Kakashi Vs Sasuke | When Sharingan Fights Sharingan!


You have come to the right place if you want to know the Kakashi vs Sasuke fight’s outcome. Technically the mentor-student duo has never faced one-on-one after Sasuke moved away from Konoha village. But it’ll be fun to understand which of the two might win if a Kakashi vs Sasuke fight does happen. 

Naruto is one of the most loved anime storylines globally. The show has garnered a huge fan following since its release. The anime is quite detailed in its character development arcs, and each character is provided with a good enough story for their behavior and the reasons behind their powers. There have been many fight arcs within the anime, like Naruto Vs. Sasuke, as well as Rock Lee Vs. Gaara. But, one o the most anticipated fights is Kakashi Vs Sasuke.

Let’s explore whether a Kakashi Vs Sasuke altercation ever happened during the Naruto storyline, and if it had happened, who would win the fight? 

Kakashi Vs Sasuke | Does The Fight Happen?

Kakashi Vs. Sasuke | When Sharingan Fights Sharingan!

Unfortunately, for the fans of Naruto, a Kakashi Vs Sasuke fight never happens, even though the duo sometimes indulges in small skirmishes during major events. Like during the Infinite Tsukuyomi incident, Sakura tries to kill Sasuke, and Kakashi tries to aid her before Sasuke kills Sakura. Viewers got a rough idea during that fight that Kakashi is pretty capable of holding against Sasuke even though he already possessed the Rinnegan at that moment. This specific altercation is what leads to the Naruto Vs. Sasuke last battle in the final valley.

Let’s see who will emerge as the winner if a Kakashi Vs Sasuke fight happens in Naruto one day.

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Who Is Kakashi? 

Kakashi Vs. Sasuke | When Sharingan Fights Sharingan!

Kakashi Hatake is one of the most feared shinobi of his time, and the man was trained by the Fourth Hokage himself. Kakashi is known for possessing the Sharingan eye and is most famous as the Copy Ninja. The man can accurately imitate any complex Jutsu in real-time due to his Sharingan.

Kakashi was responsible for training Naruto, Sakura, and Sasuke before entering the Chunin selection exams. Kakashi also personally trained Sasuke before the Chunin exam and taught him the Chidori Jutsu style, which specialized in harnessing lightning bolt energy. Kakashi is quite a powerful shinobi, but he does not have a lot of hidden Jutsus because he is already an adult and has already learned almost everything he could.

Who Is Sasuke?

Kakashi Vs. Sasuke | When Sharingan Fights Sharingan!

Sasuke Uchiha is one of the most known characters other than Naruto Uzumaki himself in the anime. Naruto and Sasuke both trained under the same mentor, Kakashi, and the duo eventually grew up to become rivals and friends. However, after Sasuke left the Konoha village in search of more power than his brother Itachi, he became a cold and callous person and ticked a lot of people due to his actions.

Kakashi has always tried to make Sasuke forget his hatred for his brother, as he tries to lead him into becoming a better shinobi and working on his Ninja skills. However, the duo eventually went on their separate ways due to Sasuke deciding that he had already learned what he could from Konoha village.

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Kakashi Vs Sasuke | Can Kakashi Defeat Sasuke?

Kakashi Vs. Sasuke | When Sharingan Fights Sharingan!

A Kakashi vs Sasuke fight never happens in the Naruto storyline. The duo does fight each other during an ongoing fight with other people, but there has never been a one-n-one fight between the two. However, Kakashi has not grown a lot as a shinobi in the years he stayed apart from his student, while Sasuke was way better than he was.

It can be said that Sasuke and Naruto almost reach the level of being equivalent to gods by the end of the Naruto series. Given the power and status of Sasuke Uchiha by the end of the series, I don’t think Kakashi will be able to handle fighting against him for a long time.

There have been various theories regarding Kakashi Vs Sasuke fight and how it could pan out. But it is undeniable that Kakashi would not be able to face Susanoo or Sasuke’s Amaterasu flame Jutsu. Many fans believe that Kakashi might be able to win the fight because he has had a long battle experience. But we can not forget that Sasuke had defeated Itachi and Obito, while Kakashi was badly defeated by both the shinobi. We also should not forget that during the Kakashi Vs Itachi fight, Itachi could easily take over Kakashi using his Mangekyo Sharingan, which Sasuke also possesses.

Based on these specific facts and comparing the duo’s powers, we can state the chances of Sasuke winning during a Kakashi Vs Sasuke fights are way higher than that of Kakashi winning.

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Final Words

This was our take on the possible winner of Kakashi Vs Sasuke fight, if it happens in the Narutoverse. It can be said that there are a lot of variables to be considered during a fight, but if we do not consider any plot twists, then the undeniable winner will be Sasuke for sure.


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