Top 10 Most-Awaited Phones 2021 Detailed Guide


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A technology-driven world we all live in. It forces us, somehow to keep ourselves one step ahead and also aware of the technological changes in this fast-moving world. India is one of the fastest-growing countries in terms of purchasing the latest phones and therefore spending money on them. Don’t worry, we have a list of the upcoming 5G most-awaited phones.

What we all as buyers in the country wait for is the upcoming phones in India that can match our expectations and also value for money. Based on several reviews, searches are of a question that what is the essential requirement for buying a new phone?

And answer to that is the features that it offers, a long-running battery time, and a USP that stands you out from the others. A phone should also be a value for money, that makes you believe that to buy a particular brand and a model, and money spent on it does not bother your decision and expected features. Let’s read about the top 10 most awaited phones in India and do they qualify for the requirement or not. You can also get these phones at a low cost in upcoming sales.

Enticing Most-Awaited Phones of All Time

1. Redmi Note 10

Redmi is a phone with a lot may fans in India, because of its various features that fit the buyer’s list. It appears with a feature of 395 PPI IPS LCD, 6.67 inches display that provides the user with a huge screen to carry his/her day to day tasks.

Redmi Note 10 also comes with a 16MP front camera and is said to be the only affordable 108MP camera in India. The phone will launch with a snapdragon 750G processor that allows the phone to run smoothly while playing high-tech games. It gives a benefit of 4800mAh of long-running battery and a fast-charging feature of 33W.

This phone is all in all light at your pocket and is the most awaiting upcoming phone in India.

2. Mi 11Pro

This Phone is with the latest android version v10, which makes it a trusted one for the usage of various apps and games. It comes with a heavy price of 51,420 approx. and various features like that of the supreme processor of Snapdragon 865 Plus and with an inbuilt core of 12GB RAM.

This phone if related to its price offers less memory but & that also cannot be expanded. The display of the screen is 6,67 inches which are standard in comparison to the others of lesser price.

The battery I long-running at 5000mAh with a fast-charging option. It supports both 4G and 5G telecommunication brands.  The phone comes with the security of a Fingerprint Sensor. It is an upcoming phone in India for 2021, because of the features and quality, it will offer.

3. Realme Koi

most-awaited phones in India 2021

Realme Koi is an exclusive phone with a feature of Snapdragon 888 flagship and the most awaited upcoming phone in India for 2021. To make it stand out from all the models of Realme, the name Koi was chosen. The phone’s octa-core processor makes it a recommended brand for gamers. The 6GB inbuilt RAM keeps the phone in a  condition to run smoothly. The phones offer all other standard features that other phones do.

4. One plus 9

Oneplus is classified as the brand that is copy-pasting a few features similar to that of Samsung. It is offering a 50+20 MP camera and 16MP front camera, which provides you with a good quality of pictures.

The charging speed of the phone is classified as insane with a battery of 4500mAh. It also lacks the expandable feature of memory. It also classifies for the list of most awaited upcoming phones of 2021.

5. Redmi K40 Pro

most-awaited phones in India 2021

A phone that is similar to various other phones with no such outstanding feature that would catch your eye but the only difference is that of its durability and long-running battery. It is built up with a fingerprint sensor. The camera quality of the Phone is 20MP, which helps you click amazing pictures on vacations. The phone is with 6GB RAM and 128 GB internal memory without an option of expandability.

6. Samsung Galaxy S21

Samsung a non-questionable brand in the world, providing a range of classy and chic phones to the buyers. It also stands with loyal customers not only in India but around the globe. The upcoming phone in India in 2021 is Samsung Galaxy S21.

It is with a display of 6.2 inches and ultra-fast charging mode that helps in charging with an optimum speed. It is also built with a 4000mAh Charger. The feature that makes it an awaited phone is it’s being waterproof, an option for wireless charging, and expandable memory up to 1TB.

7. Realme 8 Pro

Realme is an extension of the various feature of Realme 8, just comes up with a different price. Realme 8 Pro is with 32MP front camera, this feature makes it the most awaited upcoming phone in India in 2021. Its screen is somewhat smaller than the Realme 8 standard phone and comes with a core processor Snapdragon of 720G. It allows a user to expand the 128GB inbuilt memory up to 256GB.

8. Google Pixel 6

Google pixel brand was unable to create a buzz during the launch of any of its phones and now with the launch of Google Pixel 6, the makers are trying to create a buzz.

The only thing that makes you rethink before buying a product from this brand is its high price. The features that this brand will offer is the best quality camera front and rear-view. The processor and its core and under defined and yet not disclosed.

9. Redmi Note 10 Pro

Redmi Note 10 Pro is a phone which is nearly similar to Redmi Note 10 standard but allows you to expand the internal memory of 64GB to 512 GB external additional memory.

The phone stands with 6.7 inches display and 393 PPI IPS, LCD Screen. The fast charging feature of the 5100mAh Battery makes it the most awaited Note Phone of the year 2021. The price of the phone is also light on your pocket.

10.   Samsung Galaxy S21 Plus

An android version that offers fast wireless charging of 4800mAH battery and becomes the most awaited upcoming phone of 2021 in India. The reason why people are going mad about its launch is the processor snapdragon of 888G that eliminates the hanging of the phone while doing multi-tasking.  

The privacy mode of the phone offers you a fingerprint sensor that keeps the phone completely private. Samsung is undoubtedly the most awaited upcoming phone in India of 2021.  There are plenty of phones that are out there for customers to buy but you need to aware yourself with features and prices of the phones that are the most awaited upcoming phones in the year 2021 so that you do not compromise and make mistakes while buying a new phone.