Luffy Vs Naruto | Battle Of Two Fierce Fighters!


Luffy vs Naruto is highly exciting, right? So, catch up with me on a journey to uncover various aspects of both lives! You may find resonance with them!

Boruto: Naruto Next Generations (2017) traces the history of Naruto and the present of his next generation. Also, it shows the struggles Naruto that he came across in his life. In addition, some other plots also revolve around the series!

Watching Luffy vs Naruto is interesting but reading about their overall comparison is more intriguing! Do you know about one more comparison? That’s Melodias Vs Naruto

Luffy Vs Naruto | Who Deserves Appreciation?

Luffy Vs Naruto | Who Takes The Cake?

When it comes to Luffy and Naruto, both have come across a lot to gain recognition in their respective fields. Also, they are not less than heroes in their respective worlds. Somewhere down the line, they share an opposite version of each other. Don’t think much. Let’s carry on with Luffy vs Naruto! 

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1# Difference In Ideals | Foundation Of Leading Lives!

Luffy Vs Naruto | Who Takes The Cake?

Luffy is quite different as compared to Naruto and other characters. Interestingly, his goal is to get the treasure and become the Pirate King. For this matter, he believes he needs to detach himself from worldly things. Also, he has another definition of a Pirate King, which makes him distinctive. In comparison to Naruto, Luffy’s ideals weigh more!

For Naruto, his ideals were different due to his rough life. Unlike Luffy, he did not have a family and a memorable childhood. As a result, he was determined to gain reputable recognition in the village since his childhood. In addition, no one can understand the pain and loneliness he had faced since his childhood. 

2# Who Is More Charismatic Between Luffy And Naruto? Can You Guess?

Luffy Vs Naruto | Who Takes The Cake?

This question can be answered easily because all of us know that Luffy is more charismatic. Though he lacks basic manners, he can still make himself enticing in front of another person. In other words, you can assume him to be a hypnotic element. Moreover, his way of perceiving life makes him much more admirable. 

Naruto, on the other hand, is arrogant and stubborn. Other than this, there are not more than one or two lessons that he can teach to the viewers. On the other hand, Naruto kept toiling toward achieving his aim and saw other aspects of life with a pinch of salt. 

Interestingly, both of them have different things to teach. Naruto is the epitome of perseverance, and Luffy is the embodiment of staying happy always. So, you would like to go with which one? For the same matter, you can also consider Goku vs Naruto.

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3# Difference In Perceiving Life | Something That You Must Learn!

Luffy Vs Naruto | Who Takes The Cake?

Luffy has been a unique character because of his ideology and personality. Also, meeting Luffy is like meeting a guy with average intelligence and a lot of innocence. Moreover, he doesn’t like beating about the bush and minces no words. Yes, he’s the same as the people we look forward to in our lives. 

In addition, Luffy is more immature and simple because he perceives life in such a way. Well, it’s not only you. Many like you waited to see his mature side. 

When it comes to Naruto, he leads his life with a much more serious approach than we assumed. For him, there is nothing like SURRENDER and GIVE UP. In addition, he perceives life to be a painting that he thinks to draw for himself. And the only thing that makes him an apple of our eyes is his superhuman resilience. 

4# Who Got The Best Training? Who’s The Master Of Skills?

Luffy Vs Naruto | Who Takes The Cake?

Naruto, whom you know is a master of skills, was very poor at learning skills in his childhood. Due to this, he couldn’t complete his graduation from the academy. Moreover, you’ll be surprised to know that Naruto could not learn skills properly before till 12. 

I know it’s quite hard to believe, but Luffy started learning them at 7. We don’t see Luffy using his skills much, but they help him in his difficult situations! And maybe that’s why Luffy fails to achieve something significant in his life.

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5# Who Has A Better Team? Teamwork Leads To Dreamwork!

Luffy Vs Naruto | Who Takes The Cake?

The fact cannot be denied that Luffy is a highly charismatic character. But did you notice that he fails to make friends! Why is it so? Is it because he wants to become a pirate? Of course, ,no one would like to become a friend of a pirate in such a case.

In the case of Naruto, he has a bunch of friends who are always ready to help him out. In addition, you can see the entire village standing with Naruto while he was battling against Pain. Surprisingly, we can see a large crowd always standing with Naruto whenever he needs help.

In a nutshell, we see Naruto getting the lead in this pointer as he polished his skills every time he got a chance to do so. Luffy, on the other hand, is barely concerned about this.

Luffy Vs Naruto | Who Takes The Larger Piece Of Pie?

Luffy Vs Naruto | Who Takes The Cake?

Though it is hard to announce, we have to leap to the conclusion of Luffy vs Naruto. In my view, Naruto is the winner because he is equipped with all the skills and maturity that are needed to lead life. Though Luffy is simple, he lacks complicated characterization, clearly evident in Naruto. So, fair and square, the winner is Naruto!

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Final Words 

All in all, we have got a concrete answer for Luffy vs Naruto. If you see this comparison another way out, please share it in the comment box. Maybe we get a new perspective to ponder over! So, do share if you have something new for anime fans!

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