MAFS Season 14 Spoilers | Bridal Brawls, Walkouts, And Much More


The couples in the new installment of MAFS (2014-present) Season 14 seem to be having a rough start already. Here’s a warning to not proceed on the MAFS season 14 spoilers if you wish to stay in the dark. 

The first episode of the first installment of Married At First Sight, premiered on 8th July 2014 on FYI. However, the airing was shifted to FYI’s sister company, Lifeline, after the 6th season. With a kick-starter three-hour-long episode airing on January 5, 2022, MAFS introduced the 10 singles about to get married sight unseen. 

Based on a Danish Television Series, Gift Ved Forste Blik, this American tv series bases itself on the grounds of a social experiment. A group of ten singles agrees to marry one another. Relationship experts and sociologists set them up with a match through their depiction of a perfect life partner. Let’s take a leap of faith and jump right in. 

MAFS Season 14 Spoilers | Who Stays Together And Who Walks Out?

MAFS Season 14 Spoilers | Bridal Brawls, Walkouts, And Much More

After the wedding, the action doesn’t stop, instead, it gets better. The couples are shifted to a hotel for their first night. The next day they are sent on an elaborate honeymoon to get to know each other better. After coming back from their getaway, they are made to live in a shared apartment for the next 8 weeks. And now the only thing that is left to do is to wait for the ultimate ‘Decision Day.  

With Married At First Sight Season 13 couples’ count coming down to a big old zero, the fans are hopeful that MAFS season 14 will give them at least a few couples to look forward to. Let us dig deep and find out.

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Married At First Sight Season 14 | Cast, Professions, and More

Just like the former seasons of Married At First Sight, the Season 14 of MAFS too has a cast of 10 singles. With some couples giving up too early and some standing the test of time, this season looks like the one you should look forward to. So let’s get to know the cast and the couples a little better. 

Chris And Alyssa 

The first couple of MAFS season 14 is Chris and Alyssa. Chris, a realtor, and Alyssa, a social media manager, had nothing in common. The couple bonded over the love of dogs, but it was the end of their compatibility. Alyssa made a very dramatic exit after their honeymoon, leaving Chris confused.

In an interview, Chris shared that he “had no idea” of what he did on the show. Further, Alyssa revealed that the wedding night and a few weeks after it were not a bed of roses for her. Even after spending a few days of honeymoon with Chriss, she was unable to overlook the red flags. Despite this, she tried her best to know Chris.

In addition, Alyssa shared her desire to find the right match and deserves to find a man loyal like her. After all the chaos, Chris and Alyssa decided to give up on thier relationship after 12 days of marriage.

Mark And Lindsay

A 37-year-old Regional Sales Manager, Mark, and a 48-year-old Healthcare Project Manager, Lindsay, were the oldest couple on season 14. Even the viewers has a lot of hopes to see the couple together. Finally, they decided to get married on the Decision Day.

But the mariage turned out into a nightmare for them. They had some of the worst arguments in their life and Mark even shared that he felt like he was getting bullied. Every single day they would fight and accuse each other. After terrible five months, the couple decided to call off their marriage.

Jasmine And Michael 

Jasmine is an early childhood educator, while Michael is a personal trainer. Jasmine and Michael started their relationship with a little chemistry and almost no passion. Even after communication issues, they decided to get married on the Decision Day.

Jasmine mentioned that the reason behind marrying Michael was to know him better. That’s because she believed that she should not give on her relationship without giving her best to it. So, she thought of giving her new relationship a try. But life is unpredictable and things did not go as per her plans. After two weeks of their marriage, both of them decided to part ways.

Noi And Steve

Noi, a Talent Acquisition Coordinator, and Steve Moi, a former Sales Engineer, were the fourth couples of MAFS season 14. Regarded as one of the most compatible couples of this season, fans had high hopes from the couple.  

After deciding to get married, their marriage did not work for a long time. Noi appeared on Instagram and announced about the same with a caption “Divorce feels good”. On the other hand, Steve penned down a lengthy note on the same. He mentioned that he had lost hope on building a healthy relationship and it was the right time when he should say goodbye to Noi.

Katina And Olajuwon 

Katina, a Calculation Analyst, and Olajuwon, a Wastewater Manager, were pretty compatible. They bonded on their similar beliefs of family and religion. They were one of the most loved couples among fans.

You’ll be glad to know that Katina and Oljuwon are still together. As per their Instagram activity, it seems that the couple is having a great time. And even fans are happy to them in a good space.

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Married At First Sight | What’s Up With Steve From Season 14 Of MAFS?

MAFS Season 14 Spoilers | Bridal Brawls, Walkouts, And Much More

Steve is a Former Sales Engineer from Boston, Massachusetts. He comes from a family of great love stories. The recent discovery of his grandparent’s life changed his look towards love. 

They have been married for the last 60 years, and that too after an arranged marriage. This inspired him to go ahead and expand his horizons through this social experiment. 

Steve and Noi find their perfect partners in each other. Both of them tried to understand each other’s perspectives of life. They always made sure that they were on the same page about everything. Healthy discussions and decision-making were the pillars of their strong relationship. And the only major hiccup of their relationship comes from Steve’s love for outdoor camping. Easily the most loved couple of the season, it looks like Noi and Steve are looking towards a true happily ever after.  

Married At First Sight Season 14 | Cat Fights, Alcoholism, And More

MAFS Season 14 Spoilers | Bridal Brawls, Walkouts, And Much More

Fights among the couples are pretty normal. Right?. But what happens if the couples start fighting each other? Let us spill the tea.

Though not a major shock, Lindsay, the woman we all love to hate, got into a fight with two other brides this season. During one of the honeymoon episodes, we see her fighting tooth and nail with another bride. Though not confirmed, it looks like it was Alyssa. We shall find that out when the next episode airs. 

Another example of her alcohol-induced rage came to action when the couples were travelling to their honeymoons. Katina got offended by Lindsay’s views of intimacy in a relationship. This argument went a little too far. And Mark had to interfere. This made an already angry Lindsay turn red with anger. And the couple ended up travelling in a different bus from the other cast and crew. 

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Married At First Sight Season 14 Episode 11 | The Worst Group Dinner Ever 

MAFS Season 14 Spoilers | Bridal Brawls, Walkouts, And Much More

Awarded with the title of the ‘Worst Dinner Party Ever,’ the 11th episode of MAFS was very awkward and immature. Olajuwon, the former ‘playboy,’ accused his wife Katina of being unfaithful to him. This accusation was made in front of all the cast members without discussing this with Katina in private.  

Everyone in the group criticized his idea of not talking to Katina in person. All of them ended up leaving the dinner early and awkwardly. After the dinner party, Olajuwon reveals that he has seen some dating apps on her phone. Katina explains to him that she doesn’t use them anymore. But an unconvinced Olajuwon announces that he deleted them all before entering the experiment and expects the same from her. And the episode ends on a rough note. 

Final Words 

The Married At First Sight franchise has earned itself a devoted group of fans. They wait for the latest MAFS season 14 spoilers ever so desperately. And we are always here to help them get an easy way out. Stay in touch with us to know all the updates about the contestants of the show!

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Dr Viviana decided not to come again for the next season because she remains busy with other personal and professional work. She wished luck to her collegues and the the contestants.

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