Know-How To Make Best Cake Shots in 2021


Childhood is all about board games and those with hints and chits of paper. However dumb it may have been it didn’t seem so then nor does it now. They were the best days of our life and will forever be. In today’s writing, we’ll tell you how to make the best cake shots.

Did we all not spend the majority of time playing games like dumb charades, King, queen and thief, and so many more? And wasn’t it like an everyday thing to do between classes and in the lunch break, in birthday parties and get together with friends? Well, for most of us it was and today we have brought for you the perfect adultery to that kid’s game.

Remember how we grew above them by playing truth and dare. Well similarly today we have discovered for you the new game, cake shots easy and fun to play and certainly one to remember and flaunt. 

Order online to send cake to Chandigarh for all upcoming celebrations, parties and get together, and you will be easily convinced when we tell you all about cake shots and how to make them. 

How to Make Cake Shots

Know to Make Cake Shots

1. Order any cake in your favorite flavor. The list begins from vanilla, pineapple, chocolate, orange, strawberry, coffee, almond, hazelnut, walnut, red velvet, KitKat, Ferrero Rocher, choco chips and is endless. Avoid ordering designer or photo cakes because the fun is in spoiling the cake and whatever design and photo there maybe will be crushed. 

2. Arrange wine glasses or shots for the number of people there will be at the party. Allot names on each glass so there is no confusion as it is a serious part of the party. 

3. Now inside the cake either add a lot of papers with questions, hints or dare on them. You will have to submit it while making the cake. And you can make it at home as well. On these papers write what you want the invited people to do. They may dance, sing, act, reveal a truth or something else. 

Know to Make Cake Shots

4. If there are fewer people at the party you can cut the cake in slices with one paper in each for the game to quickly finish while it’s still fun. 

5. And if there are many people at the party you can have many chits so that everyone gets a chance and the party goes on. 

6. Now with every round ask your friends to grab a piece with their glasses. Without cutting the cake with a knife ask them to cut it with their glasses. Now as they have grabbed a piece with their glass, they can start eating it and do the puzzle as soon as the chit comes out. 

7. Give them spoons because it’s difficult to eat cake after a bite or two. And if they are goofy and you want to keep the game fun and clumsy you can avoid using the spoon. It is although better to protect clothes and makeup from running with sweet chocolate. 

8. Everyone will get the same size of the share as the glasses will be of similar sizes. Keep the chits in white colour if the cake is chocolate or dark coloured and keep them far coloured if the cake is vanilla or pineapple. 

9. Keep the size of the chits bigger in comparison to how you played in olden times because the cream and drums of the cake may make it soggy and it would be difficult to open them up. 

Know to Make Cake Shots

10. In place of paper chits, you may also use chocolate leaves. This may cost you a little extra with customized messages written on each of them or you can make it at home which will be super fun. 

11. You could also keep rules like he person to find the chit first or last in each round will win, which play people will consume the cake faster and there would be no wastage. 

Most of you would not have tried it before but trust us it is not the game you want to miss out on. It is best when played with friends, couples or people of similar age like yours. And it’s definitely a plus one to add dare to it if the crowd is of people who won’t mind. 


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