Most Downloaded Sports Apps in 2021


Are you confused about what sports apps to go for in 2021? Keep on reading to find the answer to your question. 

Sports have seen a lot of growth in the past few years. With the growing love for sports, viewers also need to stay updated with every sports world news.  

Whether you are a cricket fan or a hockey fan, there are many sports apps in the google play store that help you stay updated with the latest news of the sports world. These sports apps add value to your Android or iOS devices while watching your favorite match live or getting a quick score update.  

According to Google searches, the Most Downloaded Sports Apps in 2021

  1. Eurosport
  2. 365Scores
  3. FITE
  4. Premier League
  5. FlashScore
  6. NASCAR Mobile
  7. Bleacher Report
  8. Live Score
  9. Yahoo Sports
  10. Sofa Score
  11. BBC Sport
  12. MSN Sports
  13. theScore

All of these apps are updated from time to time to make sure that they work effectively. Have a look at the article to know more about these apps. 

Most Downloaded Sports Apps in 2021

Please read along the article to know more about the features of these sports apps


Eurosport: Most Downloaded Sports Apps
Source: Google Play

 Eurosport keeps you updated with all the latest news for snooker, F1, cycling, tennis, and more. This sports app is your go-to source for live updates, scores, results, coverage, and more. 

Not only news, but you can also watch the live coverage of your favorite matches—set alerts for all the stories related to your favorites sports. 

Highlights of the app:

  • You can view Eurosport on both TV and Chromecast
  • You can catch up all the action live with a subscription
  • Live scores and schedules for all major sports are available 
  • Live streaming and game highlights is also an option


365Scores: Most Downloaded Sports Apps

Enjoy live coverage of your favorites like La Liga, Serie A, NBA, ICL, over 2000 cricket leagues, and a lot more with 365Scores. You get the fastest live scores, highlights, live stats, etc., in this app.

Keep your content and notification services fully personalized. You can choose which games and teams you want to follow. 

Highlights of the app:

  • Catch best moments of the app right after they happen
  • Enjoy live coverage of 10 different sports
  • You get live player ratings and heatmaps
  • Get the latest information for teams and players of other regions 


If you are a fan of combat sports, FITE is the app just for you. Stream martial-arts, boxing, MMA, bare-knuckle fighting on a subscription or a pay-per-view basis.  

You can watch the event replays on-demand. Also, you can catch up on anything that you missed with FITE DVR.  

Highlights of the app:

  • You can cast all the action directly to the TV
  • Spanish audio is available for selected videos
  • You can stream the app to Xbox One, Fire TV, Chromecast, and more
  • Follow your favorite fighter and get instant updates for them 

Premier League

Premier League: Most Downloaded Sports Apps
Source: Dribbble

PL is the Premier league’s official app making it the most-watched football league in the world. This sports app is available for free on the google play store. 

Manage your fantasy league team however you want. Watch live streams of your favorite matches, enjoy live blogging and updates with it. 

Highlights of the app:

  • Enjoy PL news and features from your favorite club
  • Get detailed statistics with insights on critical performers. 
  • Regular updates throughout each season
  • Profiles available on every club in PL’s 27-year history


FlashScore: Most Downloaded Sports Apps
Score: APKFab

FlashScore provides you the most up-to-date data from 30 sports and 6000+ competitions. With this app, your chances of missing a single goal become zero. 

The app is fast and accurate and is determined to keep you updated with scores, highlights, line-ups, and other info. You can also follow 1200+ football competitions on this sports app. 

Highlights of the app:

  • The experience is similar to sitting in the live stadium
  • Enable push notifications and reminders for line-ups, goals, match starts
  • Synchronization across all your devices
  • Stay updated with live text commentary


NASCAR Mobile: Most Downloaded Sports Apps

With the official app of NASCAR, stay updated with news alerts for your favorite drivers. This sports app provides Leaderboards, race highlights, live race features as a part of its free features.

Highlights of the app:

  • Live race broadcast video as a free feature
  • Comparison between driver’s live data including position and speed
  • Personalized notifications and live event reminders
  • No ads or commercials with a premium subscription
  • Live real-time data for every driver with a subscription

Bleacher Report 

Bleacher Report: Most Downloaded Sports Apps
Source: Google Play

The report covers almost all the top leagues and sports from Premier League, champion league, MMA to football, cricket, and many more. This sports app has a personalized home screen that makes it a user favorite. 

