5 Best Maintenance Tips Every Boat Owner Should Know


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For those who enjoy fishing or love sailing, owning a boat is one of the ultimate dreams of their life. If you belong to this category, you wouldn’t need to be told twice about the excitement, the pride, and the joy that having your own boat brings to the table. 

But when you are the proud owner of a boat, you also need to be highly careful about its maintenance. Otherwise, your hefty investment can slowly break apart due to constant exposure to water and consistent pressure to heavy weights. 

To help you ensure the long-term performance of your boat, here are 5 maintenance tips every boat owner should know.

Boat Maintenance Tips

1. Clean and Wash Your Boat

1. Clean and Wash Your Boat

It’s common knowledge that cleaning and washing your boat is one of the best ways to maintain the visuals of your vessel. But you might not be aware that this action actually helps in the functional protection of your boat. 

It is because a boat is exposed to a variety of elements on the water, especially if it sails on saltwater. By regularly cleaning off the boat after each sailing adventure, you can ensure moisture-related deterioration at bay. 

Whether you want your boat to be a part of throwing the perfect summer wedding or the ideal fishing getaway, this simple tip can be incredibly useful.

2. Repair Small Leaks by Yourself

leak boat

Even when you take the utmost care towards boat maintenance, leaks can still take place. This is especially true if you use your boat frequently. But a small leak doesn’t mean that you need to bid your boat farewell. 

With the use of solutions such as waterproof epoxy, you can fix these problems and continue using your boat. You can also use this solution to laminate your boats even before a leak happens. 

This ensures that you are steering clear of performance issues from the very start. As a result, you can grab your saltwater rigging kit and go offshore fishing without worrying about your boat’s state in deepwater. 

3. Be on Top of Oil Changing Schedule 


Similar to taking care of a car, changing your oil is a critical practice for the performance of a boat. This makes sure that your boat is running with all the support that it requires. 

The best part: You don’t have to keep looking under the hood to see if the oil needs changing. Instead, you can simply follow the regular oil changing schedule that is suggested by your mechanic or the vessel’s manufacturer. This also holds true for filters. 

As long as you take care of these measures, you can easily use a charting app to plan your trips without any worry. 

4. Inspect Your Propeller

If you want to ensure that your boat doesn’t run into intensive trouble, make it a practice to inspect your propeller from time to time. It’s because a propeller can often gather debris or get loosened up with regular utilization. 

When you detect these issues in time and clean or tighten your propeller, you can steer clear of massive problems. When left unattended, these propeller problems can rack up sky high repair bills. 

If you don’t want to take loans against your property for boat repair and need to reserve that option for expenses such as education or home purchase, this simple tip should be a part of your routine. 

5. Use Fuel Stabilizers During Storage

Even if you are an avid boater, you may still run into periods where you may not be using your favorite vessel for a certain duration. This typically happens during winter and calls for additional attention from your end. 

As you look into making your own humidifier to endure the season at home, your boat requires its fuel tank to be filled with ethanol-free gasoline before it goes to storage. You should also use a fuel stabilizer that prevents damage to your boat. 

As you use a boat storage platform to find the perfect space for your vessel, these measures help you rest assured that your investment is safe and sound from multiple aspects.

Keeping these tips in mind ensures that your boat delivers maximum value for money while running with minimum performance issues. This helps you make the most out of your precious investment.