Married At First Sight Decision Day Season 16! What Went Down ON MAFS Season 16 Finale!  


My favorite reality show is back with yet another bang. Lifestyle’s Married At First Sight Decision Day season 16 is just around the corner. The much-awaited decision day comes after a weary wait of almost eight weeks. 

The biggest question of every season is finally going to get answered. Who will choose to stay married, and who will get divorced? Well, I know it all. But, if you are running behind and have not watched the previous episode, it’s better not to read ahead. And for those religious MAFS fans, I have some freshly brewed drama. 

Married At First Sight Season 16 | MAFS Season 16 Decision Day! 

The experimental reality show has finally reached its pivotal turn as the couples must decide what to do with their marriage. As the show’s format goes, different couples are paired together by a group of experts. 

The couples agree to marry each other sight unseen and are supposed to test their bond. Just like every newly married couple, they go on a honeymoon, and upon returning back, they try to live together through the following eight weeks and finally make a decision about their marriage on the Married At First Sight Decision Day. Here’s all I know about the couples and the decisions made by them.

Shaquille & Kirsten 

Married at First Sight Decision Day Season 16! What Went Down ON MAFS Season 16 Finale!  

The recent episode of Married At First Sight season 16 saw Shaquille and Kristen struggling to come to a decision together. The couple reflects on the time that they spent together. Shaquille says, “Throughout this process, we have definitely showed up for each other, and I appreciate both of us for not giving up on us. It’s been a lot of good times. It’s been a lot of challenging times as well.”

While talking about how both of them have given their best, he continues, “At any time, we could have said, ‘No, we’re gonna go sleep in our own bed and we need our space, whatever.’ But we walked through that door and made sure that we were there for each other.” 

However, it’s not all sunshine and rainbows for the couple. Kirsten confined in her brother and opened up about her doubts about Shaq. She tells him that she is actively questioning their emotional and physical connection and thinks that they have been ‘disconnected’ since the marriage. 

As the tension builds up and the time comes near, Pastor Cavin Roberson asks the much-awaited question to the couple, “What’s your decision?” and the decision ends on a cliffhanger. So, to watch Shaq and Kirsten’s ultimate decision, you have to wait till next Wednesday. But, if I’m to go over the edge and come up with a prediction, they will probably choose to not go ahead with the marriage. 

Nicole & Chris 

Married at First Sight Decision Day Season 16! What Went Down ON MAFS Season 16 Finale!  

Nicole and Chris had some jittery feelings a day before the decision day, but they were relatively optimistic. Chris had some reservations about Nicole’s low self-esteem and confidence and feared that it might affect their relationship in the future. 

Nevertheless, the couple decided to stay married. Chris even got her a bouquet of flowers to toast their marriage, along with Dr. Pepper and Pastor Cal, the experts.

Jasmine & Airris 

Married at First Sight Decision Day Season 16! What Went Down ON MAFS Season 16 Finale!  

Jasmine & Airris’ relationship was a little too peaceful. I don’t know about you, but I felt a forceful connection between the two. The duo’s relationship was very slow but, unfortunately, not steady enough to make them win the race. 

I initially thought their progress might make them say yes to the partnership. However, I stand corrected, as Jasmine & Airris decided to go their own way and end the marriage with a divorce. 

Ginna & Clint 

Married at First Sight Decision Day Season 16! What Went Down ON MAFS Season 16 Finale!  

Ginna and Clint pretty much came to a decision mutually. Both of them decided to part ways a day before the decision day. However, they did decide to explore all the options before the ultimate decision time arrived. 

Ginna and Clint are adamant about going in different directions but vow to remain friends. They both hope to marry after the divorce and live happily with their significant other, no matter when they find them. They blame their lack of romance for the doomed relationship and know that this cannot live up to the standards of a good marriage. 

To catch up more about the couples and controversies, stay tuned to Lifetime. Kirsten and Shaq’s decision arrives on Marriage at First Sight Decision Day Season 16 on Wednesdays, 8/7c, Lifetime. 

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