You can see match highlights, follow live scores, read articles about teams, etc. One of the most notable features is getting real-time alerts for breaking stories across the sports world. 

Features of the app:

  • You can bookmark your favorite stories.
  • It provides you with updates faster than any other apps. 
  • You get personalized sports stories from around the world.
  • You get notifications for breaking stories. 

Live Score

Live Score: Most downloaded Sports Apps
Source: Medium

Live score is providing real-time game scores since 1998. The app features live-score for sports including tennis, football, basketball, soccer, and hockey. 

The app also has a live commentary for matches, which sports fans love. This sports app has a clean layout making it easy to use the app.

Features of the app:

  • The app has a pitch view to follow the ball track 
  • You can use the option of exploring to look for your favorite sports. 
  • You can like a match to get line notifications. 
  • There is a calendar feature for tracking upcoming matches.

Yahoo Sports

Yahoo Sports offers you full coverage of the NFL, NBA, MMA, Boxing, Cricket, and many other sports categories. It is one of the fastest ways for accessing live scores, news, stats, etc. 

You can get customized and real-time coverage of all major football leagues. You can set alerts for your favorite teams so that you never miss any updates. 

Features of the app:

  • You get a clean and user-friendly interface.
  • Enhanced searching is available to find videos and articles
  • You get curated content
  • You get personalized updates for your favorite teams. 

Sofa Score

Sofa Score: Most Downloaded Sports Apps
Source: APKCombo

Featured in the best sports app category, Sofascore provides you with live coverage for 20+ sports, 5000+ leagues, and tournaments. You can analyze any live score for any sport. 

This sports app offers precise notifications with instant flash scores and results. You can also get a complete overview of a player’s performance in a season.

Features of the app:

  • You can play quizzes to stay engaged
  • The app provides team season statistics
  • Users can chat with sports enthusiasts 
  • “Battle Draft” game integration is also available. 

BBC Sport

BBC sport is considered a fan’s guide to getting sports news, scores, updates, etc. You can select your own personalized sports news updates. Top stories and analysis are displayed directly on the home screen. 

Users can read top story highlights using widgets. You can set event reminders for live matches and receive notifications when the game starts. 

Features of the app:

  • You can personalize the “My sport” page
  • BBC Sport supports the current Chromecast versions
  • You get dedicated indexes for different sports categories
  • You can watch major events live and with on-demand highlights. 

MSN Sports

MSN: Most Downloaded Sports Apps
Source: MSN

MSN is popular to get quick updates for your favorite sports. It has an easy user interface for quick navigation with the left/right swap feature to view articles.

You can get access to over 150+ leagues. You can synchronize your favorites across the web and mobile app to get quick updates anytime, anywhere.

Features of the app:

  • The app has a responsive user design
  • You can follow your favorite teams and leagues
  • You can get personalized content
  • The app also shows venues for different sports events 


theScore gives you quick updates, scores, and news about your favorite teams. You get updated on top headlines instantly.  

You can get updates for NBA, NCAAB, MLB, PGA, and a lot more. You can personalize your feed however you want. You get a line view of every game. 

Features of the app:

  • You get a real-time score dashboard
  • You can create a group chat for your friends
  • Sharing on social media is also an option

Final Verdict:

All the featured sports apps have created a buzz among sports lovers because of their easy navigation system and faster updates. With these sports apps, you can stay updated all the time with every live score, breaking news, or any moment of the match.

Frequently Asked Questions:

How to add your favorite sports team to Google Now?

1. To add your favorite sports team, launch Google Now and scroll to the bottom of your list of cards.
2. Tap on the Menu button and select Settings.
3. Select Google Now.
4. Find the Sports listing and tap on it.

What are the best free sports apps?

LiveScore (Android/iOS)
ESPN (Android/iOS)
SuperSport (Android/iOS)
FlashScore (Android/iOS)
CBS Sports (Android/iOS)
365Scores (Android/iOS)
Fancred (Android/iOS)

Feature Image Credits: Pitchero Blog

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