VTuber Softwares | Bringing Innovation To The World Of Video Editing! 


Are you a budding virtual YouTuber trying to make it big in the digital world? Can you not do it because you lack the confidence to show your face to the world? Shying is not an option here, but we can always fake it till we make it. Can’t we? And VTuber software is here to help you become the best vtuber without showing your face!

Yeah! You heard that right. Now, with just a webcam, a YouTube channel, and a great internet connection, you can become the upcoming vtuber sensation. All you need to do is get access to the two leading VTuber Software – VTuber Maker and VTuber Editor. With this virtual application, you can easily go live in seconds without doing any hard work. 

The Next-Gen Live Presentation Softwares | Impressive Features Of VTuber Maker And VTuber Editor!

VTuber Softwares | Bringing Innovation To The World Of Video Editing! 

Looking at the video creators today and the content they are coming up with, you must have been worried at some point about the quality of your content. You must have felt a little disappointed about the number of people joining your live stream, and you must also feel concerned about your privacy. But it does not matter anymore if you can replace your face with a digital live avatar and catch your audience’s attention. With simple software like the Live3D, things can become easier for your virtual journey. 

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1# Offers Virtual Customization With VTuber Avatar!

Enjoy extra space with bonus functions and customizable functions that can help you cater to all your needs. The biggest attraction of the vtuber maker is the vtuber live avatar. Turn on your webcam and instantly sync your facial features with plenty of different avatars. Whether you want to be the devil Rose or the sweet Gege, you can pick any with the click of a button. Not only does the software track your facial features, but it also provides the lipsync feature to make your digital avatar more flexible. 

2# Go Crazy With Virtual VTuber Effects During Presentations!

Whether you are a teacher or a student and have a presentation hanging around, make the best use of the vtuber software and shine in your session. With the impressive features of this stellar application, you can instantly share your screen and import other useful resources like pictures, videos, PDFs, and PPTs. The bonus feature is that you can even put together all the images and the videos on a whiteboard and share them during the presentation. 

3# Enjoy The Rich Vtubing Resources! 

Don’t be a normal creator anymore. Enjoy the diverse features like different avatar models, various 2D and 3D backgrounds, special effects, prop resources, and much more. Vtubers can even combine these elements to create an awesome and visually stunning virtual show that can take their reach to the next level. From real-time facial motion capture to lip-sync and video show, there is nothing this tool cannot help you do. 

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4# VTuber Does Not Dig A Big Hole In Your Pocket! 

Did you know that you can also use the vtuber software suite for free? Yes, you are reading that right. The basic features offered by the software are free of cost. So, if you have just started your virtual journey and aren’t sure which direction to take, you can get started with the basic pack. Once you become familiar with the application and are ready to explore the diverse features of vtuber, you can buy the Lite Suite and Pro Suite versions. 

Choosing The Right Studio Plan Per Your Requirements | Pack Of VTuber Maker & VTuber Editor! 

VTuber Softwares | Bringing Innovation To The World Of Video Editing! 

VTuber software comes in three different versions, and each of them fits perfectly with your requirements. Whether you want a basic plan because you are not sure how to get started with the software or you want a well-equipped studio to take your tubing to the next level, you will find every option here. 

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1# Free | Basic Functions To Help You Get Started! 

VTuber Maker VTuber EditorCopyright
Head Tracking 1 upload seat With brand watermark
Facial Tracking
Limited Access

2# Lite Suite For $3.9/ Month | Must-Have Features In Your Hands! 

VTuber Maker VTuber EditorCopyright
Upper body trackingUnlimited seatsNo watermark 
Room accessUnlimited assets manage 
Whiteboard accessUnlimited avatar edit 
High graphics quality Unlimited flow edit 
With NPC avatars Unlimited room edit 
High tracking sensitivity 

Minimum System Requirements For VTuber Maker | Check If Your System Is Compatible! 

Although Vtuber maker does not require some heavy processor or the latest Windows version to work, it is always good to ensure that your system does not lack any function. Have a look at the minimum requirements before you go ahead and get access to a premium version of the software. 

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Operating SystemWindows 7 or later 
GraphicsNVIDIA GeForce GTX560
ProcessorIntel Core i5-4570 (3.20 GHz)
Memory 8 GB RAM 
Sound CardDirectX 9.0c
NetworkBroadband / high-speed internet connection

Final Words

There is no other better software than VTuber if you are looking to interact with your audience online. Get started today on the live avatar road with the VTuber maker and enhance the streaming by making full use of the VTuber Editor. There are many more impressive features to look for in the future, like a collab with sandbox and a different experience to integrate content with entertainment.  

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