Chris Rock On Netflix! Netflix’s First Ever LIVE Show!


Chris Rock on Netflix! It’s finally happening! It will be Netflix’s first ever live show. 

Chris rock is one of the most iconic American stand-up comedians. (Yes, Will Smith slapped him during Oscars) His work in comic films and stage has won him various awards and accolades, including three Grammy Awards and nomination for Golden Globe Awards.  

For the first time ever, Netflix is going live with Chris Rock stand-up comedy special, which is expected come out in early 2023. Chris rock LIVE for Netflix! I am already excited!  

Chris Rock LIVE For Netflix! What Netflix Is Going For A  LIVE Show!?

In an announcement made on Thursday, Netflix revealed that the most iconic comedian Chris Rock will be hosting a LIVE comedy special on Netflix, that will be streamed in early 2023. It is going to be Netflix’s first ever global live event.

In a statement, Robbie Praw, Netflix’s vice president of stand up and comedy formats said, “Chris rock is one of the most iconic and important comedic voices of our generations.” Calling it an unforgettable moment, Praw expressed his excitement to be able to experience a LIVE Chris Rock comedy event with the entire world.

Though it is not the first time we will witness Rock and Netflix’s relationship. Chris Rock: Tamborine, debuted on Netflix in February 2018 with great success. It was Rock’s sixth comedy special and first for Netflix. It received overwhelmingly positive reviews from critics particularly for his special’s political themes.

But for Netflix, it’s going to be its first LIVE streaming comedy stand-up event. There has been a live-in-person event, hosted by Netflix, Netflix is a Joke: The Festival, held this spring, featuring more than 330 comedians who performed 290+ shows. But with Rock, the new LIVE comedy show is going to make history.

Earlier it was reported that Netflix was losing its subscribers. However, nothing is stopping Netflix to experiment with available possibilities. Adding LIVE shows to its catalog is something fresh by any OTT platform. There is a possibility that Netflix could incorporate many other similar contents.

How To Book A Ticket To Chris Rock’s LIVE For Netflix? Book Your Tickets Here!

Ticket To Chris Rock’s LIVE

As, per our resources, the venue is being decided by the team, which will be a secret for all of us. However there are chances that Netflix will give chance to all its subscriber to book a ticket on the streaming platform itself. (you can’t use your Netflix’s free trial here)

There are speculations, that Netflix, might invite its loyal subscribers via email or there are chances that, it could come up with some contest. 

If it will be available for all of us subscribers, then for sure we will be booking our seats via platform. But, if that doesn’t happen, then pray that we win the contest or be one of the lucky subscribers. 

Till then enjoy this news with a wait! 

Final Words

Though there has not been any fixed date set for the stream, nor has there been any other details shared about this event, but since we know the show will be hosted by Chris Rock, then we can expect this event to be a great success. Till the other details are revealed, check the other amazing shows on Netflix and enjoy.

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