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Only a few restaurants have survived the wrath of Gorden Ramsay in Kitchen Nightmares, and Michon Smokehouse and Trobiano’s Tiffany are a few of them. After appearing in one of the Nightmare episodes, Michon Smokehouse witnessed a considerable increase in its customer line, but sadly that didn’t last for a long time. 

Kitchen Nightmares is an American reality TV show featuring the blonde head Gordon Ramsay. The chef is invited by the owners of the restaurants who are failing in the food industry. Gordon spends a week with the falling restaurants to help them save the business. The show is based on the British TV series titled Ramsay’s Kitchen Nightmares. 

Gordon visits a new restaurant in every episode of the show and studies their food menu, strategies, and every other detail over a week. During this time, he also tastes the food items, inspects the hygienic standards maintained in the kitchen and the overall look of the restaurant. Even though there are many restaurants that the chef has visited until now, only two have made him speechless. One was Michon Smokehouse, and the other was Trobiano’s Tiffany. 

Keep reading the entire article to find more about the two most disastrous kitchens in the history of Kitchen Nightmares and how Gordon Ramsay handled this mess. 

Disasters In Kitchen Nightmares | Gorden Ramsay Loses His Cool  

Losing his temper is nothing new for Gordon Ramsay because he practically does it every other day. Fans of the show like to see Gordon Ramsay in a situation where he is out of words, dumbfounded by the condition of a restaurant. There are only two kitchens in the show’s history who have managed to do that and here you will find everything about them. 

Michon Smokehouse | Microwaved Food And Missing Leadership

Michon’s smokehouse made an appearance on Kitchen Nightmares in season 5. We have to admit that everyone loves to see Gordon Ramsay when he flips out. However, Michon’s Smokehouse did something that no other restaurants could do. The restaurant made the hot-headed chef speechless when he saw the kitchen. Don’t get the wrong idea here, but the chef was at a loss for words because of the disaster and not because everything worked flawlessly. 

From the disastrous management to days-old microwaved food, Michon’s Smokehouse is a complete mess before Gordon Ramsey steps in to save Al’s dream. The kitchen is a drowning ship without a head chef because no one wants to take the charge. However, things changed for good when Gordon makes the team realize the missing leadership and provokes Natalie to take control. 

New Beginnings For Michon’s BBQ | What Happened After The Nightmare Ended? 

Gordon Ramsay and Chefs: Michon Smokehouse

After Michon’s kitchen nightmare in 2012, the restaurant struggled for a bit while setting up with new changes. However, it does not take long for the BBQ restaurant to gain customers’ trust and get back into the market. Shortly afterward, Michon’s restaurant opened at a new location in Atlanta, but it didn’t work out as planned for the family due to an electrical disaster. The shifting took a toll on them when an electrical fire breakout destroyed the restaurant’s location in Atlanta. The accident came as a big disappointment to the owners because it happened only eight days after they had shifted to the new location. 

Trobiano’s Tiffany | Arrogance Destroys Italian Restaurant

In 2008, chef Gordon Ramsay visited Italian restaurant Trobiano’s Tiffany in the second season of the show. The restaurant owners, Anthony Trobiano, and his girlfriend Tiffany invested their lifelong savings in this restaurant. Still, even after three years, the restaurant was suffering to keep up on Long Island, New York. The restaurant was such a disaster that even Gordon Ramsay had almost walked out of saving it. 

During the show, it turns out that the owner Anthony’s arrogance is one of the biggest reasons behind the restaurant not working well. Moving on to the menu, Gordon is amazed to find that Trobiano’s offers an Early Bird Special that costs only $14.95, which the chef remarks as “cheaper than subways.”  After that, Gordon begins to taste the dishes and starts with the Trobiano’s salad but was disappointed to find it pre-chopped. Everything about the restaurant looked disgusting, from the cold and tasteless food to the slimy kitchen surface and dirty plates. 

Modern Makeover For Trobiano’s | How Gordon Ramsey Saved The Day?

Trobiano's Tiffany: Michon Smokehouse in Kitchen NIghtmares

After witnessing the disaster, Trobiano’s for sure didn’t prove appealing to the chef, but he did help to save this drowning boat in the end. The chef gives an impressive makeover to the restaurant with a modern look and also instructs the chefs to use freshly made mozzarella. While the new ideas helped the Italian restaurant to gain a stronghold in the neighborhood, it wasn’t enough to save them from the huge financial debts. In October 2008, Trobiano’s failed to pay the taxes and was shut down by the IRS. 

Final Words

Gordon Ramsay has helped many restaurants regain their position in the food industry and become a huge success with his show. However, many restaurants are drowning in huge financial loans, and even the success they received after appearing on the show isn’t enough to save them. Sadly, Trobiano’s and Michon’s were the two restaurants that even the hot-headed chef Gordon failed to save. 

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