that their past match, Follows her to Seongjin city, and then they both helped each other with their emotional wounds and found comfort in one another.

See how Gang Tae helped Moon Yang change her personality and make her believe in love in the drama “It’s okay not to be okay.”

Starring: Kim Soo-Hyun, Seo Yea-Ji, Oh Jung-Se, Park Gyu-young

Genre: Romance drama, Romantic comedy

Original Release: June 20 – Aug 9, 2020

No Of Episodes: 16

Total season: 1

IMDb rating: 8.7

Watch On: tvN, Netflix

3# I’m Not A Robot ( 로봇이 아니야 )

We all suffer from the pain of a breakup at one time and use different remedies to ease our pain, but sometimes these remedies don’t work and leave us in despair. “I’m not Robot” is a story of Kim Min Kyu, who lives a luxurious life but shields himself from the outer world because of his broken heart and due to several allergies to physical contact with other humans.

Min kyu is the chairman of and the largest shareholder of KM finance who owns the Santa Maria team headed by professor Hong beak-Gyun that has created robot Aji3 whose appearance he modeled on his ex-girlfriend Ji-ah.

To protect the team from selling, the professor sends the robot to Min-kyu but on delivery, the robot short circuits. Hong Baek-Gyun asks Ji-ah for help till they fix the robot. For 10 million dollars, Ji-ah agrees to help to pose and pretend to be a robot. As she starts to know him, she falls in love with him, and in addition, by interacting with her, Min-kyu slowly learns how to break out of shell, love, and trust. 

Know the full story of what happened next when he realizes that Ji-ah is not a humanoid in “I’m not the robot.”

Starring: Yoo Seung-ho, Chae Soo-bin, Um Ki-Joon

Genre: Romantic comedy, sci-fi

Original Release: Dec 6, 2017 – Jan 25, 2018

IMDb Ratings: 8.0

Number Of Episodes:16

Total Season: 1

Watch On: Netflix, Viki, MX player.

4# Oh My Venus ( 오 마이 비너스 )

When the perception for me by my lover changes when my outer reflection deforms, then that love is made only with my body, not with my heart. True love is when it’s made with the inner self of the partner, and that lasts forever. Oh, my Venus is the story of Kang Joo-Eun in his mid-30s, who has accomplished all his professional dreams of being a lawyer and had a stable relationship with his high school boyfriend IM WOO Sik for 15 years, after which she was dumped for her fat figure. 

In high school, she was the crush of every boy because of her beautiful face and gorgeous figure. At that time, she only dreamed of going to law school and becoming a successful lawyer, which shifted her focus from looks and her career.

After her boyfriend dumped her, she had an embarrassing run-in with Kim Young Ho on a plane, a celebrity personal trainer involved in a scandal in the United States, and was forced to flee to Korea. The two of them met again in a lost purse case, and from here, the journey of the two started with petty quarrels to a helping hand from where they started to fall for each other.

Now, will Kim Young Ho be able to help her to reclaim her lost figure? Watch the season to get your answers.

Starring: So Ji-sub, Shin Min-a

Genre: Romance, Drama, Comedy, fitness

Original Release: Nov 16, 2016- Jan 5, 2016

IMDb Ratings: 7.8

Number Of Episodes: 16

Total Seasons: 1

Watch On: Viki, Netflix, and Hulu.

5# Extraordinary You ( 어쩌다 발견한 하루 )

6 K-Drama like True beauty6 K-Drama like True beauty

Sometimes love could be found in the most unusual places. Eun Dan-oh is a student of Seuli High school, a beautiful girl, and the only daughter of a wealthy family. She suffers from heart disease, is uncured even after several operations, and only has a few years to live. When Dan-oh starts to witness some unusual things happening to her, she learns that she lives in a fantasy world of comics entitled secret and an extra character in the comic who is designed as dull and uninspiring. 

Not satisfied with his fate, she decides to forge her destiny and find her true love. She accidentally meets with another extra character, a nameless student 13, who helps her in changing her fate and free her from the writer’s control. He is a handsome boy, and because he helped her in many ways, Dan-oh started liking him and named him Ha-ru.

He is the only character that even other characters are not aware of, and from the starting knows that he is a comic book character. As Ha- Ru and Dan-oh start to change their desired events, the story starts to go in parallel with the writer’s previous work, Neungsohwa. Changing her destiny could have a price to pay.

Now, what price does she have to pay? See her whole adventure to change her destiny in the show “Extraordinary you.”

Starring: Kim Hye-yoon, Rowoon, Lee Jae-wook, Lee Na-eun Jung Gun-joo,Kim Young-dae, Lee Tae-ri. 

Genre: Fantasy, Romance, Comedy

Original Release: October 2 – November 21, 2019

IMDb Rating: 7.9

Number Of Episodes: 32

Total Season: 1

Watch On: Netflix, Viki, wetv.

6# She Was Pretty ( 그녀는 예뻤다 )

Time changes everything, even the external beauty of the very human being. Still, there is nothing to be ashamed of. She Was Pretty is based on the true story of a girl Kim Hye-jin, who was rich, attractive, and confident when she was in high school. Still, then after the family business went bankrupt, she experienced hardships and lost her beauty and self-esteem, in contrast, her high school boyfriend Ji Sung-Joon was unattractive and low in self-esteem, but then grew up to be a confident, attractive man and a successful editor. 

They went on different paths to establish their career and then decided to meet when they grew up. The two adults meet together, but Sung-Joon was unable to recognize Hye-jin. Ashamed to meet her first love due to her lost beauty, she sends her friend Ha-ri, a very attractive girl, forward to meet Sung-Joon in the name of Hye-jin.

Things become complicated when Hye-jin was assigned to work under Sung-Joon. He openly mistreats her without knowing that she is her childhood friend. In the meantime, Ha-ri falls in love with Sung-Joon. On the other hand, Hye Jin finds a good friend in her workspace, Shin-hyuk, who slowly falls in love with her but then gets to know that she loves Sung-Joon.

Know what happened next in the story, whether Sung-Joon identified her childhood friend later or not. Find out all in the drama “She was beautiful.”

Starring: Hwang Jung-eum, Park Seo-joon, Go Joon-hee, Choi Si-won

Genre: Romantic comedy

Original Release: Sep 16- Nov 11, 2015

IMDb Rating: 7.7

Number Of Episodes: 16

Total Season: 1

Watch On: Netflix, Viki

Final words

With entertainment, these shows pack some valuable teaching of self-acceptance, self-love, selflessness, Caring, and the meaning of true love that can either bring tears in your eyes or make you laugh at some point. If you Loved the article, give it a share with your friends or with your crush and make their day more entertaining.

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