Kakashi Vs Obito | The Fight Between Childhood Friends!


Do you know who wins the Kakashi Vs Obito fight? When does the fight happen and who wins?

Naruto is undeniably one of the most famous shonen animes. The show has garnered huge attention from fans since its manga release. Later the manga was released as an anime. Naruto’s story is being presented in the form of anime since 2002. The show concluded after naruto: Shippuden, however, currently naruto is featured in the anime Boruto as his son’s story is being presented through anime.

Are you a Naruto fan as well? Let’s take a look at the Kakashi vs Obito fight and who will win this fight.

When Does The Kakashi Vs Obito Fight Happen?

Kakashi Vs Obito | The Fight Between Childhood Friends!

The Kakashi vs Obito fight when Kakashi and Obito are stuck in the Kamui dimension, while everyone is trying to defeat the Ten tails, in an attempt to defeat Madara Uchiha. The fight happens during the events of Naruto: Shippuden.

Do you know who won the Kakashi Vs Obito fight? Let’s take a look at what we know about the fight and who the two shinobis are.

Kakashi The Copy Ninja | Kakashi Vs Obito

Kakashi Vs Obito | The Fight Between Childhood Friends!

Kakashi Hatake also known as the copy ninja among the shinobi world, is one of the most prominent shinobis in the Naruto series. He is not only the mentor of Naruto Uzumaki but also Sasuke Uchiha. The man is also an amazing fighter, who can control lightning and also features a Sharingan eye. Kakashi Hatake does not has the Sharingan by birth and was gifted with it when during a mission, Obito Uchiha is crushed under a rock and thinks that he is dying. 

Do you know why does Kakashi wear a mask? Even though there are other reasons, one of them is the capability to hide his Sharingan eye. How do you think Kakashi would fare in a Kakashi Vs Sasuke fight? Why is Kakashi revered as a Copy ninja even though his Sharingan is not hereditary? Kakashi Hatake becomes very tenacious with his training after the supposed death of Obito Uchiha during his childhood days. He eventually mastered the art of copying his opponent Jutsu in real-time thanks to his Sharingan that was ironically provided to him by Obito in his last moments.

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Who Is Obito | Kakashi Vs Obito

Kakashi Vs Obito | The Fight Between Childhood Friends!

Even though Obito has been a part of more interesting fights like the Obito Vs Itachi fight, his fight with Kakashi is one of the most nostalgic ones. Kakashi Hatake and Obito Uchiha used to be teammates during their childhood. Kakashi also compares Obito to his student Naruto Uzumaki at times. Even though the duo fights in the Kamui dimension, it seems quite nostalgic.

Who do you think will win in the Kakashi Vs Obito fight? Even though we know that Kakashi is quite a formidable opponent, we must not forget that Obito also has a Sharingan as well as a Rinnegan when he meets Kakashi. It is also notable that Obito’s survival after his incident was not known to anyone. And his sudden appearance during the fight against Madara was a shock to Kakashi.

When Does The Fight Happen | Kakashi Vs Obito

Kakashi Vs Obito | The Fight Between Childhood Friends!

The fight between the two 11 strongest Naruto characters happens in episode 375 of the Naruto: Shippuden series. The fight is one of the smaller fights during the fight against Madara, however, it holds a specific sentiment against viewers because of its emotional context.

The childhood buddies are seen fighting each other while reminiscing their past fights, and the scenes cut in between with each move from their present selves to their younger selves. The back and forth of their fight and the outcome of their fights as children are shown, but the conclusion of their fight was never as intense as the present fight. The duo holds that sentiment in their heart, even though they are fighting for opposing forces and wants the other to be defeated. The fight is a fight for survival while stopping the other person at every cost.

Who Wins The Fight | Kakashi Vs Obito

Does Kakashi die during the Kakashi Vs Obito fight? Fornutaley, Kakashi does not die during his fight with Obito. Even though the two former friends have been genjustsu against each other while fighting in the Kamui Dimension, they switch gears to finally indulge in a physical fight.

The fight starts when Kakashi ends up cutting Obito with a Lightning Cutter, while Obito simultaneously cuts Kakashi with a Fuma Shuriken. Suddenly, the duo starts to start sparring against each other as they are the only people in the dimension. As Kakashi draws a parallel between Naruto and Obito he decides to kill Obito because he had turned evil. The fight draws on with the duo remembering their fight as children, and just like their fight as children, Kakashi defeats Obito.

Since Kakashi decides to kill Obito Uchiha, he impales his heart with a light Kunai. However, Obito flees from the Kumai dimension at the last second and returns to the battlefield. After the fight we also see Obito resisting Madara’s control as well and he transforms into the Ten tails jinchuriki. Even though the fight between Kakashi and Obito does not end on a definitive note, it can be said that both the shinobis have the power to defeat each other. 

Kakashi Hatake is one of the most powerful shinobis in the Naruto universe, but Obito is also one of the strongest shinobis. It can be said that since the duo is comfortable with sparring each other, they know each other’s weaknesses and it provides them an edge over the other. It can be said that the Kakashi Vs Obito fight is equally matched, as the duo has the ability to overpower each other at times.

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Final Words

This was our take on the Kakashi Vs Obito fight. Who do you think won the fight? Is Kakashi a definite winner since he succeeded in impaling Obito, or does Obito win since he flees safely?

If you enjoyed reading about the Kakashi Vs Obito fight, you can also check out the Kakashi Vs. Pain fight. We have covered a lot of Naruto-related fights for you. Do let us know what would you want us to cover next. Stay tuned with us for more of such informative and engaging content.

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