8 Lesbian Movies On Netflix | Ready For Ultimate Fun?


Love knows no boundary or, in some cases, genders! Well, this month is all about celebrating love and romance. After all, we are celebrating Pride Month! Netflix is all ready to glam up your mood with its awesome content. So, here I will be talking about all the best lesbian movies on Netflix that you must not leave watching.

Things have been too easy with OTT platforms. All you need is an active subscription, and you can watch endless content online. However, let’s be specific here! You can watch many awesome lesbian movies on Hulu and entertaining gay movies on Hulu as well. However, the below section contains all the amazing lesbian movies on Netflix only. So, here we go!

8 Lesbian Movies On Netflix | Movies That Are Enchantingly Beautiful Romances!

8 Lesbian Movies On Netflix | Ready For Ultimate Fun?

Not all love stories have heroes and heroines, prince and princess, or girl and boy. Some love stories are also about people of the same gender who fall for each other and create a magical love story. 

And we are celebrating those unique love stories here which teach us about passion, romance, and self-realization. Netflix has some of the best flicks related to the lesbian category. So, try to watch them all and have a blast! 

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#1 Ride Or Die (2021)  

8 Lesbian Movies On Netflix | Ready For Ultimate Fun?

Ride Or Die is a brilliant Japanese flick that revolves around two women who are facing a life crisis. The protagonist, Rei, discovers that her love interest, named Nanae, is having a tough married life. Nanae’s abusive husband is s*xually exploiting her and committing domestic violence. Rei decides to interfere and save Nanae from her evil husband. 

However, in the process, they discover that they cannot live without each other and that they also deserve peace and happiness. Thus, Rei and Nanae admit their feelings for each other and get ready to face the consequences without any fear.

#2 I Care A Lot (2020) 

8 Lesbian Movies On Netflix | Ready For Ultimate Fun?

I Care A Lot is one of the entertaining lesbian movies on Netflix that has a lot of drama and action. The dark comedy flick has all emotions in the right proportions. The protagonist, Marla Grayson, is a con artist and loots elderly people by manipulating them and selling their belongings and assets. 

However, Marla’s life turns upside down when she cons the wrong woman and gets in huge trouble. The movie is all about money and chasing, but Marla’s chemistry and her s*xual orientation steal the limelight. 

#3 The Prom (2020) 

8 Lesbian Movies On Netflix | Ready For Ultimate Fun?

The Prom is another one of the brilliant lesbian movies available on Netflix that you should watch. The movie is a musical play that has a lot of dramatic events and surprising twists. The protagonist, Emma, declares that she will come to the prom with her girlfriend. However, the conservative society cancels the prom to stop Emma. 

This step creates a lot of buzz on the internet, and different groups and people come to Emma’s small conservative Indiana town to voice their opinions for their interests and to gain some limelight. Thus, a high-level drama ensues where everyone talks about LGBT and human rights. 

#4 Elisa & Marcela (2019)

8 Lesbian Movies On Netflix | Ready For Ultimate Fun?

Elisa & Marcela is a period film set in 1901 year in Spain. The movie is based on real events and real characters. Thus, the movie is more like a documentary that highlights and represents the difficulties of lesbian people. 

The Elisa & Marcela movie revolves around a lesbian couple who pose as a heterosexual couple to live together. The movie has many heart-warming and emotional moments. The story finally ends when Spain officially legalized same-sex marriages. 

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#5 The Half of It (2020)

8 Lesbian Movies On Netflix | Ready For Ultimate Fun?

The Half of It is a coming-of-age movie that revolves around a bunch of school teenagers. The protagonist, Ellie Chu, writes homework papers for other students to earn some money. One day, she is asked by her classmate Paul to write love letters to a girl named Aster in her class. 

Ellie writes Aster letters anonymously and soon begins to develop feelings for her. However, things got weird when the other classmates find out about it. The Half of It movie is one of the most dramatic lesbian movies on Netflix that will give you butterflies in the stomach!

#6 Lovesong (2016)  

8 Lesbian Movies On Netflix | Ready For Ultimate Fun?

Lovesong is a beautiful romantic movie that will memorize you with its bewitching and refreshing story. The protagonist, Sarah, is a mother of a toddler and lives alone maximum time due to her husband’s frequent official trips. One day Sarah calls her best friend Windy to spend a good time together. 

However, the duo ends up getting physically intimate and sharing a sizzling romance. Things go weird between them when they try to act normal with each other. After some years, Sarah visits Windy at her bachelorette party, where the duo confront each other and share their feelings. The movie outpours intense emotions that are worth watching.

#7 A Perfect Ending (2012)

8 Lesbian Movies On Netflix | Ready For Ultimate Fun?

A Perfect Ending is one of the most sizzling lesbian movies on Netflix that touches on different aspects and issues related to s*xual pleasure and failing relationships. The protagonist, Rebecca, is a highly frustrated woman who is having zero romance as well as orgasms from her husband. 

Rebecca’s best friend advised her to take the help of a sex worker. Thus, she ends up meeting a highly talented and professional sex worker named Paris, who completely changes Rebecca’s life and perceptions.

#8 Duck Butter (2018)

8 Lesbian Movies On Netflix | Ready For Ultimate Fun?

Last but not the least, Duck Butter is another hidden gem that you cannot overlook. The movie is a story of two women who decide to live their lives to the fullest for the next 24hours. However, destiny had some other plans for them! 

The protagonist, Naima, and Sergio meet and connect in a bar. They decide to have fun by sleeping with as many many people as they can every hour. However, things go awry wrong, and the duo gets trapped in a complicated relationship.

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Final Words

I hope that you like the list of lesbian movies on Netflix. You just need an active subscription and a comfy couch to start binge-watching. So, grab your popcorn bowls now and choose any of them to start with. Also, do not forget to mention your favorite new lesbian movies in the comment section!


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