Larissa 90 Day Fiancé Makes A Big Move | Are Colt & Larissa Still Together?


If your social media is blowing up with headlines of Larissa 90 Day Fiancé walking out of the show and getting plastic surgery, then you have done an excellent job of keeping yourself updated. Ever since her appearance in the show, the Brazilian bombshell is catching attention for one reason or the other, and her latest announcement has left everyone in wonder. 

90 Day Fiancé is every American’s go-to entertainment reality TV series, as they wish to feed themselves with cringe dates and couples who know nothing about one another. (America, I tell you!) For some, the dating TV show has let them meet their soulmates, while for others like Jenny and Sumit, things only seem to get complicated with every other episode. 

However, we aren’t talking about the love fiasco and the complicacy of the show because other important things more need attention. What, you may ask? For starters, Larissa from 90 Day Fiancé and the news of her being fired from the show. Larissa quickly reached the heights of success and fame with her appearance on the show, but I guess that wasn’t enough for the directors to keep her around anymore. 

You have to read to know why Larissa departed from the show and took the life-changing decisions to move on. 

Larissa 90 Day Fiancé | Did Larisa & Colt Rekindle Their Romance? 

Larissa 90 Day Fiancé | Larisa & Colt Rekindle Their Romance! 

Larissa dos Santos Lima joined the cast of 90 Day Fiancé in Las Vegas for the show’s sixth season with her boyfriend Colt Johnson. The couple initially met through an online dating website and decided to give their relationship a try. After only spending a few days together, lover boy Colt popped the big ‘will you marry me’ question, to which Larissa said yes. Despite the constant warnings and avoiding the toxicity in their relationship, the two decided to get married, which, not to everyone’s surprise, went down the drain only after six months. 

Larissa was a feisty mess, while Colt was constantly controlled by his mother, Debbie Johnson. During their marriage, the three of them were living together, and the tension amongst them was clear as the daylight. Debbie was overbearing, and she could not stand Larissa’s tantrums, whereas Colt could not say anything because he was a Mamma’s boy. 

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Shortly after Larissa’s divorce from Colt was settled, she moved on to 90 Day Fiancé: Happily Ever After with Eric Nichols while Colt made his way to another Brazillian beauty Jess Caroline in the spin-off season of 90 Day Fiancé. No matter what, one thing is clear that Colt Johnson is infatuated with Brazillian bombshells.

Larissa Santos Returns To Las Vegas After Her Plastic Surgery! 

Despite being one of the most popular contestants on 90 Day Fiancé, Larissa managed to get her contract terminated after appearing on an online lingerie show. At the time of signing the show, it was made clear that while appearing on the show, the contestants cannot appear on any other show, whether it is for the same network or any other. Larissa violated the terms of her contract, and TLC immediately fired her without paying any heed to her response.

Post the plastic surgery, Larissa made a quiet move back to Las Vegas, her home ground. Larissa shared the news of her moving back from Colorado Springs in a lengthy Instagram post where she seems to have reflected a lot on conquering her American dream. As Larissa explained that moving to a quiet and small city where she could drink hot chocolate while mesmerizing by the beautiful snowfall was one of her favorite fantasies, it was time to be back to Vegas for new beginnings. 

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Larissa was welcomed with a lot of love and support on her Instagram comments, where surprisingly, Debbie Johnson, aka Larissa’s ex-mother-in-law, also made an appearance. Ever since she made peace with Debbie in 2019 after claiming that their arguments were in the past and now the two seem to have maintained contact. (Impressive!)

Final Words 

We can only hope that Larissa’s move back to Las Vegas brings a lot of new opportunities and happiness into her life. Now that Cole is happily remarried, Larissa can focus on moving forward in her life without having to worry about her past. Wishing Larissa good luck for her new beginnings and hope that we will see her again in some other show, now that she isn’t a part of the 90 Day franchise. 

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