Read This To Find Out LMAK Meaning In Snapchat! 


Day by day, new and weird acronyms are popping up in the social media world. It has become difficult to keep (& cope) up with them! And due to this, many of us might feel like we’re falling behind in our texting game. But don’t worry, to help with the matter, I’m going to discuss LMAK meaning in Snapchat! 

Snapchat, a relatively new and insanely popular social media app, allows users, a.k.a Snapchatters, to perform a wide range of actions. Users can share videos, boomerangs video chats, and messages, add crazy filters and AR-based lenses to snaps, and share live locations on a world map! But my favorite thing has to be creating Bitmoji avatars.

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Snapchat has changed our texting game completely. The app undergoes many upgrades regularly, similarly to the way we text does.  Even regular users of the app can’t always keep up with the newest slang and abbreviations. For instance, did you know the meaning of STG

Anyways, we’ll get back to finding out LMAK’s meaning in Snapchat.

Here Is LMAK Meaning In Snapchat! Read Till The End To Know Its Different Meanings!

Read This To Find Out LMAK Meaning In Snapchat! 

Slangs have now become a part of our daily lives. So, let’s find out the different freaky meanings of LMAK and keep up our texting game!

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1# A Mix Of LMAO and OK

Yes, that’s a possibility we should consider. LMAK might just be the illicit offspring of LMAO and OK. LMAO stands for Laughing My A** Off and is used to express our fits and hysterics of laughter at something. Ok–now we all know what that means. It is used to acknowledge something. So, LMAK depicts laughing and acknowledging something at one time.

Here’s an example to help you understand better:

Aaron: LMAO, I thought I’d fail! But I actually passed!!


2# Lick My A** Karren

We all have a Karren in our lives. Karren is excessively annoying and gets on our nerves. Karren is a gloom merchant, complains all the time–even about trivial matters, always has to be right, and interrupts others….I’m sure you just thought about your own Karren. 

Okay, so LMAK also stands for Lick My A** Karren. And the Karren here refers to that person in your life. 

Lick My A** is used to express annoyance and frustration. So, the next time Karren is being a b*tch, just tell her LMAK and move. 

Karren: OMG, that’s such an ugly sweater! Even my dog wears a better one!

You: Ohh, LMAK. 

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3# Let My Ass Know

Do you want your friends to keep you informed about anything and everything happening in the world? Their world? You want your friend to tell you if there’s a party next weekend? Or how did their date go? Just tell them – LMAK. For example:

You: Hey, LMAK, how your exam goes, okay? Or, 

You: Dude, LMAK if you manage to get the tickets to the concert!! 

4# Or Maybe It’s Just A….Typo?

Yes, all these explanations do make sense. But isn’t it a possibility that LMAK could be nothing more but a typo? Maybe the other person was typing LMAO, but the O got replaced with K? It’s possible, right? It could have been something like this:

Mary Jane: LMAK!!

Mary Jane: Oh, that was a typo; it’s LMAO!

Peter Parker: haha, it’s okay, now we have LMAK. 

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Here Are Some More Acronyms Like LMAK!

Now that you’re familiar with LMAK and all its different meanings, here are some more abbreviations that you must know!


LMAO is one of the most popular slang terms out there. I mean–I use it all the time!! LMAO is an acronym for Laughing My A** Off. It is used to convey your fits of laughter at something absurdly hilarious. It is something that pops in our heads when we are laughing ridiculously hard at something. Also, no body parts were harmed in the making of this popular phrase. 


LMFAO is the stronger version of LMAO. If you ever come across anything so insanely funny that you think LMAO can’t convey your hysterics–just use LMFAO. It stands for Laughing My F**king A** Off. Alternatively, it can mean, Laughing My Freaking A** Off. 

Oh, and LMFAO is also the name of a super cool Hip Hop band from California, USA. 

3# LMK

LMK is the abbreviation form of Let Me Know. It simply means let me know or come back to me with an answer. For example,

Billy: If you need anything, LMK. 

Jake: Okay!

And, you might not know that LMK is also a social app where you can meet new people, make friends, etc. But it has a bit of Tinder’s touch in it. The app is also used to explore various topics like politics, race, etc. 

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Final Words

Okay, guys! These were some different meanings of this small four-letter word. Now you know LMAK meaning in Snapchat. Armed with these meanings, I’m sure your texting game has just gotten up by a notch! Use these different meanings for all the annoying Karrens or with your cool friends!

Let me know which one you liked the best! 

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