7 Lord of the Ring Like Movies Every Fantasy Lover Should Watch


“Even the smallest person can change the course of their future,” remember how elf queen Galadriel said these lines. My dear readers, if you can still complete the line a decade later after its origin, it is time you watch Lord of the Ring like movies that can give your memory some different yet similar content for obsession.  

The popularity of the magical fantasy genre seemingly makes a comeback to the small screens with shows like Game of Thrones, but we are yet to see something magical taking over the big screen that can keep our eyes glued to the screens. 

More than a decade later, Lord of the Rings is still a franchise that every fantasy lover adores and will continue to cherish for a long time. However, it becomes necessary to treat your eyes and brain to some different content for a change at a point. It is not necessarily essential to change the track and shift to some action-romantic or mystery genre

There are plenty of Lord of the Ring like movies released in the last decade that will be enough to satiate the fantasy lover inside you. Keep on reading to find the magical treats we have handpicked that will satisfy your taste for this genre. 

7 Lord of the Ring Like Movies for the Series Fans 

Lord of the Ring Like Movies

Read along the list to find the movies that will remind you of all the magical moments, bloodsheds, battle arenas, and the ultimate fight for the throne from the Lord of the Ring series. 

#7 Thor (2011)

There is no reason for Thor not to be on Lord of the Ring like movies. The movie drips of the mythological era and the breath of fantasy. Everything you see in the film will remind you of the medieval influences you have seen in the Lord of the Rings franchise. From Thor’s costume to Loki’s evil power and the almighty hammer Mjolnir, you will fall in love with every bit of the movie. 

If we look at the screenplay, the film has moments of laughter and seriousness that balance the recipe very well. The story is not too sweet and neither too spicy that will go well with the fantasy lovers. Every fantasy movie becomes excellent when there are moments of hysteria and fun.

Where to Watch: Disney+

IMDb Ratings: 7/10

#6 Guardians of The Galaxy 

If you have loved the Lord of the Rings series for its visualization and graphic appeal, then I am sure you are going to love Guardians of the Galaxy even more. No one can make the audience fall in love with the graphics and screenplay of the movie other than Marvel, and they proved this theory when GOTG was released. The film was Marvel’s first attempt into the world of the sci-fi genre, and they seemingly did justice to the plot. 

The story takes you through the lives of different criminals (who become heroes eventually), all coming from different backgrounds, not having met before but still sticking together for the sake of the universe. The story starts with Peter Quill stealing an orb and becoming a target of the bounty hunters to Quill playing with his life for the galaxy’s safety. 

Where to Watch: Disney+

IMDb Ratings: 8/10

#5 The Scorpion King

The Scorpion King is brought to you by The Mummy makers and is precisely the type of movie you will like after completing the Lord of the Ring series. The film performed well at the box office because of its fantasy vibes and established WWE superstar The Rock as a legendary action hero of the coming age. 

The story is set 5000 years before the events of The Mummy and revolves around the life of the Akkadian assassin Mathayus. His revenge after his brother is killed brutally by the allies of King Memnon. The movie is not as magical as the fantasy series The Lord of the Rings, but it sure has the charisma to keep the viewer glued to their TV screens. 

Where to Watch: HBO Max

IMDb Ratings: 5.5/10

#4 The Hunger Games

The story of survival against love in a battle arena where your life is at stake is taken from the book of the same name, The Hunger Games. The movie is as magical as it sounds and contains all the elements that make it a perfect choice for the Lord of the Ring like movies. The film takes place in a dystopian era with a pinch of sci-fi thrown into its plot. 

If we talk about the story, the movie focuses on the place once called North America where 12 districts are forced to elect Tributes, a boy and a girl each, to fulfill the ritual of fighting in an event called Hunger Games. The fight occurs between the elected Tributes, where they fight each other to death, and the citizens wait to see the last one standing in the arena. 

Where to Watch: Pluto TV

IMDb Ratings: 7.2/10

#3 Gladiator

Gladiator takes us back to the visuals of the Lord of the Rings series with its enormous battles, bloodshed for the throne, and a tale of betrayal playing in the background. The screenplay, visuals, story, and everything in the movie are bound to reminisce us of the LOTR series.

The captain of this ship is Rusell Crowe, and don’t we all know how he can take control of everything simultaneously. He plays the role of the betrayed leader and the gladiator in question here. From his innocence to the aggression he has when he is thrown into the world of slavery, each moment is a treat to the eyes of the mystical era fans. 

Where to Watch: Amazon Prime Video

IMDb Ratings: 8.5/10

#2 The Harry Potter Series

We all know how fantasy lovers compare the Harry Potter novels and the LOTR books, and the same happens with both the movies. J.K. Rowling has created a magical modernized version of the LOTR series with her movies, and every single person is in awe of them. 

Not that the Harry Potter franchise ever needed the LOTR series support to stand in the marketplace. The magical elements of the movie, the fantasy, the cast, and the magical school of Hogwarts are enough to grab the viewer’s attention and keep them stuck to their screens. Above all, the evergreen trio of Harry, Ron, and Hermoine is all that movie lovers want.

Where to Watch: Amazon Prime Video

IMDb Ratings: 7.5/10

#1 The Chronicles of Narnia: The Lion, The Witch, and The Wardrobe

Imagine having a wardrobe that takes you to the colorful and magical fantasy world filled with flying beasts, witches, talking animals, and the King of the Jungle, a mystical lion. It is why Chronicles of Narnia is the first choice to be on the list of the Lord of the Ring like movies. 

The story of Narnia is as magical as the visualization and the screenplay itself. During WWII, four siblings are sent to a country house where they are supposed to stay safe, but they find a magical wardrobe and travel through it to help Aslan, the mystical lion, fight against the white witch Jadis. 

Where to Watch: Disney+

IMDb Ratings: 6.9/10 

Wrapping Up:

Here we are wrapping up the list of the seven best Lord of the Ring like movies. We are sure after watching these movies; you will remember the times Frodo and Sam went out on their adventures or the time where Frodo sets on his adventure to destroy the One Ring he acquires from cousin Bilbo Baggins. 

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