Love Island Australia Shock Booze Ban | Will Love Island Be A Dry Zone?


Love Island Australia Shock Booze Ban!!!! Can you imagine Islanders without booze? Well, I can imagine the show without booze but it might get tough for the islanders. And, it’s right to say that Love Island is soon going to be a dry zone for the contestants. Do you want to know more about the news? Let me get you to the updates on Love Island Australia shock booze ban!

The producers of Channel Nine’s reality series Love Island Australia have decided to take serious action. It was taken to prevent contestants from getting hammered (it was getting embarrassing for the makers). Check more updates on Love Island Australia shock booze ban!

Love Island Australia Shock Booze Ban | What’s The Reason Behind This?

Love Island Australia Shock Booze Ban | Will Love Island Be A Dry Zone?

I know most of you are tired of seeing islanders getting hammered on the show and doing certainly a few embarrassing things on camera. However, from today you won’t witness such weird situations anymore. 

What’s The Latest Update?

As per the official statements made by the producers of Love Island. They have imposed a strict “no alcohol rule.” Well, it’s going to be a very big shock for the fun-loving cast of the dating competition. 

Does that mean, no contestant is going to get drunk? Of course, not! After hours of discussion, it has been decided that all the contestants will be limited to only one alcoholic drink a day. 

Here’s What Executive Producer Said

Love Island Australia Shock Booze Ban | Will Love Island Be A Dry Zone?
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The executive producer of Love Island Australia, Alex Mavroidakis appeared in an interview to share his views on drunk contestants. 

Alex said that too much drinking is not good for the show. It affects the normal filming and even the contestants’ actions. 

He added, “We want them to look amazing and we want them to make smart decisions, so you will never see a drunk person on Love Island”. He shared that after contestants drink too much, they wake up with hangovers and even get aggressive while drinking. 

He added, “It’s a daily cycle for us and in order for that to happen they can’t be hungover, they can’t make stupid decisions, they can’t have physical fights and they can’t scream and shout at each other. We are not one of those ‘get them hammered’ shows”. 

What The Show Is About?

Love Island Australia is a franchise of the international ‘Love Island’. The show aired for the first time on 9Go in 2018.  

The show centers around young contestants, known as “islanders”. They are supposed to live in an isolated villa where each couple gets voted out, every weekend. But the one  who stays till the end, wins a whooping prize of $50,000. 

Final Words 

You must have got clarity on Love Island Australia shock booze ban. If you wish to know how contestants are going after the implementation of the rule, don’t forget to watch Love Island Australia!

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