8 Best LGBT Movies On HBO Max | Movies For Your PrimeTime!


If you haven’t covered LGBT movies on HBO Max, you are not done with all the genres available on HBO Max. Well, for that, keep scrolling the article and update our knowledge on some best LGBT movies on HBO Max!

Let me tell you, there are a plethora of LGBT movies on HBO Max that cover both present-day and old movies. Isn’t it exciting to have a genre to cover? Be ready with your pen and diary to note down some amazing LGBT movies on HBO Max. You know what! You can even get some superb gay movies on HBO max

8 LGBT Movies On HBO Max | Movies That Will Enlarge Your Thinking!

In order to save your time, I have already performed extensive research for you to come up with the best LGBT movies on HBO Max. Now, you need to check all of them to decide the one that appeals to you the most. Well, all movies are worth watching!

1# The Perks Of Being A Wallflower (2012) | An Act Of Sudden Realization 

8 Best LGBT Movies On HBO Max | Movies For Your PrimeTime!

The Perks Of Being A Wallflower is based on a novel of the same name and centers on post-traumatic stress disorder. 

The movie’s plot brings forth three friends, which include a girl and two boys. Eventually, one of the boys and the girl gets into a romantic relationship. But soon, both of them get separated, and the boys get romantically involved with each after a sudden act. Catch up with the three of them to learn how they carry forward their friendship. 

2# Bend It Like Beckham (2002) | Break The Barriers To Achieve Something

8 Best LGBT Movies On HBO Max | Movies For Your PrimeTime!

Bend It Like Beckham is a sports comedy that brings forth the desire and aim of a girl. Also, it one of the best LGBT movies on HBO Max.

Jesminder and Knightly are the souls of the movie who perform very well as football players. But their families do not like football and aspire to see them settling down in their lives by getting married. In addition, the families want the girls to learn household chores like cooking. On the contrary, both of them turn out to be unconventional in terms of their s*xual orientation, which further brings their families in shock. What will be their fate? 

3# Shiva Baby (2021) | An Encounter With Past

8 Best LGBT Movies On HBO Max | Movies For Your PrimeTime!

Shiva Baby is an expanded version of the director’s short movie, which appeared in 2018 with the same name. And the movie is known for its manifestation of Jewish families. 

Danielle is the central figure of the plot, who helps her parents at a funeral service. One day, suddenly, she gets a chance to meet her ex-girlfriend. As a result, the world of Danielle turns upside down. But is she going to tell this her parents? Will she start her relationship again?

4# Kajillionaire (2020) | A Beautiful Change 

8 Best LGBT Movies On HBO Max | Movies For Your PrimeTime!

Kajillionaire is a crime-comedy drama that manifests the life of criminals. In addition, this movie is a critically acclaimed movie. 

Old Dolio Dyne is the movie’s protagonist who feels like she is living in a trap with her parents (con artists). Suddenly, her parents try to add a new member, Melaine, to their team and get physically involved with her. But Dolio interrupts them, and Melaine goes with Dolio. Eventually, both of them get emotionally attached to each other and end up sleeping together. But how will they manage to get rid of Dolio’s parents? 

5# Beach Rats (2017) | A Smart Move To Befool Others 

8 Best LGBT Movies On HBO Max | Movies For Your PrimeTime!

Beach Rats is a drama movie that was highly praised in its time. Also, it talks in-depth about the problems of teenagers. 

Frankie is the core of the movie, who feels for men and is dating online with a man. On the contrary, Frankie’s mother wants him to find a girlfriend after knowing his reality. As a result, Frankie decides to have a girlfriend and keep talking to the guy he likes online. Will his truth come out soon? 

6# The Normal Heart (2014) | An Awareness Of A Disease

8 Best LGBT Movies On HBO Max | Movies For Your PrimeTime!

The Normal Heart is a mouthpiece of the time when people were not aware of the HIV-AIDS crisis in New York. Also, the movie has been sourced from a play of the same name. 

A writer/activist is the center of the movie, which tells all about how the disease come into existence after homose*uality starts rising. As a result, the activist gets in touch with his friends and other people he knows to make them aware of the disease. In parallel, gay relationships can also be seen. How will he manage to calm down the crisis? 

7# Fox And His Friends (1975) | A Game Of Money 

8 Best LGBT Movies On HBO Max | Movies For Your PrimeTime!

Fox And His Friends is a West German movie that talks about the reality of life. 

Fox is a gay who belongs to the middle class of German and is looking for money. His quest finally ends when he meets Max. Unfortunately, Max turns his back on Fox. But the tables turn when Fox tries his hands in a lottery and wins it. As a result, Max gets attracted to Fox and has something else in his mind. Should Fox remain vigilant for his money? Or Max has truly started feeling for Fox? 

8# I Miss You (2019) | A Shocking Truth 

8 Best LGBT Movies On HBO Max | Movies For Your PrimeTime!

I Miss You is a Bolivian drama movie which was also selected for the Best International Feature Film. 

A father from Bolivia travels to New York not for a trip or office work but to investigate the death of his only son. During the investigation, he comes across the reality of his son’s s*xuality and finds it hard to digest. Also, he meets with the boyfriend of his son. Will he solve the mystery of his son’s death? Or there are some more things to uncover about his son?

Final Words 

All in all, these are the options that you avail for LGBT movies on HBO Max. After reading about them, you must be feeling inclined about exploring all of them. So, why wait? Just go for it! Let me know the one you liked the most!


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