Is Marriage or Mortgage Fake? Netizens’ Toll Over Authenticity!


The very popular Netflix show Marriage or Mortgage is facing serious allegations from fans that it is scripted. Until now, the platform or the producers didn’t feel the urgency to respond to such accusations. However, now the judges have had enough, and they are speaking out loud about the matter on the web about ‘Is Marriage or Mortgage Fake’. 

With each passing year, Netflix is adding hits after hits to its roaster. Currently, one such hit reality TV show from the platform is Marriage or Mortgage, where engaged couples have to make one of the most challenging decisions of their life, getting married or buying their dream house together. Sounds interesting, right? 

The famous wedding show is hosted by Sarah Miller, a Nashville-based wedding planner, and Nichole Holmes, a real estate agent. You may think that the hosts are here to help the couples and offer a settlement that will fulfill both of their dreams, right? That is not the truth. Instead, the two hosts create more confusion by convincing the couples to either spend their savings on a dream marriage or invest it in a beautiful home for them. This is a fight between a real estate agent and a wedding planner to win fairy tale weddings or dream houses.

No one can say much about the show unless they know the tiniest details about it, right? So, let’s read the entire article together and find what the hosts have to say about their show. 

Is Marriage or Mortgage Fake? Crazy Decisions That Couples Take 

The show hosts Sarah and Nichole have one job to help the couples make the right decision. Many couples choose to have a spectacular wedding over a house or vice-versa and later regret it. Sarah and Nichole help the engaged couples on their show decide so they won’t regret it later. Now, here is the question. If Sarah successfully helps couples pick a dream wedding, Nicole loses her potential client and vice-versa. So, what do you think the hosts help? Or create more chaos for the couples? 

Is Marriage or Mortgage Real? The Truth Revealed

Precious and Alex: Marriage or Mortgage

Many fans think that the reality TV show is staged based on the couple’s decision. If you have streamed, you will understand what fans are trying to say. After Precious and Alex’s decision, many fans are sure that Marriage or Mortgage is 100% scripted. Precious and Alex are a Nashville-based couple and have been living together for nine years. Together, the couple saved up to $30,000 for their future and have a pre-approved $350,000 loan for their mortgage. 

Currently, the couple lives in a small apartment that does not have a laundry facility, so they have to wash their dirty laundry each week at Alex’s mother’s house. Precious and Alex are planning to start a family soon, so they will invest in a place and move. It seems like a good decision, right? 

It was a good decision until the couple appears on Marriage or Mortgage. The real estate agent proceeds with her plans and takes the couple to different apartments that fit their budget. She even cracks a deal with one of the sellers to drop some amount that the couple can use for buying appliances. Honestly, guys, take the deal and move already! Why are you waiting? 

Nichole and Sarah: Marriage or Mortgage

Everyone thinks that the couple will buy the house until Sarah Miller, the redhead wedding planner, takes them to several event spaces and gives them a vision of their beautiful dream wedding. In the end, to everyone’s disappointment, the couple decides to have a spectacular wedding with a custom ranch dressing fountain for guests. Wait, what just happened? 

Based on their housing condition, it was evident that the couple would have invested in an apartment rather than a lavish wedding. The couple ends up taking a completely opposite decision, and this shocks the fans to their cores. This is why most of the fans think that Marriage or Mortgage is staged. 

Sarah And Nichole Cleared The Rumors | Is Marriage or Mortgage Scripted? 

Marriage or Mortgage

In an interview with a leading media portal, hosts Sarah and Nichole have cleared the accusations and said the show is 100% real and unscripted. They went on to say that the couples are also seeing the apartments and event spaces for the first time, the same as viewers. Continuing the conversation, Nichole also said that many of the decisions shocked them because they were expecting the opposite. Although the couples were shortlisted through a casting agency, many of them became our real clients, added Nichole. 

So, now it is clear for the fans that the stories and the decisions made in the show are authentic. There is no planning or script behind them. The tears, happiness, struggles, tension, and dreams of all the couples are not part of any script but rather the truth. Many other couples outside the show are struggling to make the same decisions, and the show can help them a lot. 

Couples On The Show | Making Hard Decisions 

Couples in Marriage or Mortgage

Take a look at the couples of Marriage or Mortgage who had to make the hard decision of choosing a dream wedding or a brand new home. 

#1 Evan & Liz

Evan and Liz are the first couple of the show, Marriage or Mortgage. The two met at a country music festival and instantly clicked. Despite their urgent need to move to a new place, the two decide to have their dream wedding come true.  

#2 Denis & Nicholas 

Denise and Nicholas have been together for five years and are very excited to get married. However, they couldn’t choose between a wedding and a house. In the end, it is shown that they are the only couple who have managed to have a dream wedding and invest in their home together. 

#3 Precious & Alex 

The star couple of the series, Precious and Alex, want a bigger house with more facilities, but that didn’t happen. Instead, the couple decides to have a lavish wedding with the ranch dressing fountain.

#4 Cindy & Karla 

Cindy and Karla are the highlights of the entire series because of their empathy and concern for each other. In the end, the couple ties the knot in a grand neighborhood wedding and are currently living together in Tennessee

#5 Scott & Brittany

Scott wants to give Brittany her dream house before his deployment, and guess what? The couple makes the right choice and buy their first home together three months after taking the decision.  

Marriage or Mortgage

#6 Alex & Whitney 

Amex and Whitey want to move to a luxurious house together and raise a family. However, they make a change of plans and instead have a dream wedding. Now, they are saving money to move into a new apartment. 

#7 Hayley & Andrew 

Hayley and Andrew want to move into a new house together after getting married as they are living in separate houses. Now, the couple is married and have moved to a new home together. 

#8 Raven & Antonio 

Raven and Antonio want to invest in a home because of their two growing boys. Even though they agree to have a grand wedding, there have been no updates on the wedding since then. 

#9 Braxton & Emily

Braxton and Emily decide to have a grand wedding on the show amidst the pandemic. They tied the knot in July 2020 and have been living with their parents ever since. 

#10 Sarah & Eli  

Sarah and Eli are the last to appear on the show’s final episode to make a decision. During the show, the couple decides to invest in a home for their future. 

Final Words

The show hosts have made it clear that there is no truth behind the accusations and that their show Marriage or Mortgage is authentic. Despite the rumors, the show has managed to become a hit among the audience. Currently, the fans are eagerly waiting for a new season to witness the dilemma of the couples. 

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