Rumours are spreading over the past few months related to LG Phone “wing.” In the world of dual-display phones, LG wing appears to be a new take on that flips in twisting motion.

So the most modern smartphones focus on the same design aspect, building up only on what’s under the hood.

However every once in a while, a strange now design pops up on the web.


These designs are unlike you have seen before, if they work they become mainstream like the popup camera or the in-display fingerprint.

The latest design that fits the bill, comes from LG in a device Codename the LG wing.

LG wing has a rotating display feature

LG looks like innovating a new phone with an interesting form factor. According to a report by ET News, the South Korean company name wink.

LG launch their new smartphone

This device is said to feature a T-shaped form factor with a small display display below the main screen.

The main display displays a smaller square size the second time it is activated horizontally.

The new LG wing phone smart has a form factor that represents the letter T when completely open.

The device will have a 4 inch square display that hides under the main screen.

When you flip the screen out it turns the main display into a horizontal orientation, revealing a new square display alongside it .when completely opened the secondary display resemble two, this is also the reason behind the LG new phone name.

As per the report by GSMarena the LG wing could run a snapdragon 700 series processor and equip a 64megapixel main camera sensor.

The idea behind the second display which aspects a 1:1 aspect ratio is to offer extra information to complement the main screen.

Imagine the edge notification on the flagship curved Samsung phone on a whole new level.

So while you give your primary content on the reportedly 6-4 inch main screen, the wing can show you secondary information quick control and more.

LG Wing smartphone release date and price are still not known

Plans to launch the smartphone are still reserved supposed for the second half of 2020.
And it is believed to have a price tag of $800

We hope that LG will launch it in 2020. So we all know about the device.
So what do you guys think about the upcoming LG wing? Let’s us know in the comment box.

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