18 Most Embarrassing Moments That Will Make You Cringe | Humiliation And You Are Besties!


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Chrissy Teigen once said that “one of the most embarrassing moments in her life would be the one where she calls someone by the wrong name”. I mean, obviously, calling someone by the wrong name is not only embarrassing, but it is awkward as hell. How do you exit the situation without making a complete fool of yourself? I would say run fast and never come back!

For you, what would be the most embarrassing moment of your life? Calling someone by the wrong name or misreading your crush’s intentions? Which of these two moments would make your face redder than a tomato? When all the eyes will be on you, and you know that you can’t do anything about it? 

Jimmy Fallon once started the #IGotCaught trend on Twitter, where everyone jumped in and started sharing their most embarrassing moments. That day, I realized two important things. One is that we must embrace the awkward side of our life as we do with other moments, and the other is that people have faced way more embarrassing moments than me. All of us have indeed been caught doing something embarrassing and extremely awkward at some point, but doesn’t it feel good to catch others in their silly moments? 

Let’s move ahead and discover the most embarrassing moments that all of us have been through without waiting further. 

Most Most Most Embarrassing Moments!!!!! Get Ready To Feel Cringe At Ultimate Level!

Don’t be proud, and don’t even dare consider yourself lucky that you haven’t been in an awkward situation all your life. Trust me, sooner rather than later, you are going to find yourself in one, and then you will feel the embarrassment that your friends and all of us have embraced happily throughout these years. 

Embarrassing Moments At School 

By the time we get into school, we realize that it is nothing like the High School Musical Festival we have grown up watching. Trust me, even if you try, I bet you won’t find your sweetheart Peter Kavinsky waiting in the middle of the hall. It’s the place where you will find yourself in the most embarrassing moments of your life. Even if you go for a brain transplant, you won’t forget those moments as they will be seared into your heart and soul forever. 

#1 The School Crush Encounter! 

Putting yourself in an awkward situation in front of your crush has to be the most embarrassing moment of your life. Well, you are not the only one who has been there because, trust me, I have been there more than the number of times I can count. Falling from the school bench in front of my crush or tripping the stairs with him walking by my side are just a few incidents that have humiliated me the most. 

#2 School Crush Encounter Part 2 

#2 School Crush Encounter Part 2 : 18 Most Embarrassing Moments That Will Make You Cringe | Humiliation And You Are Besties!

If I get the time, someday I can write a book that will consist of all the embarrassing crush incidents I have faced throughout my school years. One of these many incidents was when I kept staring at my crush for way too long and accidentally let others know about it. After that incident, I had to take sick leave for two full days to recover from the embarrassment. 

#3 Wrong Place At The Wrong Time 

I am sure all of you must have found waltzing your way into the wrong classroom more than once back in your school days. There are days when you are in the happy-go-lucky mood, carefree about where you are going, and step into the wrong class. It isn’t until you lift your eyes and realize that you have accidentally stepped into the senior classroom. Look straight and keep backing away, stupid Jack!

#4 Is My Teacher My Mum? 

#4 Is My Teacher My Mum? 

8 out of 10 students in every school class I know have called their teacher mum by mistake atleast once. “May I go to drink water, Mum?” Realizes what I just said and instantly turns into a tomato. 

Embarrassing Moments At Wedding

Tell me, what’s more, embarrassing for you? Forgetting your wedding vows at the altar or getting called by your partner’s ex’s name? Weddings are meant to cherish the union between two lovers who will soon spend their lives together. Still, it magically becomes an event for all the hilarious and cringeworthy stories ever. 

#1 The Wedding Speech Fiasco!

#1 The Wedding Speech Fiasco!

Tell me that getting called by your husband’s ex’s name on your wedding day isn’t embarrassing. You are ready to take the man as your husband for the rest of your life, and his stupid best friend calls you by the wrong name. It makes me wonder if something was going on between the ex and the best friend, doesn’t it? 

#2 The Sibling Mix-Up! 

