20 Best Kids Sports Movies Of All Time | Bond Over Baseball & Basketball


A good movie is an essential part of some good family time. It gives you a good opportunity to bond with the kids and share memorable moments. For those special times, sports movies are a great choice and if you are wondering what are the best kids’ sports movies, then I have the perfect list for you.

Sports movies are a good way to keep everyone entertained. The dads love it, and so do children. Watching a good sports movie might also generate special interest in the game. It’s about and creates a great family bond. And if the movie is filled with drama, what else can we ask for? Below is a list of the best kid’s sports movies you can watch right now and the platforms to watch them on.

5 Best Kids Sports Movies Of All Time | Timeless Movies That Transcend Time And Age

Whether the movies are filled with drama, inspiration, or light-hearted humor, sports movies can capture many facets of life. Some movies might make the children want to become sports players when they grow up. Or some would fill the children with so much passion and energy, that they make you go out and start playing the sport with them right there and then.

I remember watching Space Jam as a kid because I developed an interest in basketball. I loved the loony toons, and they played basketball in the movie. So naturally, I had to explore the sport. I didn’t go on to play great, but you don’t necessarily have to be good at everything you play. Now, let’s check out the list.

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1# The Sandlot (1993)

20 Best Kids Sports Movies Of All Time | Bond Over Baseball & Basketball

The Sandlot is a 90’s classic. The movie follows Scotty Smalls, who moves to a new city and finds adjusting hard. That is until he finds the game of baseball. He becomes the understudy of a local baseball player, and the movie follows both their adventures. 

It’s a movie filled with love, laughter, friendship, and growing up. Just as much as it is about the sport of baseball, it’s a coming-of-age story of Scotty too. It’s great for kids and families alike. I mean, I would still rewatch it now that I have mentioned it here. 

2# Hoosiers (1986) 

20 Best Kids Sports Movies Of All Time | Bond Over Baseball & Basketball

Hoosiers (1986) is the movie that laid the foundation of the underdog beating the big guns trope. The movie stars Gene Hackman as Coach Norman, who hires a drunk guy to be his assistant. Against all odds, the high school basketball team that they coach goes on to reach the state basketball finals. Think David beating Goliath’s trope. 

The comeback of the small-town team runs parallel to the coach’s comeback, who wants to rectify his tragic past by achieving an impossible feat with his team. The movie does deal with some serious themes, but overall it makes for a good family movie that you can sit and enjoy with your kids. The movie is also based on a true story, giving it some more weight.

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3# Cool Runnings (1993)

Best Kids Sports Movies Of All Time

Cool Runnings (1993) is a mood booster and a great movie to watch to uplift your spirits. The movie is about four Jamaican men who want to compete in the Olympics. All that would have been great, but the sport they choose is bobsled, which for a normal Jamaican is unheard of since the region does not see snow.

They hire a disgraced player who helps them compete for the gold medal in the prestigious games. The mood is a great inspirational watch for people of all ages, especially children. The movie exemplifies the power of determination and hard work to help you achieve in life.

4# Million Dollar Arm (2014) 

Best Kids Sports Movies Of All Time

Million Dollar Arm (2014) is a modern classic starring John Hamm! Aside from the stellar actor, the movie has other things going for it. That is the wholesome storyline and great acting.

The movie follows John Hamm, a sports agent called J.B., who goes to India to recruit cricket players for Major League Baseball teams. Two men agree and come to the United States with him, where they struggle with the new game and the new culture. It’s educational and inspirational besides being just as entertaining as any other John Hamm movie. 

5# Space Jam (1996)

Best Kids Sports Movies Of All Time

How could I not mention Space Jam (1996)? The classic combination of Looney Toons and legendary basketballer Michael Jordan at the peak of his career makes a great family movie to watch even after 25 years of its release. It’s a great movie to see with your kids. If you’re a basketball fan and your kids love cartoons, it makes it even better. 

The good news is that another Space Jam is planned with Lebron James that is in the works at the moment, so till that comes, this one makes for the number 5 in my list. 

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5 Best Kids Sports Movies That You Can Stream On Netflix | Binge On The Best Sports Movies

Netflix has a great collection of sports movies to watch with your family. But the very best thing that it offers can sometimes become an issue. I am talking about the issue of choice. There are so many good ones to watch that you should choose to binge becomes difficult.

