Invasion of Marvel Zombies: The Beginning of an End | Chronological Order to Read the 12 Comics


Being a Marvel fan, I didn’t know about Marvel Zombies until one of my friends recommended me to read them. I know; I feel guilty not knowing about this hidden world in the Marvel universe where all our mighty heroes have turned into zombies and are overpowered by their hunger for the human flesh. 

The zombie Avengers didn’t even leave the Mad Titan Thanos and turned him into a zombie as well. Imagine Thanos, the destroyer of all life forms in the universe, turned into a zombie, greedy for the human flesh along with the Earth’s mightiest heroes like Captain America dying to render the universe of all the healthy living life forms. 

Recently, Philip Kennedy Johnson and Leonard Kirk gave a new look to the Marvel zombies franchise and brought a new twist to the Marvel Universe where Spider-Man gets to see the light of the day as a hero. While Kirkman and Phillips’ original series ended with the end of all the life, this series brought new life to their fate. 

No matter if the Zombies apocalyptic series were rebooted or not, they will always remain as a revolutionary benchmark in the history of the Marvel Universe. 

Marvel Zombies: Chronological Order 

If you are a new reader, trust me, you will find it challenging to connect the series and understand which one you should read first and which will be the last in the reading order. To solve your problem, I have come up with the chronological order to read the Marvel Zombie franchise comics that will set all the major events and connect all the storylines for you very quickly. 

#1 Marvel Zombies: Dead Days

Marvel Zombies

Dead Days is where it all began. This comic book issue shows a brief detail of the zombie plague that has taken over all our heroes, starting from Spiderman and then spreading to Daredevil and the Fantastic Four themselves. Originally, the comic is the third installment in the franchise after the crossover with Army of Darkness that followed the original miniseries, but since it gives a brief introduction to the beginning of this zombie apocalypse, it is justified to be the first in chronological order. 

#2 Marvel Zombies Vs. The Army of Darkness

Marvel Zombies

The events of Army of Darkness start before Dead Days with Ashley Williams accidentally comes into the world of zombies and joins the fight. The story starts with Ash coming to Earth-2419 and warning the Avengers about the deadly invasion, but no one believes. The story follows multiple realities of Ash through different instances where each of them gets killed, keeping the real Ash safe. The Army of Darkness is a five-issue comic book and is written by John Layman. 

#3 Marvel Zombies

Marvel Zombies

Marvel Zombies is a five-issue comic book written by Robert Kirkman and Sean Phillips and tells the beginning of the end of everything. The comic book series serves as the first in the official Zombies franchise, whereas the third in the zombie franchise’s chronological order. In this universe, the zombie hero Reed tricks his alternate reality partner Fantastic Four Reed Richards, into opening the portal to his world. This comic book series also witnesses the birth of the Galactus Hive and the Zombie Galacti. 

#4 Marvel Zombies 2 

Marvel Zombies

Zombies 2 is also written by Robert Kirkman and Sean Phillips and released with the traditional five-issue pattern under publisher Marvel Comics. Forty years later, after devouring all the life forms in the entire universe and infecting the Mad Titan Thanos, Gladiator, and Firelord with this zombie infection, Zombie heroes are back on Earth-2419, planning to rebuild the interdimensional portal that Magento destroyed. 

#5 Marvel Zombies Return

Marvel Zombies

Zombies Return is written by new writers, including Fred Van Lente, David Wellington, Jonathan Maberry, and Seth Grahame-Smith. This five-issue comic series begins with Zombie Spiderman trying to undo everything that happened to him and find a cure that will make him a hero again. To do so, he lands on an alternate reality of Earth known as Earth-Z, where he tries to recover the Lifeline Tablet that Kingpin is yet to find. 

#6 Marvel Zombies 3

Marvel Zombies

Zombies 3 is a four-issue comic book written by Fred Van Lente, with its first edition being released in October 2008. In this issue, Zombies evade Earth-616, which is the original Marvel Universe. They enter this universe through the Nexus of Realities in Florida and kill the Conquistador infecting Seige and Wundarr. This story ends with Morbius and Midnight Sons following the zombies who have teleported away. 

#7 Marvel Zombies 4

Marvel Zombies

The events of this comic story are set right after the events of zombies 3. During the journey, Morbius and the new Midnightsons find a ship attacked by the zombie fishmen. Later on, it is revealed that the zombie virus has spread through the entire ocean floor and has infected all the Men-Fish. The main villains of this story arc are Dormammu and the Hood, who see this zombie plague as a weapon of great power to destroy humanity. 

#8 Marvel Zombies 5

Marvel Zombies

Zombies 5 serves as a direct sequel to the previous edition of Zombies 4 and fits right into the story arc. This edition sees Machine Man and Howard the Duck traveling through five different realities, looking for a cure to treat Werewolf who gets infected in the previous story. These realities have a different zombie virus and their heroes and villains, some fighting for the plague and some against it. 

#9 Marvel Zombies Supreme

Marvel Zombies

Squadron Supreme is primarily known as Marvel’s version of the Justice League. Imagine this superior team of powerful heroes getting infected with the virus and how devastating it will prove for the Earth’s future. Along with her team, Jill Harper digs deep into research after receiving a mysterious emergency call only to find the Squadron squad turned into a group of zombies hungry to devour human flesh. 

#10 Marvel Zombies Destroy

Marvel Zombies

Zombies Destroy is set in the backdrop of the events where Nazis have won World war II on Earth-12591 by turning into zombies. After their win, they wish to conquer all the realities of Earth and expand their rule. Howard the Duck and Dum Dum Duggan must prevent these evil ideas and save the universe by taking the help of the Golden Age Heroes. 

#11 Marvel Zombies – 2015

Marvel Zombies

This comic book story comes as part of the Secret Wars multiverse crossover where all the pieces of the central Marvel universe and several other alternate universes are stacked into one Battleworld. This issue follows two story arcs, with one where Elsa Bloodstone is assigned to prevent the zombies from destroying Earth-15513. The series also shows Elsa drifted into an alternate reality of her father, where she learns that the Bloodstone has the power to protect against the virus.

The second story arc of this issue is titled Marvel Zombies: Age of Ultron, where Earth-15513 is evaded not only by zombies but the Ultron army as well. Zombies have the rule to eat a banished life because of their crimes, whereas the Ultons destroy everything that comes into their sight. This story is full of black humor where Hank Pym has to think behind the limits of his knowledge to overcome this Uktron apocalypse. 

#12 Marvel Zombies: Resurrection 

Marvel Zombies

In 2019, writers Philip Kennedy Johnson and Leonard kirk brought back the Zombie universe where the story saw a reboot. In this story, Spiderman remains a human and swears to protect Franklin, Valeria Richards, and humanity at all costs. Once again, Earth gets invaded when the corpse of Galactus reaches the planet spreading the deadly zombie infection once again. 


Here is how you can easily catch up with the events of the Marvel zombies universe without digging much into the archives. These comics are a treat to the eyes of a Marvel fan and if you consider yourself one of us (a true Marvel fan), then starting reading these comics as soon as possible. 

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