Meliodas Vs Naruto | Who Is The Superior Of The Two?!


Meliodas and Naruto are two of the most popular anime characters. In today’s Meliodas vs Naruto battle (of opinions), we will try to decide who is the superior of the two. Keep reading this article till the end to understand who the winner should be!

Meliodas seems to be a tad bit more powerful than Naruto. For example, Meliodas could cut down a large hill in two halves with just the swing of a twig. And this happened after his powers were taken away. It points out the great demonic strength that Meliodas has! 

But then, Naruto has various kinds of Chakras, thanks to Kurama. The Chakras give him unlimited power that can cause great destruction. Naruto has a greater range of weapon options to choose from than Meliodas. 

It becomes even harder to decide on a winner in a situation like this!

Meliodas Vs Naruto | Who Is The Better Anime Hero?!

Meliodas is the titular character of the Japanese fantasy adventure manga series, The Seven Deadly Sins (2014). The show follows the story of a group of warriors called the Seven Deadly Sins. The group was falsely accused of a crime they didn’t commit–plotting to overthrow the Liones Kingdom. So, the group went on a quest to absolve themselves. 

However, several events transpire that make the third princess, Elizabeth, embark on a journey to find the warrior group and seek their help to save the kingdom. 

Release DateOctober 5, 2014
Running Time24m
Written ByNakaba Suzuki, Rintarou Ikeda
CastBryce Papenbrook, Erika Harlacher, Max Mittelman, Erica Mendez, Ben Diskin
IMDb Rating7.1/10
Where To watchNetflix, Funimation

Naruto (2005) narrates the story of the titular character Naruto Uzumaki, a mischievous ninja from the village of Konoha. In the same village, lived a vicious fox with nine tails. The fox was capable of causing great damage. So, the Hokage (head) of the village sacrificed his life and sealed the demon fox inside a little boy called Naruto.

Naruto grew up ostracized by his village people: they considered him the sinister fox. Despite the circumstances, Naruto has an ever so cheerful outlook on life. He also dreams of becoming the Hokage of his village. In the show, we witness Naruto’s journey from a young boy who would play pranks on villagers to gain attention to a wise man who fights for humankind. 

Release DateSeptember 10, 2005,
Running Time24m
Written ByMasashi Kishimoto
Created ByMasashi Kishimoto
CastJunko Takeuchi, Maile Flanagan, Kate Higgins, Chie Nakamura, Noriaki Sugiyama, Yuri Lowenthal
IMDb Rating8.4/10
Where To WatchNetflix, Hulu, Crunchyroll

Now, without further ado, let’s look at Meliodas vs Naruto! 

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1# Meliodas Vs Naruto | Who Is Meliodas?

Meliodas Vs Naruto | Who Is The Superior Of The Two?!

Meliodas is the main protagonist of the series The Seven Deadly Sins. He is also the captain of the warrior group. Meliodas has two different sides to his personality that are poles apart. On one side, Meliodas is the fun-loving, easy-going owner of the renowned tavern Boar Hat. And on the other side, he’s a ferocious warrior known for losing control of his incredible power, thereby causing devastating destruction. 

Meliodas looks like a cute adolescent boy. So, nobody who looks at his wanted posters can guess that it is him– the two of them are opposite in their appearance. Meliodas is also a member of the demon clan. Meliodas is the eldest son of the demon king and the former leader of the demon warriors known as the Ten Commandments. Meliodas was earlier the ruthless member of this group, and his demonic side comes to the surface as the story progresses. This especially happens when Meliodas sees someone he loves suffer. 

That’s why Meliodas is the dragon sin of wrath. 

2# Meliodas Vs Naruto | Who Is Naruto?

Meliodas Vs Naruto | Who Is The Superior Of The Two?!

Naruto Uzumaki is the titular character of the adventure, fantasy-comedy anime series Naruto. He’s an optimistic, carefree, cheerful shinobi from his home village of Konoha, a.k.a. Hidden Leaf Village. 

His village was attacked by a vicious nine-tailed fox when he was born. The head of the village i.e.the fourth Hokage sacrificed himself to save the village. He sealed the demon inside the infant Naruto. Due to this, Naruto grew up facing discrimination from his village people. People resented him, thinking that he was a demon creature. Not having a family, Naruto grew up isolated. 

Naruto aspires to become the Hokage of the Hidden Leaf Village despite all this. Naruto was the most ill-performing student in his ninja school. So, he thinks that by becoming the Hokage, he can win the hearts of his peers and villagers.

Naruto becomes a wise and serious man who saves his village using Karuma’s chakras as the series progresses. Naruto also grows up to be more empathetic and mature. He understands the pain of his fellow villagers.  

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3# Meliodas Vs Naruto | What Are The Powers Of Meliodas?

Meliodas Vs Naruto | Who Is The Superior Of The Two?!

Now, if we overlook Meliodas’s physical appearance for once, we’ll be able to appreciate his incredible physical strength. Let’s not forget that the short and skinny little boy is actually from the demon heritage. Meliodas knowingly uses a broken sword so that it prevents him from using his full strength.

Meliodas has a signature move called Full Counter, and as the name suggests, this move counters magic-based attacks launched at him with equal or greater force. Similarly, Meliodas also uses Hellblazer, a demonic power, for various purposes.

Due to his Demon Mark, Melodias can manipulate shadows into weapons, wings, and anything he needs. This ability is greatly advantageous on the battlefield.  

4# Meliodas Vs Naruto | What Are The Powers Of Naruto?

Meliodas Vs Naruto | Who Is The Superior Of The Two?!

One of Naruto’s many signature techniques is the Shadow Clone which allows him to create as many versions of himself as possible. It helps him overpower most opponents. 

Many anime characters have the power of transformation, but nobody uses it as effectively as Naruto. Naruto can impersonate other people, transform shadow clones into weapons, etc. 

Once Kurama and Naruto become friends, Naruto gains illusion immunity. He becomes immune to most techniques that can manipulate his senses. 

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5# Meliodas Vs Naruto | What Weapons Does Meliodas Use?

Meliodas Vs Naruto | Who Is The Superior Of The Two?!

As I told you earlier, Meliodas uses a broken sword to stop himself from using his full potential. But also, the hilt of the sword acts as a key to unleashing the sealed Demon Clan. 

Meliodas uses another sword, it is a regular sword given to him by his late lover Liz, but his powers make it deadly.

Meliodas also uses Lostvayne, a weapon that can unleash his full power. Upon wielding it, Meliodas can create up to four copies of himself. 

6# Meliodas Vs Naruto | What Weapons Does Naruto Use?

Meliodas Vs Naruto | Who Is The Superior Of The Two?!

At the beginning of the series, we see Naruto as incompetent in all types of Jutsu. It is mostly because he was the most poorly performing student in his ninja school. 

However, as the series progresses, Naruto becomes well versed in a Rasengan technique. It is a technique invented by his father through Jiraiya. This technique involves a ball of chakra, small enough to fit in the user’s hand but big enough to cause mass destruction. Later, this technique becomes one of Naruto’s many signature moves. 

Besides this, Naruto has the Nine-Tails Fox sealed inside him. Initially, Naruto and Fox didn’t get along together. But, the two of them become friends eventually. This enables Naruto to use Kuarama’s chakras at will. 

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Final Word

It’s quite tough to decide the winner between Meliodas vs Naruto. I won’t act biased and say that Mliodas has a better chance. I have presented you with quite a few facts. Now, I’ll leave it to you to declare the winner. 

Let me know in the comment section below! 

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