For that, I have curated a list of the 5 best kids sports movies to watch on Netflix. There isn’t much logic behind the hierarchy, but I feel one should watch once, which makes for great family time. 

1# The Karate Kid (1984) 

Best Kids Sports Movies Of All Time

If you need a dose of nostalgia packed with action and drama, then Karate Kid, the original one, is the one you should watch. Even though there is a sequel to the movie starring Jaden Smith and Jackie Chan (which is also available on Netflix), the original one hits different. The movie follows young Danny DaLarusso, who trains under the all-wise Karate trainer Mr. Miyagi to learn and implement the ancient fighting arts. 

The movie is a feel-good one and greatly motivational. Packed with lots of action, it was a hit amongst the kids the time it came out and still has the same effect on young ones. 

2# Southpaw (2015)

Best Kids Sports Movies Of All Time

Starring Jake Gyllenhall, Southpaw (2015) is one of the best family sports movies to watch on Netflix. The movie is about a famous boxer, Bobby Hope, who loses his wife and then battles to keep his daughter while fighting suicidal tendencies in the midst. Even though the movie addresses hard-hitting subjects, the eventual victory of hope vs. darkness instills a sense of positivity in the people watching the movie.

The amazing acting by the main cast and splendid writing make the movie seem real and relatable. After all, the eventual triumph of the protagonist against all that pushes him down and him getting his daughter back tropes is a successful formula. The movie is a good watch for a family gathering. 

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3# Coach Carter (2005)

Best Kids Sports Movies Of All Time

Coach Carter (2005) is a movie about a local sports store owner who becomes the coach of the local basketball team. The movie explores the idea of unconventional trajectories the coach uses to instill a winning mentality into the struggling team.

They eventually turn things around and reach the finals, the classic David vs. Goliath story again. Yet Samuel L Jacksons’ splendid acting and compelling writing make it quite enjoyable and full of inspiration for all age groups. Coach Carter is a good movie to watch on the weekend with the kids.

4# Lagaan (2001)

Best Kids Sports Movies Of All Time

One of Bollywood’s classics, Lagaan, is on Netflix, and now is a good time to watch the movie if you haven’t already. The movie is about a group of villagers who play a cricket match against their British rulers to pay off the debts on their farms. The movie is well written and acted, and the climax scene alone makes for some great movie-watching experience with the family.

It’s filled with memorable songs, great dialogues, and engaging sporting action. The movie is often funny in some scenes when it explores the little quirks of the villagers as they explore things that are otherwise normal to urban people.

5# Moneyball (2003)

Best Kids Sports Movies Of All Time

Last, on the list, Moneyball (2003) is another good sports movie on Netflix which you should watch right now if you haven’t. If you believe in giving and getting second chances and questioning the authority above you, it will appeal to you. 

The movie is centered around baseball, but you don’t have to be a sports fan to enjoy the movie. Great acting by Mark Wahlberg and Jonah Hill will keep you engaged, and the story will make for some great family time watch.

5 Best Kids Sports Movies That You Can Stream On Amazon Prime  | Choices Here Are  Aplenty

If Netflix isn’t your thing and you use Amazon Prime as your service of choice, then fret not, as I have you covered for that as well. I have a list of the best sports movies on Amazon Prime for you as well. 

1# Chak De India (2007)

Best Kids Sports Movies Of All Time

Keeping baseball and basketball aside, one of the modern classics of Hindi cinema, Chak De India (2007), should be on the watchlist for every sports lover. It follows the struggles of an ex-hockey player who has fallen from grace.

He looks to redeem himself when he is appointed as the head coach of the Indian Women’s National Hockey team. The movie follows his struggles with sports politics and bureaucracy, internal biases in the system, and his women’s team’s sexism.

The movie is a riveting watch filled with lots of inspiration, as well as lots of drama. It’s one of the best performances by Shah Rukh Khan, and that is saying something. 

2# Million Dollar Baby (2004)

Best Kids Sports Movies Of All Time

Short and simple, Million Dollar Baby (2004) is an amazing movie. It’s not a boxing movie, but a movie about a boxer. It shows the struggles of a woman who thinks she can box her way out of her miserable life and out of poverty. The movie is engaging, fun, and makes for a great family sports movie. 

It’s a must-watch for any family gathering, and if the story isn’t enough for you, then it stars Clint Eastwood, Hillary Swank, and Morgan Freeman. How is that for a star-studded cast? 

