Marvel’s What If…? | Fans Prediction on First-Ever Animated Series of 2021


With Marvel’s upcoming series What If…? fans can expect the unexpected as everything in the Marvel universe is changeable now. With each universe being different and unique on its own, there are endless new stories that the fans can see unfold with this upcoming series. 

The next phase of Marvel is ready to explore the multiverse’s madness with events lined up to take place after the release of the hit series Loki. The reason behind What If…? set to release after Loki is because of his run into the Time Variance Authority for the crime of stealing the Tesseract. After he and Sylvie explore Castle Limbo, Loki bursts the door of the multiverse wide open. 

There are different stories that the fans will explore in What If…? from Peggy Carter turning into Captain Carter and Uatu the Watcher of the universe finally interfering in earthly matters. With an endless number of multiverse events unfolding, fans have already started to imagine how each character and possibility in the multiverse will go down this time. 

Jump straight into the article below and discover how the marvel universe will change when our heroes and villains decide to walk on a path that will be different from their earlier choices. 

Exploring the Madness of Multiverse with What If…? Episode Review

Marvel What if?

Marvel’s upcoming series What If…? will take you through the journey to a universe unknown where you will begin to ponder over the question What If? The series will feature a total number of 18 episodes, with nine episodes going to each season. Season 1 of the series will begin with Peggy Carter taking the serum and becoming Captain Carter. She is the driving force behind the series as per What If’s executive producer Brad Winderbaum. 

He also said that to connect the events of the multiverse and bind the two seasons together, they needed a vital character. “We wanted someone who does not hold more importance than the rest but also a character who has a strong relationship with the Watcher, and that is Captain Carter.”

Marvel What if?

With this statement, it is clear that captain Carter will return in almost every other episode of season one to connect the dots for each event. She will also come back in season two of the series, paving the way for each episode and making the event more significant in the multiverse. After taking the soldier serum in place of Steve Rogers and becoming the pride of the UK, fans think that actress Hayley Atwell can soon make a comeback in the Marvel universe with a live-action movie of her own. 

With Sam taking the shield and becoming the new Captain America, Peggy can take Steve’s place in this universe and team up with Sam and Bucky to make a golden trio in the future MCU films. As of now, many storylines aren’t clear with the trailer except for Peggy’s, so fans cannot assume much about anything that will happen. Though, there are a few events that we can see coming true in the future of Marvel with the multiverse opening up. 

Highlights of Significant Events Taking Place in What If…?

Marvel What if?
  • Eric Killmonger & Tony Stark – Eric Killmonger will return to Marvel Cinematic Universe with Tony Stark, aka Iron Man. In the trailer, the audience can see the scene opening up with Tony Stark before he gets kidnapped in the live-action Iron Man movie. This time Tony is saved by Killmonger, who picks up the bomb and throws it away as far as possible.  
  • Bucky Barnes, aka The Winter Soldier – Ever since Bucky’s entry into the MCU, he is seen struggling in almost every movie, from losing his best friend to becoming a slave of Hydra. Now, with What If…? we can see Bucky going one-on-one with a zombie version of Captain America. Seeing Bucky’s look, it is safe to say that the events are placed after the movie Winter Soldier, and somehow the Avengers have turned into Zombies
Marvel What if?
  • Bruce Banner & Natasha Romanoff – Everyone knows how Black Widow helped Bruce turn into the big green guy an infinite number of times in reality, but in the multiverse, it seems that she is the one triggering him to turn into Hulk right in front of her. In the multiverse, we will see the big guy turning into a villain and heading to a path of destruction. 
  • Loki The New King of Asgard – Loki’s wish to rule the kingdom of Asgard is finally coming true with Marvel’s What If…? From the trailer, it looks like Loki is finally the new king, whereas Thor is not in the state to understand or care about what’s going on. Loki will face Nick Fury in a battle with the Asgardian army on his side. Who knows, maybe this time Loki will finally get to rule the whole of Midgard Realm, including planet Earth. 

Final Words:

Marvel Cinematic Universe will witness a lot of changes with the release of the upcoming series What If…? It will be great for the audience to see a difference in the marvel universe and go on an alternate path with the Marvel heroes. To know more about what will happen, don’t forget to stream the show on Disney+ on August 11, 2021.

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