Kitchen Nightmares Open Or Closed? Updates No One Can Miss!


We all agree that Gordon Ramsay is an amazing chef, but that does not mean he has any magical powers. Over the years, we have seen many restaurants on Kitchen Nightmares open or closed. Ramsay may have tried his best to save all these restaurants, but once the damage is done, no one can stop what’s coming ahead. 

Kitchen Nightmares is considered to be one of the finest & entertaining TV works of Gordon Ramsay to do this date. It isn’t only because of Gordon’s ruthless behavior but also because of his good deeds. Gordon may look like an angry high school principal, but he’s also the type who tries his best to push the students forward so they can be successful. 

Since the show’s debut, more than 50+ restaurants have appeared on Kitchen Nightmares, but only a few of them could keep their doors open. Without any more wait, let’s take a look at the success rate of Kitchen Nightmares’ entries. 

Kitchen Nightmares Open Or Closed In 2022 | Updated List Ready For Fans!

Gordon Ramsay’s Kitchen Nightmares (USA) aired from 2007 to 2014 and kept the viewers glued to their TV screens with 7 seasons and 90 episodes. During the entirety of the show, chef Gordon Ramsay tried his best to keep up with arrogant restaurant owners who weren’t ready to take the chef’s advice.

Due to this childlike behavior, many restaurants lost their appeal, ultimately ending their closure. Although, there were a few who gave the complete ownership of the restaurants into the chef’s hands and let him guide them to a road of success. 

Closed Restaurants Of Kitchen Nightmares | Updated List With Complete Details!

Kitchen Nightmares Open Or Closed | Updates No One Can Miss!

Seven seasons later, one would think that Gordon Ramsay would have managed to save more than half of the restaurants from hitting rock bottom. However, saving a restaurant isn’t only in Gordon’s hands, especially when the owners aren’t ready to agree. Over the years, more than 50% of Kitchen Nightmares restaurants have been buried six feet below the ground because of the owners’ carelessness. 

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Restaurant Name Season No. Epsiode No. 
Dillon’s – Renamed Purnima12
The Mixing Bowl13
Finn McCool’s17
The Secret Garden110
Black Pearl24
J Willy’s25
Hannah & Mason’s267
Jack’s Waterfront27
Fiesta Sunrise29
Santé La Brea210
Cafe 36211
Hot Potato Cafe31
Flamangos – Renamed The Junction32
Casa Roma37
Mama Rita’s38
Anna Vincenzo’s39
Classic American42
PJ’s Steakhouse – Renamed PJ’s Grill43
Grasshopper Also44
Down City46
Kingston Cafe48
La Frite49
Mike & Nellie’s53
Burger Kitchen55
El Greco58
Park’s Edge59
La Galleria 3361
Barefoot Bob’s Beach Grill64
Levanti’s Italian Restaurant – Renamed Levanti’s American Bistro66
Sam’s Mediterranean Kabob Room67
Nino’s Italian Restaurant68
Mill Street Bistro69
Amy’s Baking Company613
The Old Neighborhood Restaurant72
Kati Allo73
Mangia Mangia74
Bella Luna Ristorante76

Open Restaurants Of Kitchen Nightmares | Updated List With Complete Details!

Open Restaurants In Kitchen Nightmares | Updated List With Complete Details!

Among the stubborn heads, there were many who tried their best to keep up with the hot-headed celebrity chef. Due to the patience shown by the owners, they were able to keep their restaurant doors open. Several years later, a majority of these restaurants have managed to impress their customers and aren’t going anywhere anytime soon. 

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Restaurant Name Season No. Epsiode No. 
Zayna Flaming Grill75
Mama Maria’s62
Ms. Jean’s Southern Cuisine63
Olde Hitching Post Restaurant & Tavern65
Luigi’s D’Italia54
The Greek at  the Harbor56
Spin-A-Yarn Steakhouse510
Cafe Hon512
Spanish Pavilion41
Lido di Manhattan35
Le Bistro36

Kitchen Nightmares Restaurants That Were Sold | Full List!

Kitchen Nightmares Restaurants That Were Sold | Full List!

On some days, your business tends to top the ladder in the market whereas, on other days, nothing you do will take it even one step higher. After the show, some restaurants managed to keep their boat afloat for a short time but eventually had to sell to keep themselves secured.

Restaurant Name Season No. Epsiode No. 
The Olde Stone Mill15
Prohibition Grille – Renamed Prohibition Gastropub611

Final Words 

The stats present above are strictly restricted to the Kitchen Nightmares USA version to avoid any confusion amongst the viewers. Even though Gordon visited a few restaurants in the UK as well, since most of the work was done in the USA, the data is kept limited to that particular region. 

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