13 Interesting Meanings of Colors | We Have Internalized Subconsciously


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Did you know Pink used to be a Boy’s color while Blue used to be a Girl’s color until the mid-twenty century! Yes, you heard that right. Since blue was generally linked with virgin Mary and it was seen as a feminine color, pink was associated with red which made a somewhat masculine and robust color. What are the other Meanings of colors which have been associated with them for ages?

All of us have formed certain stereotypes regarding the Meaning of colors. This article discusses many colors and their meanings which we have internalized over the years. The colors in this list include- Pink, Black, White, Grey, Orange, Red, Blue, Green, Brown, Purple, Yellow, etc.

In an interview with Business Insider, the color expert Gavin Evans commented on the Meaning of colors- “ It was common for mothers to be told that boys should be dressed in a masculine color like blue to grow into a more manly individual later in life, while girls should be dressed in a more feminine alternative like pink.” 

The companies also keep our stereotypes and obsession with specific colors to promote their brand. The packaging of many products is evidence of this. Read the article to know more about the world of colors and their meaning.

13 Intriguing Meanings of Colors that will amuse you

These are the different Meaning of Colors and interesting facts related to them which you are looking for:

1# Pink – Femininity, Calmness, Playfulness, and Romance

  • Drunk-tank Pink is used to keep the prisoners calm.
  • Some sports teams prefer to give their opponents a pink room to keep them passive and calm.
  • It is called a delicate color
  • Korean people consider pink as a color of trust.

2# Black – Power, Elegance, and Sophistication

  • This is said to be the color of authority and elegance
  • This dark color is used as a metaphor for darkness.
  • It was the 1st color to be used in neolithic paintings.
  • In the west, it is the color worn for mourning

3# White – Simplicity and Minimalism

  • In the west and Japan, wedding dresses are preferred to be in white as it is believed to bring good luck.
  • It considered being the color of mourning in India and China
  • For ages, the white flag has been seen as a symbol of peace
  • Angels are believed to be dressed in white.

4# Grey – Professionalism, Formality and Conventionality

Grey Meanings of Colors
  • Apart from professionalism, formality, and conventionality, the grey color is also associated with modesty, old age, and boredom.
  • It emerged as a Symbol of industrialization and war during the late 1930s.
  • There are only 1% of people on this earth who possess grey eyes.
  • The human eye can recognize 500 different shades.

5# Orange – Creativity, Youth, and Enthusiasm

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  • During the Elizabethan era, only the nobility was allowed to wear orange
  • Astronauts wear Orange colored space suits in their spacecraft.
  • Owning an orange car vehicle means that you are a fun-loving person
  • This is also said to be a color of glory.

6# Red – Energy, Passion, and Danger

meaning of colors Red
  • Contrary to the stereotype, bulls do not get angry on seeing the color red. They are color-blind.
  • Chinese and Indian brides prefer red wedding dresses as it is believed to bring good luck.
  •  The flag of the USA has red-colored stripes. They symbolize courage.
  • The color red has around 23 shades.

7# Blue – Calm, Trust, and Intelligence

  • The ancient Greeks often used to wear something blue to do to protect themselves from the Evil eye.
  •  8% of the people living on this earth have blue eyes.
  • The companies barely use blue color while advertising for a food product as it hurts the appetite.
  • Heavenly Grace is associated with blue paint. 

8# Green – Nature, Growth, Harmony, Wealth, and Stability

Green - Nature,
  • the color green is associated with Venus- the Goddess of love.
  • It is considered a symbol of fertility.
  • Interestingly, after the Blackfriar Bridge in London was painted green, there was a decline in suicide cases.
  •  Irish people think green is their national color.

9# Purple – Luxury, Mystery, and Spirituality

  •  26 March is celebrated as Purple Day to spread awareness about epilepsy.
  • Dominica is the only country that has purple color on its flag.
  • The fear of purple color is known as Porphyrophobia.
  • The phrase ’’born to the purple’’ means to be taken into a royal family.

10# Yellow – Happiness, Hope, and Spontaneity 

  • This color is said to boost our memory.
  • Japanese people consider yellow the color of courage, while Egyptians regarded it as a color of mourning.
  • We should study in a yellow-colored room since it has a positive impact on our minds.
  • In the Renaissance, Jews were associated with the color yellow.
Sr. No.ColourMeaning
1PinkFemininity, Playfulness, and  Romance
2Black Power, Elegance and Sophistication
3WhiteSimplicity and Minimalism
4GreyProfessionalism, Formality and Conventionality
5OrangeCreativity, Youth and Enthusiasm
6RedEnergy, Passion and Danger
7BlueCalm, Trust and Intelligence
8GreenNature, Growth, Harmony, Wealth and Stability
9PurpleLuxury, Mystery and Spirituality
10YellowHappiness, Hope and Spontaneity

These were some unknown facts about colors and the Meaning of colors.

So the next time, if you ever feel depressed, look at any color of your surroundings and take inspiration from it.