Megan Is Missing Real Or Fake? Requested Not To Watch Alone!


Just finished Megan Is Missing, and I wished I hadn’t even watched it. I didn’t think it was going to be that bad, but I’m scared to go out now. Released in 2011, Megan Is Missing became a pop culture sensation in November 2020 when the TikTok users started Posting their review videos conveying how traumatizing this movie is and how everyone regrets pressing play, but is this movie that scary, is the footage in Megan Is Missing real and Is Megan Is Missing Real or Fake? 

Megan Is Missing is an American horror movie written, directed, edited, and co-produced by Michael Goi in 2006 but was released in 2011. The movie was made in found footage style that tells the story of 14-year-old best friends Megan Stewart and Amy Hermana. How Megan disappears after she met a boy online, and how her friend Amy started the quest to find her but eventually disappears.

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The reaction videos on TikTok for Megan Is Missing went so viral that most of them regretted watching the movie and called the film traumatizing. The hashtag got over more than 85 million views. The movie was so scary that the director had to release a fair warning that said to watch the movie, not at night and not alone. At this time, The main query that struck me the most is Megan Is Missing Real or Fake and is the last 22 min footage real? To tell you straight, the movie is not a true story but is based on true, real-life child abduction cases and the dangers of internet chat rooms.

The last 22-minute footage is also a made-up scene. But then What makes the movie feel so real to the viewers, is that it scares the hell out of them? 

Megan Is Missing Real Or Fake

The Whole Story Behind Megan Is Missing Real or Fake| Let’s Just Clear Some Facts!

When the movie got viral in November 2020, thanks to Tiktok, it made most people think if this footage of Megan Is Missing is real because of the movie presentation on the found footage style and its resemblance to many real child abduction cases. Certain scenes in the movie made most of the viewers conclude it’s a true story. 

1# The Plot Of The story And Style That Make The Difference

The story of two 14-year-old best friends, Amy and Megan, with personalities way opposite from one another. Where Amy is well sheltered, loved, and cared for, Megan on the other hand, has family issues when her father left her years ago, and her stepfather sexually abused her before going to jail. The two genuinely care for one another and film their moments when they are together and record their video chats. 

It is because of Megan’s complicated family issues, she craves someone who loves, cares, and respects her and soon finds a boy on an internet chat room named Josh who shows care for her.

Megan falls in love with him, and Josh starts to exploit her. He called Megan to meet him behind a diner, and on January 15, news broke out that Megan went missing and through security cameras revealed that she was with an indistinct man who kidnapped her. 

Megan has introduced Josh to Amy through the online chat room, and after a few days of talks with Josh, Amy suspects that he kidnapped Megan. She goes to the police to give them all the information when Josh begins to stalk her. He stakes her for some days and then snatches her and her little bear underneath an old bridge.

The last 20 minutes of the movie made the most crucial part in making people believe that it’s a real story and the depicted incidents are real. While Amy and Megan used to record their video diary underneath an old bridge. Amy was grabbed by a man there, and investigations find her video camera in a garbage can. In unedited footage. The man tortured her brutally, abused and raped her, and left her inside a barrel with the decaying corpse of Megan to die. The part was elongated rape and torture scenes where she cried for help in intense pain and muffled please not to rape her. 

2# Controversies And Ban In New Zealand

Controversies And Ban In New Zealand

The film upon its limited realizes suffer a lot of controversies due to graphic and extreme level of violence along with the rape and the overt sexualization of a minor 14-year-old girl. 

In October 2011, New Zealand banned this film, classifying it as objectionable. They claimed that it contained sexual violence and sexual conduct to an extreme degree.

3# Why Does Megan Is Missing Scare Us If It’s Not Real? 

Why Does Megan Is Missing Scare Us If It's Not Real?

The movie might not be real but the incidents depicted do happen in real life. However, the news channels cover most but only the outer highlights around these topics. The cries and pains that the victim suffers are beyond the imagination of others. 

Megan Is Missing depicts all the emotions the victim carries in the very raw video diary film format and resonates with how the crimes used to take place at that time. The scene when Amy Beggs for her teddy bear and is forced to eat in the dog bowl and brutally raped is really disturbing and horrifying at the same time, the way Amy is left to die is so graphic that it can easily scare the hell out of any person. 

Final word 

Megan Is Missing is a cautionary tale highlighting the scariest side of the internet and the people we meet on social sites. People like Josh know your emotional sides, know what to talk about, and how to exploit others. Be careful when you make virtual friends whom you don’t know personally before it gets too late.

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