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Wedding is the most memorable occasion not only for couples but for friends, relatives and to your known. Before attending a wedding, the most significant task is what to wear, which compliments the theme and the season. Here, we are with some outfits for men to wear at a summer wedding.

Summer weddings are the best wedding time. You witness a lot of light, not-so-heavy clothes, and a beautiful pleasant destination, and yes, of course, drinks to soothe your palate. A wedding is a joyful event, for which you should be prepared before attending because you might get lucky during the wedding and find someone with whom you will spend the rest of your life. 

So, in this article, we have different summer wedding attires for men, with which they can roll into the party. These summer wedding attires are, a slim fit all-weather suit, a Lenin suit, pastel Indian Kurta, Flat Front pants, shorts suits, and other than that it is mainly about colors.

Let’s talk more about the best choices you can make before selecting your outfits.

5 Best options for men on a Summer Wedding 

Following are the five best options for men at a Summer Wedding:

#Suits are the first choice

#Suits are the first choice
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Yes, at a summer wedding, you can select a suit with light shades of blue, pink, green, or a complete white. Suits these days are available in fabric, which will not make you feel uncomfortable during the wedding.

The only thing that needs attention while choosing a suit is which color you opt for, because my dear friend, you can’t walk with colors like yellow, red, dark brown or a sequence done on that. 

It will make you look a little fool goofing around. Your choices of colors are what matters during a summer wedding.

#Lenin Suits are breezy and light

#Lenin Suits are breezy and light
Source: Hockerty

If you don’t know what to opt for for a summer wedding, then go to a store and grab a Lenin suit. Lenin is never off-trend. It will make you cool and classy at the same time. 

Lenin is usually available in light colors, so there you have to be smart and choose as per the theme. If the summer wedding’s venue is a beach, you will kill everyone with your swag, don’t forget to pair it with an alternative color hat and shades.

Lenin suits will make you walk comfortably around the party and stay light the entire day. Lenin Suits are my favorite too.

#Pastel Indian Kurta will make you look different 

It doesn’t matter whether you are Indian or not; a kurta is the best choice for a wedding. Kurta is Indian clothing worn by men or women. Men can usually wear a kurta with their jeans or straight trousers and walk into a wedding. 

You can pair your kurta with a leather sandal or leather shoes. And if you feel like going completely traditional, you can buy a Kholapuri Chappal online on websites like Fabindia or AJIO.com. 

You can go for fabrics like silk, Chanderi, Chikankari, Tussar Silk, or Linen. These fabrics are good to go for a wedding. Try buying pastel colors that go well with a sunny summer. Say big no to dark shades like red, blue, orange, etc. I am always up for wearing a kurta because it is airy, comfortable, and makes you look fab. 

# Flat Front pants with a coat, now you are a French man with a British accent.

Flat Front pants with a coat you are a French man with a British accent.
Source: Hockerty

Flat Front pants are from the French tradition, but this retro style of clothing is still in fashion. It can be paired with a plain cotton shirt and double breast coat. Now you will look like a model from the 90s. 

Flat-front pants will make you look a little slim, which is required in a summer wedding, and the coat will complete your entire look. You can keep your hair either set with wax, or just a messy hair look will blend well with this attire. 

The best thing you can pair well with this outfit is either plain aviators or tinted ones. This look will make you think twice, but you will not look less than David Beckham when you walk in a wedding wearing this outfit.

#Shorts Suits- Trendy choice, I see.

#Shorts Suits- Trendy choice, I see.
Source: Esquire

If you like wearing trendy attires and don’t want to disappoint yourself with what others are wearing, wear a shorts suit at a summer wedding. It will make you stand out in this crowded event.

Shorts Suits generally go well if you have well-toned legs. If you are skinny, avoid wearing shorts suits, it will not go with your body type. But what I feel is your confidence can make you pull it like a pro. 

Shorts suits are easy to choose; you can go with a small tiny bow on a shirt and wear your suit, or you can ditch the shirt and pull it off with a hat and a t-shirt. Shorts suit’s color is what you need to pay a lot of attention to. You can’t just walk with a dark blunt color on a hot summer day.  

Shorts suits are best for a dinner party, pool party and also for the wedding lock. 

These were some of the suggested attire to wear on a summer wedding. You can just not flew to a wedding venue wearing anything. You have to pay a lot of attention to yourself if you are one of the best men. Choose wisely and walk with swag on a wedding day. You can help your woman to dress in this hot summer too.

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