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Are you going with your friend’s advice and planning to watch Netflix’s record-breaking series Money Heist tonight? Do you think that watching a show based on your friend’s recommendation is the best thing to do? 

You must have heard everyone going crazy about the Spanish series La Casa da Papel also known as Money Heist globally. The show has an IMDb rating of 8.4 and has a cast of brilliant actors and actresses working hard for their characters and adding more depth to the show. 

All these things can make the show worth watching but do we think that the show is overrated? Currently, the fans of Money Heist are waiting for the fifth and final installment of the show, with which the heist journey of the robbers will come to an end. Four seasons later, the show’s storyline is shaken up to its core, and the thrill that we witnessed in seasons 1 and 2 may not be there anymore. 

However, if you are adamant about watching the show, be sure to have a look at the entire space below, as we have done thorough research so that you can decide if the show is worth the hype or not. 

Everything To Know About Money Heist 

Read along to find which actors were a part of the heist plan and how the show performed from the very beginning. 

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Do We Think Money Heist is Worth the Hype? 

Money Heist dominated all the other non-English series globally and became the most-watched series on Netflix ever. Yes, we think that Money Heist deserves all the hype it has, but deep down, we also know that the show is overrated. The play is dramatic, keeps the audience thrilled with excitement but still lacks a few things which the audience doesn’t want to admit as they love the show, and we respect that. 

Money Heist

Netflix made sure that when it bought the rights for La Casa da Papel and released it as Money Heist globally, they were doing everything in their power to promote the show as much as possible. The streaming platform went all above and announced the show in its full glory, which resulted in every person on earth being aware of the show. Even if someone didn’t want to know about it, they would see a poster on Twitter or any other platform. 

The show, no doubt, is directed with perfection and looks appealing to the eye, but in the end day, it is just a heist show with a few cliffhangers, deaths, and twists thrown here and there. The way the series is produced and executed is the only thing that makes some difference; otherwise, it is not fresh as a daisy. 

What Does the Critic Say About Money Heist? 

Now what we say does not matter, does it? In the end, it is about what the critics have to say, and most importantly, do you like the show or not? The show focuses on a group of robbers wearing red jumpsuits with dali face masks covering their faces while they risk their lives and go for the heist. 

moneyheist lede 1

During the first season, the show managed to create drama and excitement with its plots and a thrilling story, but as the show progresses, it lacks action. A few things are missing, and suddenly everyone starts to fall in love with a gang member, and they end up having sex in between the heist. I mean, are you serious? 

Talking about is the show is worth watching, yes, the first two seasons of the show lived up to the mark and created a huge hype among the audience, but with the third season, as we say, romances started blooming everywhere, and the show lost its charm. The biggest reason behind the massive success of Money Heist was that no new robbery or heist-based shows were released at that time, and the audience had only one play to enjoy. 

The show is worth watching. It deserves the hype, but to call it the best show ever would be doing injustice to the other shows. If you want to enjoy a good robbery series, give it a try. Trust me, you will love it initially but don’t keep your expectations too high as they will crash once the seasons progress. 

The Main Cast of Money Heist 

Money Heist Cast
  • Ursula Corbero plays a runaway robber Silene Oliveira famously known as Tokyo, who later meets a professor and joins him in his quest. 
  • Alvaro Morte plays the role of The Professor (Seirgo Marquina), who is the mastermind behind all the money heist of the series. He also plays the role of Berlin’s brother. 
  • Pedro Alonso plays the role of Berlin (Andres de Fonollosa), the next-in-line commander for the heist and Professor’s brother. Berlin is terminally ill and a jewelry thief by profession. 
  • Itziar Ituno plays the role of Raquel Murillo, famously known as Lisbon, in the series. In the beginning, she is seen playing the role of a cop, but layer joins the gang in Season 3. 
  • Paco Tous plays the role of Agustin Jimenez, who also goes by the name of Moscow in the series. He will be seen mainly in Seasons 1 and 2 and will appear in a few sequences in the 3rd and 4th seasons of the series. 
  • Alba Flores plays the role of Agata Jimenez, popularly called Nairobi by the gang. Nairobi will only be seen in the first four seasons of the show but is by far one of the most loved characters of the series. 
  • Miguel Herran plays the role of Anibal Cortes. He has a brilliant mind and plays the role of a hacker for the heist plans. He is also known as Rio
  • Jamie Lorente plays the role of Denver, aka Ricardo. Denver is Moscow’s son and joins the heist on his Father’s insistence. 


Whether you decide to watch the show or not is in your hands. What we can do is help give you an overview so you can better decide for yourself. We know how you take time out of your busy schedule to watch a series and how bad it feels when the story does not meet your expectations. If you have watched the series, share your views with us in the comments below. 


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