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3# Resurrecting The Champ (2007)

Best Kids Sports Movies Of All Time

Starring Samuel L. Jackson in the lead role, the movie is about a journalist who saves a homeless man under attack by some goons. The journalist later discovers that the homeless man is a legendary boxer named Champ.

He does a story on his career, hoping it would bring some light on him and maybe get his life back on track, but that unfolds a series of other struggles that Champ has been through his life.

The movie is well-acted, and the captivating writing is what keeps you engaged in the drama. This makes The Champ an interesting movie to watch with kids and family on a lazy Sunday afternoon. 

4# The Way Back (2020) 

Best Kids Sports Movies Of All Time

The Way Back is one of the top-rated sports films on Amazon Prime recently, and for a good reason. Mostly attributed to the stellar acting of Ben Affleck, the movie follows the story of a former high school basketball champion who leaves his sporting career for a nine-to-five dead-end job. He despises his life and becomes an alcoholic in the process. This results in him messing up his marriage as well. 

He gets a shot at redemption and to live his career ambitions when he is appointed as the coach of the very basketball team he used to play for. The movie is about lots of social issues and also about retribution. The acting also makes up for many positive points in it and is thus a very good sports movie to watch.

5# Race (2015)

Best Kids Sports Movies Of All Time

Based on the life story of athlete Jesse Owens, Race (2015) follows the journey of Owens in becoming the best track athlete in the world. The movie addresses serious issues like the U.S. participation in the 1936 Olympics, which were held in Nazi Germany, and all the politics surrounding the world of sports.

The movie leaves you feeling emotional and inspired and is one of the best Hollywood Sports movies to watch on Amazon Prime.

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5 Best Kids Sports Movies To Stream On Disney+ | Some Classics Of Our Generation

Disney+ is another streaming service to stream sports movies with your family. I have a list of the best ones available right now, so check them out for your next family movie night.

1# The Mighty Ducks (1992)

Best Kids Sports Movies Of All Time

The Mighty Ducks (1992) is a Disney classic from the nineties. The movie is about a lawyer who finds himself in an unusual position as a local hockey team coach. The team isn’t any good, and the movie highlights sportsmanship and celebrates average players becoming athletes. 

The movie became a hit amongst the fans and helped launch the careers of the then-unknown child actors who went on to become big names. Joshua Jackson is one such example. It’s a good sports movie to watch with your family. 

2# Remember The Titans (2000)

Best Kids Sports Movies Of All Time

Remember The Titans (2000) is a Denzel Washington starrer movie about a young coach who takes on a coach who has won 15 championships. Not only does he need to prove himself now, but he has to make the young boys into men. 

The movie is a great example of grit, determination, and leadership, making it one of the best sports movies to watch on Disney+. Oh, and it also stars a young Ryan Gosling, so that’s one reason too.

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3# The Greatest Game Ever Played (2005)

Best Kids Sports Movies Of All Time

If you’re done watching all the high school basketball movies or movies about boxing and football, then The Greatest Game Ever Played (2005) is the movie for you. It’s a movie about a young man who wants to play against and defeat his idol in a game of golf. The movie follows his trials and struggles to reach the most prestigious professional golf competition, The U.S. Open Championship. 

The movie exemplifies willpower and determination and stars Shia LeBeouf and Stephen Dillane in leading roles. It’s a different yet good kind of sports movie to watch with your family.

4# Glory Road (2006) 

Best Kids Sports Movies Of All Time

A classic American dream movie, Glory Road (2006), is about the struggles of a university basketball team to field the best basketball players. Things change when the coach Don Haskins, played by Josh Lucas, does just that.

He starts with an all African-American team lineup. The movie draws inspiration from real-life events and is a tear-jerker. It’s a thought-provoking movie and shows the struggles racial minorities face in American sports.

5# The Rookie (2002)

Best Kids Sports Movies Of All Time

The Rookie (2002) is a movie about a baseball player whose dreams of becoming a baseball player shattered after suffering an injury. He makes his comeback as a rookie, a new player later in life, and the movie shows his struggles to become first from the worst.

The movie is the epitome of the never say die attitude and is a cult classic. Available to stream on Disney+, it makes for some entertaining drama. 

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Final Words

Sports movies are a good way to learn some life lessons. These movies display character, strength, teamwork, and patience. They are great to watch with kids to teach them these valuable lessons and make for great family bonding time. Which are your favorite sports movies for kids? Let us know if your favorite ones made a list or not in the comments below!

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