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If you are a freaking WrestleMania fan, you know the importance of the Royal Rumble match for sure! Have you witnessed the longest WWE Royal Rumble Match ever in WWE history? 30 players (sometimes 50!) fighting for the title is something worth watching.

The concept behind the Royal Rumble is similar to the classic Battle Royal match, started in 1988 as a pay-per-view event. With a lot of awesome actions and chaos in the ring, we got to see more than 30 players fighting and trying to eliminate their opponents. Moreover, the winner qualifies to fight in WrestleMania against the existing World Champion!  

Generally, such matches last for about 50 minutes duration as the wrestlers get only a few minutes to make entries. However, the 2018 Rumble match has seen the spectacular longest WWE Royal Rumble match ever! The match witnessed 50 incredible wrestlers that entertained the public for 77 minutes. But the 1964’s WWF is considered as the longest WWE match that lasted for 81 minutes!

What makes the Royal Rumble matches unique and entertaining is the format, multiple entries, and a lot of drama on the ring! How about catching some of the juicy knowledge about such matches with me? Stay tuned and start reading!

Longest WWE Royal Rumble Match Is One Of A Kind! Do You Know The Difference?

The Royal Rumble match is not just like a regular wrestling match because of various reasons!

  • Though it follows the concept of classic Battle Royal match, it has different rules for the wrestlers’ entries and wrestling time. 
  • Wrestlers are supposed to enter in the ring as per their entry number. This entry number is decided through a lottery.
  • The fight continues with multiple wrestlers at different intervals. Sometimes, the wrestlers also re-enter if they are not eliminated by the rule.
  • To eliminate a fighter, he\she is moved to the top rope. If the feets are touched to the ground, it is considered a valid reason for elimination.
  • There are usually 30 participants but the number can rise upto 50, as per the demand and current format.
  • It lasts for about an hour. The winner is then qualified to the Wrestle Mania World Championship event.

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The Longest WWE Match Recorded In The History | The Powerpacked Performance Ever!

If we take the whole WWE history, the longest WWE matches of all time title go to the 1964’s WWF held in Madison Square Garden. The two highly-anticipated wrestlers of their time- Bruno Sammartino and Waldo & Fritz Von Erich, were the participants of this epic match that lasted for 1 hour 21 minutes.

What made this match more memorable was its ending. Yes, the match ended due to a sudden curfew! There was not a declared winner of this enthralling battle. 

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Top 5 Wrestlers Who Survived In The Ring For Longest Time In WWE Royal Rumble Match | Is Your Favorite On The List?

To get an entertaining long Royal Rumble match, the wrestlers play key roles. Just because of their potential and durability in the ring, a match goes on for longer periods. Spending the longest time in the ring earns them the fame of being survivors! Here are some of the top-notch wrestlers of all time that managed to outlive all of their opponents in the Royal Rumble match ring, and sometimes emerged as the winners also!

Rey Mysterio

Rey Mysterio gave us an outstanding performance for more than an hour. He managed to survive for 1 hour 2 minutes and 12 seconds during the 2006 Royal Rumble match. Undoubtingly, he deserved to be crowned as winner! He made his entry at the number 2 position and continued his spectacular moves till the end of the match.

Chris Benoit

Though Chris Benoit did not win the 2004 Royal Rumble match, his mind-blowing punches and long-lasting survival in the ring cannot be overlooked. He was the first entrant in the ring and continued to fight for 1 hour 1 minute 30 seconds. However, he got eliminated by the winning wrestler Yokozuna.  

Triple H

Triple H lasted for 1 hour and 9 seconds in the 2006 Royal Rumble match but unfortunately lost to Rey Mysterio, the winner. 

Ric Flair

Ric Flair not only managed to survive for the longest time in the ring for about 59 minutes but also won the 1992 Royal Rumble match, making it one of the best matches ever of his career.

Steve Austin

Steve Austin is on the fifth position in our list, as he managed 56 minutes and 38 seconds in the ring during the 1999 Royal Rumble match, only to lose to McMohan. If he managed to win it, it would become his hat-trick!!!

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Final Word

The longest WWE matches in general and the longest Royal Rumble Match, in particular, is something a true fan of wrestling (like me!) cannot resist. So what is stopping you now to relish such awesome moments again? Tell me your favorite Royal Rumble match moments in the comment section now!

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