Best Korean Dramas | 2 Evergreen Sensations and Fun Facts About Them


Every time I see a Korean drama, I can’t help but marvel at the cuteness of the actors, and if the actor is Cho Seung Woo, I do not even bother to blink my eyes. His performance is such a treat to the eyes that I didn’t want it to end when I watched his Sisyphus this year.

The most unfortunate thing about any K-Drama is that it ends very soon. Ironically, this was the very reason I started watching them. The worldwide popularity of these dramas says it all.

This article will discuss some fascinating and unknown facts about two evergreen sensations of K-Drama – Cho Seung Woo and Shin Se Kyung. A bonus list of the must-watch Korean dramas is also provided at the end.

So, manage to take some time from your tight schedules and do some justice to the money you pay every month to Netflix. No, you need to worry if you do not have that subscription; there are plenty of websites to watch all sorts of dramas – Korean, Chinese, Pakistani, etc.

The 2 All-Time Favorites of K-Drama lovers | Facts That You Didn’t Know

The following are the facts that every K-Drama lover should know about these 2 sensations – 

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A# Cho Seung Woo’s Drama List

Cho Seung Woo Best Korean Drama sensation

1# Since his father and sister are both singers; he always thought he would be in the same profession. But a film by the director I’m Kwon-Taek, titled Chunhyang, changed his path.

2# When he came back from his mandatory military service, he appeared in ‘Jekyll and Hyde’ (2010 musical) and became one of the paid actors ( in a Korean musical). But, the producers had no worries about spending that exceptional amount as the return was unbelievable. 

3# He is a great admirer of the actress-director Gu Hye Sun. When he read her book, he was unable to put it down. The same happened when he was offered the script for the movie by the actress. He accepted the offer to do the film. This is what he said about the book of Gu Hye Sun ‘I could not erase the impression from my head… The book was so unique.’

4# He was unwilling to act in any dramas until 2012. When he finally made his mind to act in ‘Horse Doctor’ on the insistence of his fans. When asked about this, he replied –

‘I didn’t act in dramas because I heard you don’t get to sleep or eat.

5# He is like a friend and mentor to the sensation Kim Junsu of JYJ. Junsu keeps his advice in high regard as he guided him in his stage career. Once in an interview with Osen, Junsu commented –

I hope that one day I’m able to stand on the same stage with Senior Jo Seung Woo.’

6# K-Dramas featuring Cho Seung Woo

  • Stranger
  • Stranger 2
  • God’s Gift: 14 days
  • Horse Doctor
  • Life
  • Sisyphus: The Myth

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B# Shin Se Kyung’s KDrama List

Shin Se Kyung Best k-drama sensation

1# This elegant actress has an experience of 23 years at the mere age of 30. At the age of eight, she got the opportunity to feature in K-pop icon Seo Taji’s album Take Five. She said – “The music video staff told me to cry, so I did it. I guess I came across as quite mysterious. They liked it.” She also appeared in the children show Ppo Ppo Ppo.

2# The film R2B: Return to Base had a kiss scene that was shot and finished, but it was edited out. Shin Se-Kyung felt sad about the removal of that sweet kiss scene. 

3# With success also comes criticism, and Shin Se Kyung was not untouched by it. Her role in When A Man Loves fetched her a lot of negative attention. People did not like her role, and instead of disliking her character in the series, people diverted their anger at Shin Se Kyung. 

She was nervous at first, but her loved ones and well-wishers helped her get out of this healthy state of mind. She commented at this incident – 

‘It wasn’t just me, but it was everyone that worried about me receiving all of these insults. Since many around me comforted me, I thought how fortunate I was. Feeling loved does feel great.’

4# She candidly expresses that she is moody. She confesses that people can read her face and tell what she is feeling. She can not and does not hide her emotions from anybody.

5# She tries her hand at cooking and baking whenever she is free. Nothing gives her more joy than her finely cooked cookies. She feels elated when people like her food.

6# K-Dramas featuring Shin Se Kyung

  • My Husband Got A Family
  • Blade Man
  • Fashion King
  • The Girl Who Sees Scents
  • When A Man’s In Love
  • Run On

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The 25 Best Koreans Drama To Binge Watch

  1. One Spring Night
  2. When My Love Blooms
  3. Was it Love
  4. Crash Landing on You
  5. Autumn In My Heart
  6. Run On
  7. Touch your Heart
  8. My Heart
  9. Something In the Rain
  10. A Love So Beautiful
  11. The World of the Married
  12. Hospital Playlist
  13. My Kids Give Me a Headache
  14. The Light in your Eyes
  15. Sky Castle
  16. 100 Days My Prince
  17. The UncannyCounter
  18. Record of Youth
  19. Angel’s Last Mission: Love
  20. Because This Is My First Life
  21. Mr. Sunshine
  22. Mother
  23. Private Lives
  24. It’s Okay To Not Be Okay
  25. Love Alarm

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In A Nutshell

So, what are you waiting for? Do not waste a single minute and watch these K-Dramas fall in love with the idea of love, and do not forget to comment on which team you belong to group Cho Seung Woo or team Shin Se Kyung? 

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