Khloe and Tristan’s Breakup: Unbelievable Relationship Facts Check 2021



The internet is flooded with Khloe and Tristan’s breakup stories. It is finally over between the hot couple. Do 36-year-old reality star Khloe Kardashian and Tristan 30-year-old NBA Tristan Thompson player have once again called it to quit? While the fans and netizens are in shock, whether it the final decision of the couple or just a stagged dramaaaaa to get more fame? We have come up with the real facts and actual behind-the-scenes stories.   

All the drama began with sparking rumors about the romance between the couple during a jet ski-filled vacation in Sept 2016 in Cabo. Khloe got pregnant a year later after being highlighted in multiple infidelity scandals; Khloe broke her silence and accepted the relation, and Tristan also had been through a lot during that period.

Khloé and Tristan saw many ups and downs in their relationship (More than your favorite roller coaster ride). The couple had seen a happily together picture from expecting a baby to entangle in a cheating scandal that once broke the fans’ heart, and the internet as well. The fire lit up again these days, the pair are reportedly separated, but you can’t predict what could come next when we talk about these two (mainly). We have to wait and see do they unite again or separate, but in the meantime, let’s check out their love story and ups and downs; some will amaze you while some put you in nostalgia. Every fan wanted to stay updated with their ever-changing relationship.

There were some aww moments in their relationship. The couple often talked about their marriage, family, and respect for each other, and the desire to have a family. In April 2018, Khloe and Tristan become parents when a little angel came into their life. So true, the emotional time, the couple showed love and praise for each other in super sweet social media posts that went viral.

Are Khloe Kardashian and Tristan Thompson Splitting Up?

Many times Kardashian had talked about Thompson’s desire to have a big happy family. Tristan wants to have five or six kids with Khloe (oh Jesus, stamina!). The same had confirmed by Khloe on the KUWTK season 13 finale. They had started with little and then grow big, but later, Khloe starts taking birth control pills that are/was terrifying. Why does she assume that huge step?

As fans know, in less than a year after Tristan was caught cheating on Khloe during her pregnancy with others women, multiple times, he was caught fucking Kylie’s best friend, Jordyn. (Thompson continued denied the accusations)

Many entertainment news channels have already called the couple quits, but we are solving how whirlwind romance, daydreaming turned into a nightmare and what went wrong in their love-packed romance.

Are you upset about Khloé and Tristan’s breakup?

Sparking Rumors About Love

Khloe had first sparked their romance rumors when a photograph of her went viral while leaving the LA nightclub within a minute or two of one another.

Vacation in Paradise

Khloe fueled her romance rumors with NBA Star Tristan during a Mexican getaway. The couple confirmed that they were dating when they were spotted enjoying the sunshine in Cabo. The pair were photographed hitting the ocean on jet skis and having fun with friends in the idyllic vacation destination.

Khloe and Tristan Breakup

Khloe and Tristan Breakup

Many media agencies say that Khloe and Tristan’s breakup is actual and not a drama; the couple has called it quits, again.

The hot model and NBA player decided to get separated after their ways clash. Tristan was caught on cams at a birthday party in Bel Air, and shockingly he was acting single, partying with a chick (um, what a life, sad) throughout the evening. All Kardashians were also invited to the party, but they didn’t attende to some personal reason,d. 

What Will Happen to True?

Bot the parents, Tristan and Khloe, are allowed to continue co-parenting True together, as she is so small and can’t live with one parent. They continue to nourish her in a healthy, loving way. Khloe and Tristan had already ended their relationship but can manage to give a good life True needs. 

Does Tristan Change?

Does Tristan Change?

Khloe gave several chances to Tristan in past years, but after new allegations, she decided it was time to break things off (as one can live with a poor person but not with a cheater) (once a cheater, always a cheater, to all the girl who trusts blindly). The couple was on good terms, but Tristan doesn’t change and continues his fling and affairs (thank Jesus, he doesn’t go to prostitutes). As a good mother, Khloe just wants that True to respect her father and have a good relationship with him. 

Woods gave lie detector test to prove sex scandal 

Woods gave lie detector

During her November visit to “Red Table Talk,” Woods said she’d take a lie detector test to prove that she didn’t have an affair with Thompson.

Pinkett Smith revealed that Woods did take the test, which was administered by a “forensic polygraphist” that had “more than 25 years of experience in criminal and civil investigations.”

While being interviewed, the model said she didn’t have sex with Thompson. However, after the polygraphist evaluated her response, he said she was telling the truth. 

Confessions on Twitter

As the KUWTK episodes documenting Tristan’s cheating scandal and True birth air worked as an insult to injury, old wounds have been reopened. Khloe tweeted that her Bae is so lucky because she was nine months pregnant when she found out about his infidelity.  Seven months after Thompson broke her heart, the new mom was having an adamant time and still had a lot of hurt and anger.

Kardashian and Thompson were already giving up their relationship before, but later they wanted to try one another. The couple tried and made their love life happening once again. Tristan worked so hard to prove that he has changed himself and has been a great dad to True. But they were acted for their daughter True at her birthday party.

Kardashian was so happy when she flaunts her massive diamond finger, fueling engagement rumors. The star had posted a picture of her colorful nails, but fans were so interested in the diamond she wore on her ring finger. 

Speculation that Khloe and Tristan were engaged increased after commenting on the post with emojis of hearts and diamonds. Neither the couple has confirmed the rumors, however. But fans were/are interested in their personal and professional lives.