How To Monitor Another iPhone Remotely Using KidsGuard Pro?


It is always hard for parents to keep a check on their kids, however, recently, applications like KidsGuard Pro for iOS are making things easy for the parents so that they can keep an eye on their kids without a glitch. (It’s a technologically advanced world now)

If you are an iOS user, it becomes easy for you to access your iCloud drive while using the KidsGuard Pro application and, yes, keep your kid’s activities under control. 

Before you make a purchase for this application, it is very important for the buyer to know each and everything. So, people here we are, to provide you with every available information possible so that you can make a better decision.

What Are The Features Of KidsGuard Pro For iOS?

Before you take any step further, I want you to know about the services’ features which will definitely give you butterflies, and you’ll end up buying KidsGuard Pro for iOS. So, have a look- 

  • It allows you to check the history of the locations for the device that you have targeted. 
  • The monitoring is not just available on ceratin application, but approximately for 200+ applications. 
  • There is nothing like that of lawbreaking, and it is completely safe for use. 
  • You can also sync the data over WiFi when you don’t have a USB connection. 
  • The best part is that you get to check the deleted files as well. 
  • Just like KidsGuard Pro for android, you can easily install the same for your iOS device. 

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How To Use KidsGuard Pro For iOS?

You can easily make use of the KidsGuard Pro on your iOS devices easily you just have to follow the steps mentioned below- 

Step 1: Using your valid email address, create an account for the KidsGuard Pro under a plan of your own choice. 

Step 2: The next step is to install the application on the device you want to target. 

Step 3: Once you follow the second step, it is time to scan the data using WiFi or without WiFi. 

Step 4: Once you join the service, you can check available applications right away. 

Just Get Ready To Create Your KidsGuard Pro Account

The very step is to log in through your valid email address and make the required plan as per your choice. 

Set Up The Software! 

KidsGuard Pro for iOS

Once you are done with the payments and logging in, the software will take you to the My Products and Order Management page. Once you reach here, tap on the Setup Guide and go through the mentioned instructions and start to monitor the device.

Once you have set up the software, it is time to follow certain other steps. 

  • You have to install the application on the device you want to target. 
download kidsguard pro
  • For this, you have two options to target the device to monitor the data. 

Now, that we have informed you about the scanning of the target’s device, how will you do that we have two different options for that- 

Connect The Targets’ Device Frequently With The USB Cable 

Now, as you cannot connect the target’s device again and again, so it’s better to do it with cable and use iPhone for the backup, and hence you can extract data from the device. However, the iOS device should have the software installed. 

Connect The Targets’ Device With The WiFi (A Mobile Scanning)

Just like the world is changing each day, so does technology. Similar goes with KidsGuard Pro for iOS devices. You do not have to, again and again, connect with the targets’ device with a cable, scanning can be done over WiFi too. Wherever you are office, out of town, you can still keep an eye on your target’s device. 

In order to backup, your device and the targets’ device should be connected with the same WiFi. After that, you can tap on the Sync Now Tab to start the process. A serial number, system version, etc., will be displayed. This is how you can start the scanning process. 

After this you can tap on the View it now options to analyze the entire data of the targets and see what have they done. 

It’s Time To Monitor The Device

KidsGuard Pro for iOS

Now after scanning is over it is time for you to go through the device thoroughly. It takes time to sync because it could be your first time, however, after some time, you may enjoy the process for what you purchased the software. Now you can also enjoy checking deleted files and getting more insights. 

Also, you can press Export to download the file and save the files on your computer to use them later. 

Final Words

This was the overview of the entire usage of the software KidsGuard Pro on iOS devices. It is simple, but not as simple as that of the KidsGuard Proo for android devices. So, dear iOS users, make the best of this software and enjoy keeping an eye on your kid. 

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