How to Make Great Impression With Instagram Profile in 2023


Making a good first impression with Instagram profile is essential. Especially when you are a business owner, your profile is the first thing users will notice about you. 

As everyone knows, ‘First Impression is the Last Impression’, which not only applies to your first day anywhere but also applies to your Instagram profile. People will decide whether they want to hit the Follow button on your profile by only looking at it. If they are pleased with the aesthetic of it, you are all set, and if they are not, well, that would create a massive dip in your following. 

Today, in this article, I am going to share a few tips that will help you to create an excellent first impression with Instagram profile. You don’t need to take any Instagram Profile course (if that’s a thing) or go after people to help you out. From catchy bios to content, the article has everything that you should know to make an impressive account. 

Go through the article and make a checklist of how many things you are already doing from the list. If you aren’t following any of these tips, start following them and get ready to see a massive difference in your account’s engagement. 

How to Make a Good First Impression With Instagram Profile

Write a Clear Bio

Catchy Bio: 2021 Edition: How to Make a Good First Impression With Instagram Profile?
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The first thing that people will look at when they find you on a social media problem is your bio. A simple and clear bio that delivers an excellent impression to the people or the audience looking. If you are a content creator or a brand owner, always be sure that your Instagram bio says what you are into and how your work helps people. On the other hand, make sure to leave a little space to write something about yourself as well. 

It’s all about keeping a balance between your personal and professional life. If you have multiple accounts, you get a lot of room to show your creative skills. Keep one account dedicated to your professional life and the other to your personal life with different bios according to the accounts. 

Add a Link in Bio

Link in Bio: 2021 Edition: How to Make a Good First Impression With Instagram Profile?
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The next thing that catches the viewer’s attention is the link present in your bio. For a commoner, links do not matter much, but for people like you and me and other creators and brand owners, these things matter a lot. Social media platforms are a unique way to make more and more connections every single day and include in a better engagement. Although, if you search for an answer, you will find each expert has something different to say about it. 

Do not just add up the regular link that redirects viewers to your signup page or any contact page, instead twist things up and become creative. Add a ‘linktree’ that will take the viewers to a complete list of other links where you can show multiple things that more followers would be interested in watching. Placing a link tree will prove beneficial to your new as well as old followers. You can dedicate each section of the link tree as per your account’s and followers’ requirements. 


Consistency: 2021 Edition: How to Make a Good First Impression With Instagram Profile?
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In the end, everything comes down to perform with consistency. Always remember consistency is the key to success. I know easier said than done. It is tough to manage so many things simultaneously, but why worry when you have scheduling platforms available at your disposal. Take some time in researching, planning, and strategizing your content. Then, choose your pictures, craft catchy captions, powerful hashtags and schedule your posts for a week or a month with any of the scheduling apps present in the market. I would recommend you try Hooper HQ’s scheduling tool because of the pocket-friendly price and the tools it provides. 

Along with posts, try taking out time and make a few Instagram reels and IGTV tutorials. They also help in increasing the reach and engagement of your account. Make good use of swipe-up links, share clickable links with your friends and followers to generate more traffic on the account, and add content to your stories as well. Highlight the links that you mention in your stories with stickers, paintbrushes, and catchy gifs. 

Personal and Business Content 

Content: 2021 Edition: How to Make a Good First Impression With Instagram Profile?
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Even if you have a dedicated business account, be sure that you share a few moments of your personal life there as well. You can attract more followers only if you have an interactive account. Followers are always looking forward to seeing a day into the life of their favorite bloggers and what activities they indulge in during their free time. Yes, your profession is what you want to showcase to the world and grow your brand, but these are the steps that you will need to follow to establish your brand in the market. 

When you are planning what content goes live on your page, always leave room for some personal content as well. Here a few ideas on how you can share your personal life on a business account: 

  • Share your favorite book or a chapter that you are reading in your stories. 
  • You can share your favorite playlist with your followers. Add the link of the playlist to your stories, or share a picture of it with your followers. 
  • Make IGTV videos on A Day Into My Life, or Skincare Routine, or any video that you think will increase traffic on your page. 

I hope that these tips will help you in improving your account’s growth, and you will see better results as soon as you start working on these tips. Once you do start working on these, make sure that you keep track of your account and check that if these tips are helping you to reach the stage that you want. 

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