7 Funny Kyle Love Is Blind Memes | Twitter Users Take Aim At Kyle!


When you think of Love Is Blind (2020 – present), what do you think of? The saying or the show? If you think about the show, you are clearly obsessed with it and need some help. I am here to provide you with exactly that but in the form of memes. I’m sorry, I’m not a doctor. This is the best I can do. Let’s check out some of the best Kyle Love Is Blind memes if you have a hangover of the show.

For those who don’t know what the show is about, let me give you a little gist about Love Is Blind. Around 30 couples are made to date each other. They make contact through ‘pods’ on the show, getting to know each other and trying to find their ideal match. But the twist is they don’t get to see each other until they decide to get engaged. Weird, but the show is popular, so they know what they are doing.

In Love Is Blind Season 2, Kyle became the butt of many memes. That is just how people show their feelings nowadays, I suppose. Kyle saw so many ups and downs on the show and unfortunately left the show single. His poor performance can be attributed to his naive decision-making skills and lack of self-awareness. Nevertheless, it gave us a few good laughs too.

We collected a couple of the best Love Is Blind memes doing the rounds of Twitter and Reddit. You don’t have to scavenge through the subreddit of Love Is Blind anymore, so let’s check them out.

Kyle Love Is Blind Memes Are Hilarious And Sad At The Same Time | The Best Of The Best!!!!

Funny Kyle Love Is Blind Memes | Twitter Users Take Aim At Kyle
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Kyle Abrams is 29 years old and is a glazier by profession. And if you are like me and don’t know what glazier is, it’s someone who deals with fitting windows and doors with glass. Easy right? Anyway, about the memes, on Love Is Blind Season 2, Kyle got engaged to Shaina. What he didn’t know (but the audience did) was the fact that Shaina was in love with Shayne, who had rejected her.

Shaina then accepted Kyle’s proposal as a way to not be single on the show. So she didn’t have any interest in him from the start. The fans first felt bad for Kyle, seeing that he is someone’s second option while being head over heels for her. But later on, the fun began, and Kyle became the meme material.

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1# First Signs Of Trouble | The Signs Were There!!!!!

Kyle and Shaina didn’t start well. They had some serious religious differences between them. Kyle is also a vegetarian for the last seven years. Surprisingly, he compromised, as he and Shaina devoured an entire steak together on their first date night.

Shaina then informed Kyle that she wanted to sleep alone and went to bed at 7:40 pm. Ouch! That has got to hurt! Even this did not deter Kyle and made him pursue Shaina even more. I get playing hard to get, but this is hard to understand why Shaina would play with Kyle’s feelings like that. She knew where her interests lay, yet she led him on. 

Kyle’s interest in Shaina was the most toxic part of the show, and yet Kyle couldn’t see all the red flags that were out there. Love is truly blind, isn’t it? 

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2# Kyle’s Dedication For Shaina | Pushing Your Love And Pushing Your Luck!

Honestly, I don’t care if Love Is Blind is scripted or not. Kyle deserved more, and he should have fought more for his self-respect. No one deserves to be treated with so much disrespect as Shaina did to him. He should have broken off the engagement and found love somewhere else. Or if it meant he would have remained single, then fine! 

But as we know, that didn’t happen. The more Shaina acted indifferently towards Kyle, the stronger his love became. It’s some weird reverse psychology stuff, but Kyle should have acted smarter. With religious and ideological differences, there is only a finite number of compromises you can make. Unfortunately, Kyle didn’t understand the assignment.

3# The Religion Aspect | A Deal-Breaker!!!!!

Kyle went with Shaina to Chicago after they spent their vacations in Mexico. Awkward is the simplest way to describe the encounter. On asking Shaina’s brothers and father if he was a godly man, Kyle awkwardly replied he didn’t know what that meant.

Silent whispers and embarrassing glances later, we know it all went downhill from there. If there was one chance Kyle had to make Shaina fall for her, it would have been to wow her parents. Too bad Kyle blew it! Kyle’s atheistic beliefs just wouldn’t gel with her dedicated Christian beliefs. 

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4# Shaina Wasn’t Good For Kyle And Neither For Shayne | Everything Happens For A Reason!

Shayne decided not to go with Shaina at the start, seeing how cold-hearted she was to Kyle. He must think he dodged a bullet. Shaina came after Shayne and Natalie’s relationship in the ending episodes, as she has some anger management issues.

5# The Never-Ending Drama With Shaina | Drama Queen Will Never Let It Go!

Not only did Shaina have anger management issues, but she also needed to catch a break. Shaina went aggressive against Shayne and Natalie when they were planning their marriage. Hurting not only Kyle in the process but assuring Shayne that he made the right decision by not going with her.

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6# Summing Up What Love Is Blind Is About | Description In One Picture!

And if we were to describe the show in one meme, this would be it. Even though Kyle is the butt of the jokes, other characters have offered nothing less. Going into relationships without even going into two thoughts about long-term futures, some contestants on Love Is Blind pushed the limits.

7# Bonus Meme | For The Culture!

We are not putting someone down by their looks, but this hilarious comparison has made us ROFL. Shaina does not only share facial similarities with Donald Trump here, but her temper tantrums might suggest she shares more than that with the disgraced ex-US president.

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Final Words

Kyle Love Is Blind memes might be all the banter, but the show is full of meme materials. From Nick and Danielle’s crazy relationship to Deepti and Shakes blowouts. Keep an eye out for more Love Is Blind memes. Tell us which one is your favorite meme in the comments section below!

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