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If the rumors of PlayStation acquiring Bluepoint Games are true, then there is a 100% chance that fans will soon get a Legend of Dragoon remake. Upon launching for the first time, the game received its fair share of reviews, but it gained a massive following as time passed. 

Legend of Dragoon is one of the very first role-playing games released for Playstation 1. Since its release, the game is doing well popularity-wise and has topped the sales charts in the native regions of Japan and North America. Players were even waiting for the release of its sequel game, but that never happened for some reason. 

However, with the latest acquisition rumor going around the Internet, there is a chance that the gamers can soon see a Legend of Dragoon remake. Although the news is not official yet, there are chances that the official announcements will be out in the coming days. 

Without any further ado, let’s get into the article and know more about the Sony and Bluepoint games and see where the future of Legend of the Dragoon lies. 

Bluepoint Games Coming with Legend of Dragoon Remake 

Legend of Dragoon Remake

Throughout the years, Bluepoint Games has gained popularity for being the mastermind behind the remake of many game sequels. Almost every other sequel game that you play on PlayStations, including the latest PS5, is due to the courtesy of Bluepoint Games. Bluepoint Games has worked with Sony in the past before as well, so the news of Sony buying the company can be taken as a positive sign. The two companies have had a soundtrack of work and collaborations, and both are successful and competitive enough to bring out the best of gaming

With Sony backing up the game developer company, it means that they will have more access to better resources now to work more efficiently. Whenever the news of this acquisition is made official, be ready to see the Legend of Dragoon Remake hashtag trending on Twitter because now the fans can’t wait anymore. 

How to Play The Legend of Dragoon 

Legend of Dragoon Remake

Don’t be sad that you don’t have a remake of this hit RPG classic yet, as there is a way that you can use to play this old gem. To play the game, you will need a PSP or PS3 as all the PlayStations aren’t upgraded to the new generation yet. Next, if you have an existing copy or file of the game along with the hardware, then you are good to go. If you don’t have this option, then you will have to buy the game to play. 

No matter what option you have, keep one thing in mind: playing the game is worth all the effort. Now, for the love of gaming and JRPG, all my fellow players take out your PlayStations, boot the game and get ready for some historical action. 

Fan Remake of Legend of the Dragoon

Legend of Dragoon Remake

You all remember the famous proverb. Desperate times call for desperate measures, right? The fans of this game are abiding by this famous proverb nowadays as some of them have taken the matter into their own hands and are developing a fan-made Legend of Dragoon remake. One of the fans named Flanvel has been developing a remake of the game from his end using the RPG Maker MV. 

Those who want to play this fan-made version can check out Flanvel’s Patreon page for the game. Flanvel has uploaded a demo version of the game on his Patreon page, but we are unsure how much the game has developed as there is no idea of how much support the game received. Many of the game’s loyal fans have already checked and played this demo version, so what are you waiting for? Go ahead and play your heart out. 


So far, these are the only details that we have heard about the Legend of Dragoon remake, but we are sure with time, there will be many official announcements coming out. Until then, you can enjoy playing the original game available on PS1, PS3, PSN, and PSP.