What is the Minimum Age to Work at SUBWAY? A Complete Overview 2021


Subway is the walk-in and grabs snacks food outlet, which is the most unique & affordable food station for everyone. But ever wonder, when can you start working at this station alongside your school? At what age you can work at Subway and earn money for meeting your expenses? Let us read.

SUBWAY is one of the universal food outlets which serves the entire world. If you are 15 years old and eating SUBWAY and that also from your parent’s money, dude, you should start working at the same place instead of eating one. Subway possesses 50 years of a legacy promoting healthy and nutritious food and snacks.

The minimum age for working at SUBWAY is usually 15 years, and in some countries, it is even 13 years or 14 years. So if you are confused about when to start, you can learn about the recruiting guidelines by SUBWAY at your place and apply accordingly.

Let us read more about at what age you can work at SUBWAY, and what are the different departments for you-

Working at SUBWAY – a detailed overview

Following are the points giving a complete overview of SUBWAY job recruiting and application process-

1# What are the Career Categories/ Positions at SUBWAY?

What are the Career Categories/ Positions at SUBWAY?
  • Operations & Technology: You can apply for operations & technology where you are responsible for developing strategies, communicating new technologies, and ensuring that all the used appliances serve their best.
  • Marketing: The marketing field is usually open for bachelor students, who are responsible for making a plan and implementing ideas to market new products amongst the peers.
  • Food Safety/ Quality: If you are working at a food outlet, you have to make sure that the food served is of a top quality. A person working under the Food safety/ Quality department is responsible for answering to food inspector if she/he visits the outlet.
  • Sandwich artist: You are looking for a job but you are still hooked on your studies, Sandwich artist at SUBWAY is the best choice. If you apply for this, you are responsible for greeting the customers, serving them the prepared food, even preparing sandwiches or salads, and keep the check of sanitation around the restaurant.
  • Shift Manager: This job gives you the responsibility to arrange and assign duties to the employees who are the frontiers and faces of SUBWAY.
  • Manager: The manager of an outlet is responsible for everything from A to Z. He/ she maintains the financial record, cleanliness, and food quality. He/she is responsible for answering other officials if the outlet is running well or not gaining much profit.

2# How to prepare oneself for a SUBWAY interview?

How to prepare oneself for a SUBWAY interview?
  • It is more like a frontier job if you are a teen, so they do not accept any technical questions from you but expect a decent conversation style, as you will get to communicate with many customers.
  • If you are 15 years old or 16 years old, you better not crash your interview thinking that it is just a food outlet job; you have to wear formal attire and look presentable because the first impression is the last impression.
  • They will ask you general interest questions, then shifting to your weaknesses and strengths, and they will also mark you based on your knowledge about teamwork, as it is the essential factor for you being recruited.

3# What is the minimum age to work at Subway?

What is the minimum age to work at Subway?
  • This question is hard to answer. It all depends on which area you belong to.
  • Yes, of course, 13 years of age is not suitable for working, as it is a formative age and you should try focusing on your studies. And 13 years old is a susceptible age, and it is not suitable for dealing with a variety of customers.
  • If you are 14 years old then, you can hunt for a sandwich artist’s job, but you should be aware of the factors and repercussions of working at this age.
  • If you are turning 15 or belong to the last years of teenage, you can apply at SUBWAY as it is an excellent job, and you will get a good opportunity and a window to complete your studies too.
  • The only tip I feel you should follow is to continue your high school and college side by side, while working at SUBWAY.

4# Instead of being an employee, you want to own the franchisee- is there a solution?

Instead of being an employee, you want to own the franchisee- is there a way?
  • So, you are doing well in your own space and want to explore more in the food space. Why aren’t you thinking of owning a franchisee?
  • Your total investment which may vary and constitutes everything is from $8227.99 to $15084.65. It is not a huge investment, but you can double your investment and your profits by owning a SUBWAY franchisee.
  • Ensure you read the entire sheet shared by the SUBWAY manager and then apply online on the SUBWAY portal for the franchisee deal.
  • There are many online food applications to get your location registered if you choose to own one of the SUBWAY outlets if your form gets approved.

I hope these pointers might have helped you a lot to know about the minimum age to work at SUBWAY. You can work accordingly and work only if you do not hinder your studies in between working hours or if the job is a necessity, you can complete your studies from the Best educational apps. Thank me later!

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