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If 2020 has taught us anything, it is to take better care of our home and health. Not just for our own sake but also for the sake of those we love. With just one life to live, our mortality should serve as a reminder to live life to the fullest and maintain our well-being by knowing how to cope with stress and all that is essential to doing so. 

As the quote goes, good living begins at home – whether it be our nutrition, lifestyle habits, or living environment. In many ways, technology can assist in keeping germs, bacteria, and other dangerous things at bay for a better and cleaner home. To help you on your quest to eat, drink, sleep, live, and breathe better, we’ve compiled a list of 5 high-tech gadgets that you should add to your house and kitchen.

Taking Complete Care Of Your Home And Health

If there is one thing that the ongoing pandemic has taught us, it is the importance of a healthy lifestyle and a clean environment. If you want to keep yourself and your loved ones miles away from the virus, remember to follow the below-discussed steps without any delay.

#1 Water Purifier | Clean Water Is Must

Taking care of your home and health

Everyone knows that drinking water every day is essential for staying healthy and hydrated, but ordinary boiled water does not entirely remove toxins from the water. If you want clean drinking water, you need to get a water purifier. 

There are two types of water purifiers which are tank purifiers and tankless purifiers. With tank water purifiers, the purified water will be stored in an airtight tank, but even though the water has been refined, there is still the chance of the water getting contaminated with pollutants. On the other hand, tankless water purifiers will directly contact the water from a water source, so there is no water tank used for storage, reducing the chance of secondary pollution.

Some tankless water purifiers also feature a 3-stage filtration and UV sterilization to ensure a fresh water supply that is free of invisible, dangerous heavy metals and germs while leaving behind essential minerals for the body. 

#2 Air Purifier | Get Rid Of Unwanted Germs

Taking care of your home and health

Since most particles are too small to be seen by human eyes, many dangerous pollutants may exist in your home without your knowledge. Whether it’s germs from a sneeze, airborne bacteria, or outside pollution that enters the home through windows and doors, these pollutants can cause respiratory problems and even worsen allergies.

That is where the air purifier helps to capture pollutants and ensure fresh air throughout the house. The Coway air purifier, one of the famous air purifier brands in Malaysia, can filter particles as tiny as PM0.1, which accounts for up to 99.95 percent of particle pollution in the air.

#3 Wind-Free Air Conditioner | Stay Away From Cold

Taking care of your home and health

Considering our dreary weather, it’s reasonable that we can’t spend a day without turning on the air conditioner. However, long periods with the AC on, mainly when sleeping, can cause health issues, ranging from dry skin and dehydration due to bacterial growth and long-term respiratory problems.

Wind-Free air conditioners are intended to spread air through tiny air holes, reducing unpleasant cold gusts that can irritate the skin. These air conditioners also have a Tri-Care filter that catches small dust and lowers some viruses, bacteria, and allergens to keep the air clean while also cleaning itself automatically to avoid bacteria and odor buildup caused by moisture.

#4 Smart Fridge | Stepping Towards Smart World

Taking care of your home and health

Will an intelligent fridge be an appliance that makes your life easier? You can rely on it to do so. Smart fridges will come with several features that are not available on a regular fridge, like automated temperature adjustment or food expiry date tracking. For example, Samsung’s line of smart fridges comes with a feature called Family Hub that allows you to plan meals, browse for recipes, create shopping lists, view videos, play music, and so much more.

All these features make Samsung’s cutting-edge fridge a dream for tech-savvy. Even if it sounds complicated to you, it’s a game-changer for the typical house owner to keep track of groceries, keep fresher for longer, and guarantee optimum cooling for various goods – all while appearing elegantly sleek and modern in your home.

#5 Electronic Scale | Maintain A Healthy Lifestyle

Taking care of your home and health

If you’re going through a diet lifestyle to lose weight, an electronic scale is the most necessary equipment for you to have at home. With the scale, you can control and track your weight gain and weight loss. With tracking capabilities, you can easily see your progress during the diet. Electronic scales are more accurate than the normal scale plus most of their designs are lightweight where you can easily place them anywhere around your house.