Lady Dynamite Season 3 Release Date | Is It Finally Happening?


“There are too many comedy shows,” said no one ever. Created by Maria Bamford, Lady Dynamite (2016-2018) is another comedy show to hit Netflix. Maria stars in the show as herself. Maria has taken lots of inspiration from her real-life for the show, but most of Lady Dynamite has been made in the writer’s room. With two seasons gone, what is the update on Lady Dynamite season 3 release date? Let’s check that out, shall we?

Let me first tell you a little something about the show. Lady Dynamite follows the life of Maria Bamford as she moves back to Los Angeles. She has done lots of comedy shows, and with lots of work pressure, she is now diagnosed with Bipolar disorder. Lady Dynamite shows how Maria starts a new life in LA from scratch. Her work struggles, life struggles, and health struggles, everything is dealt with in a sensitive yet light way.

Lady Dynamite season 3 release date is not coming, unfortunately. The show got the ax from Netflix after two seasons. There have been no explanations given like many other cancellations from Netflix, so we shouldn’t be expecting one either. 

There is very little information on viewership details for Netflix shows as the streaming giant doesn’t release its numbers. Yet Lady Dynamite had very positive reviews on Rotten Tomatoes and IMDb, so the reason may not be that the show wasn’t popular. 

Lady Dynamite Season 3 Release Date | Everything You Need To Know About The Show!

Lady Dynamite isn’t entirely autobiographical and isn’t purely a work of fiction either. Taking elements from both, the show has tackled mental health issues in Hollywood. Sometimes, work pressure is too much to take, and showbiz is just like any other kind of work. 

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Talking about her own experiences, Maria Bamford says that she was on medication during the filming of season 2. She was trying to balance work and private life, her mental health was declining, and she needed medical intervention. She thanked the production team for accommodating her being patient with her. Maria says she was trying to portray the very issues she was struggling with in real life all through the show. So far, with great fan reception, we think she has done a very good job at it.

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Lady Dynamite Plot | What Happens In The Show!

Lady Dynamite Season 3 Release Date | Is It Finally Happening?

The plot of Lady Dynamite is simple. It is addressing the mental health challenges in showbiz. More specifically for actors and comedians. As comedians are always joking and making people laugh, they are not thought to be sad or suffering. Though this stereotype is untrue, it is still present.

In Lady Dynamite, Maria has been away on recovery for six months due to a mental breakdown. She got diagnosed with bipolar disorder and has been doing fine. After coming back, a comedian with a long career in front of her sees that opportunities have dried up.

She and her manager decided that she needed to get working soon, and Lady Dynamite shows her resilience and dedication towards making that a reality. The show then uses flashbacks to show how Maria and her relationships have changed. This makes the storytelling experience more engaging and often emotional. 

Season 1 of Lady Dynamite sees Maria deal with her personal life. She is still on edge after coming back from recovery. Her relationships – romantic and family – also don’t seem to be doing that well. While Maria tries to find her feet back in the comedy scene, she realizes there are too many stigmas to battle.

Season 2 sees Maria in much better mental shape. Her dating life is much more stable as she is dating a great guy named Scott. Things start getting a little heavy for her as her agent gets her television show. She starts feeling the pressure, and her mental health starts going downhill.

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Lady Dynamite Cast | Characters People Loved So Much!

Lady Dynamite Season 3 Release Date | Is It Finally Happening?

The fact Maria played herself made the show more lovable and attractive. Breaking the fourth wall between real and reel, this choice makes Lady Dynamite more interesting. Maria is a standup comedian in reality and in the show too. Her real-life issues, mannerisms, and references to many events are true.

Then we have her agent Bruce Ben, played by the charming Fred Melamed. Bruce is ever so loyal to Maria. He helped her get her first standup show and, post her diagnosis, has been helping her again. They share a lovely bond that is not often seen with agents and clients. Their relationship goes beyond money and worldly things. 

Besides the main cast, Lady Dynamite has a lot of recurring cast members. Some of them are:

  • Ana Gasteyer as Karen Grisham, Maria’s agent.
  • Ed Begley Jr. with Kurt Braunohler (season 2, flashbacks) as Joel Bamford, Maria’s father.
  • Lennon Parham as Larissa, Maria’s friend.
  • Bridget Everett as Dagmar, Maria’s friend.
  • Mo Collins as Susan Beeber, Maria’s childhood friend.
  • Dean Cain as Graham, Maria’s ex-fiancé.
  • June Diane Raphael as Karen Grisham, Maria’s realtor.
  • Jenny Slate as Karen Grisham, Maria’s life coach.
  • Kenny and Keith Lucas as themselves.
  • Yimmy Yim as Chantrelle, Bruce’s assistant.

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How Many Episodes Does Lady Dynamite Have? The Complete List!

Lady Dynamite Season 3 Release Date | Is It Finally Happening?

Lady Dynamite has two seasons before it got canceled by Netflix. The first season premiered on May 20, 2016, and has 12 episodes. The second season premiered on November 10, 2017, and has fewer episodes than the first season at 8 episodes. With each episode lasting somewhere between 25-30 minutes, Lady Dynamite is ideal for some weekend binge sessions.

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Where Can You Watch Lady Dynamite Right Now? Stream It Now!

Lady Dynamite Season 3 Release Date | Is It Finally Happening?

Lady Dynamite is a Netflix original, and even though it did not get renewed for a third season, you can still find the whole show on the Netlfix library right now. Will it be forever in Netlfix’s library? Who know! Maybe it will get adopted by another streaming platform. But until that happens, you can easily stream it on Netflix. 

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Final Words

Lady Dynamite season 3 release date might not be something we get to see anymore. Yet you can still revel in the fact that there are still two seasons you can watch right now. Is Lady Dynamite a show on your watchlist? Let us know in the comments below!

Will There Be a Lady Dynamite season 3?

No, there will not be a Lady Dynamite Season 3 after Netflix cancelled the show in 2018

When did Lady Dynamite come out?

Lady Dynamite came out on May 20, 2016

Is Lady Dynamite still on Netflix?

Yes, as of 2022, Lady Dynamite is still on Netflix.

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