Tips To Keep Kids Teeth Healthy in 8 Easy Steps


Kids teeth are vulnerable to damage due to poor eating habits and lack of oral hygiene. As a result, many children develop cavities at a tender age and sign up for lifelong trips to dentists and orthodontists.

Fortunately, maintaining healthy teeth among kids is not complicated. You only have to be thorough with the basics. Here are some tips to keep your kids teeth healthy.

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How to Keep Kids Teeth Healthy?

Tooth brushing

Tooth brushing

Children struggle to keep up with brushing their teeth. Therefore, you have to get involved as a parent.

Set a specific time for the children to brush their teeth. The most appropriate time is immediately after breakfast and before going to bed. Building a routine makes it easier for children to follow through. Brushing your teeth alongside your children also improves compliance.

Parents can take the lead by showing their children the recommended brushing techniques.

Firstly, a session should last around 2-3 minutes. A short session will not cover all areas of oral hygiene, while a long session may be traumatic to some of the tissues. Secondly, children between 3-12 years should use low fluoride toothpaste. Kids in this age group are likely to ingest toothpaste which can be harmful if normal fluoride levels are used.  

Children should also use soft bristle toothbrushes. The kid’s gums are vulnerable to physical damage. Hard bristles can cause trauma leading to bleeding and leaving the tissue open to infection.

Eat healthy foods

Eat healthy foods

Children have specific nutritional requirements for their growth and development. Particular foods are great for oral health. These include;

Calcium and vitamin D

Calcium and vitamin D are needed for the proper development of bones and teeth. Calcium-rich foods include beans, dark green vegetables like kale and peas, oranges, and figs.

Vitamin D has dietary sources like fish, eggs, and red meat. The UV rays from sunlight also help in the synthesis of Vitamin D3 in the body. Nutritional supplements can also help meet the daily requirements.

Vitamin C

Foods rich in vitamin C maintain the integrity of blood vessels in the gum tissues, strengthen the surrounding connective tissue and curb gum inflammation. Lack of vitamin C leads to scurvy which ultimately causes loss of teeth.

Balanced diet

Balanced diet

The health of teeth and gums relies on the overall health of the body. Any compromise to the immunity of the body is eventually going to cause problems in oral health. Therefore, it’s paramount to maintain a balanced diet and ensure the body isn’t vulnerable to illness.

Avoid sugary foods and drinks

Foods and drinks with processed sugar compromise oral health and can lead to long-term complications. Sugar provides a substrate for bacteria in the oral cavity. When the bacteria digest the sugar, they release harmful acids that attack the enamel. Consequently, cavities develop, and tooth damage ensues. In severe cases, bacterial invasion extends to the jaw bone.

Avoid chewing hard food

Hard foods can cause chipping and cracking. Chewing ice also poses the same danger. Moreover, gum tissues are also vulnerable to injury from crunchy foods. Therefore, it’s advisable to cut hard foods like sugarcane, apples, and other fruits into small pieces before feeding a child.

Visit the dentist

A child’s first visit to the dentist is usually after the first birthday. Subsequent visits are scheduled every six months for routine checkups. The checkups monitor the progress of oral hygiene and bring attention to any compromises to oral health. Dental visits are also great for making inquiries and seeking clarifications.

It’s paramount to visit a reliable and reputable dentist in Maroubra who can provide advice and solutions.

Wrapping Up

Keep your child’s teeth healthy with these simple tips. When it comes to oral health, it’s essential to get it right from a young age. 

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