Have you ever been so stupid that you mixed your friend’s boyfriend’s name with her brother’s name? There was this incident once where my friend asked her friend about her relationship with her boyfriend, “So how are things going on with you and *inserts brother’s name* relationship? Seriously, how dumb can you be that you can’t remember a name?

#3 The Flying Wedding Shoe!

#3 The Flying Wedding Shoe!

When I say that weddings cannot get any more humiliating than this one, I mean it with all my heart. A bride, while sharing her embarrassing wedding moment, says, “My bridal shoes were a little too big for my size, so I decided to take them off for the father-daughter dance. My mistake was that I thought kicking them off would be a better idea, and so I did it only to realize that one landed smoothly near a chair and the other went flying across the room, only a few inches away from the guest’s face. 

#4 The Drunken Bride 

#4 The Drunken Bride 

After hearing about this bride’s wedding day disaster, I can say that quitting alcohol is not always a good idea. The bride decided to stop drinking a few months before her wedding, and by the time her big day came around, her alcohol tolerance was way too low. So, what do you think happens next? The bride gets drunks and forgets what happened during the second half of her wedding. Can you believe it? 

Embarrassing Moments At Park

Waving back at the wrong person or tripping in the middle of the park, what’s your worst memory of visiting a park? Please don’t laugh at the misery of others because one day or the other, you will be the one facing it.  

#1 The ‘You Are Not My Friend’ Encounter! 

The most embarrassing moment at the park has to be the one when you mistakenly recognize a stranger as your friend. It isn’t until you are at an arm’s distance from them and realize that they are a stranger that you have never ever seen in your life. I mean, honestly, how can you be so blind? 

#2 The One That Happens With Everyone!

I bet you can’t find a single person who hasn’t waved back to the wrong person in the middle of a busy road or the park. It happens to me every day while I travel back home from the office if you ask me. So, yesterday I was walking and minding my own business until I saw someone towards me with a smile on their face and waving at me. Without thinking, I picked my pace, proceeded towards them, and waved back. The embarrassing moment came when they crossed me and hugged the person standing behind. All I could do at that moment was pray for my DEATH!

#3 Walking In The Same Direction! 

Walking in the same direction as a stranger is the most stupid and awkward thing we all have done in the park. It’s entirely not your fault, but some of it is, right? You try to walk past the stranger coming in your direction, but instead of taking the opposite direction, you start walking in the same route as them. The cringe part is that it does not happen only once. 

Embarrassing Moments At Cinema 

Got caught while sneaking in snacks, or an elderly couple found you in an oh-so awkward position with your partner in the movie theater? Which one of these is your cringe-worthy moment in a cinema hall? Please don’t tell me that you have gone far beyond this. 

#1 Don’t Steal My Drink! 

What can go wrong when sitting next to a 5 or 6-year-old kid in a movie theatre? If you want an answer, I’d say everything. Well, moving on to the embarrassing movie theatre story which I found on Quora. A couple is enjoying the movie while grabbing popcorn and coke when the kid casually starts taking sips from their coke bottle (the kid’s parents are sleeping). After contemplation, the couple decided to be smart and woke the parents, who quickly apologized and gave back the drink, followed by a loud screen echoing in the theater.

#2 Oops, Wrong Entry! 

After finishing a movie, have you ever felt overwhelmed by its ending that you don’t know where you are going? Instead of going to the men’s washroom, you find yourself in the lady’s washroom amongst girls who are crying because Tony Stark died and now you are there waiting for your death. Oh dear Thanos, come and take my life, I beg you! 

#3 Wrong Place At The Wrong Time! 

When it comes to a highly anticipated movie, we all want to watch the first-day first show because spoilers from friends are not acceptable. It’s a Monday, so what do you do? Simple, call in sick and enjoy the movie. It sounds fun. Once you enter the theater and find your seat, you realize that your boss (who approved your sick leave) will be sitting next to you. Keep the Q4 discussions coming at the back! 

Embarrassing Moments At Office 

Before you go through the workplace embarrassments, make sure that you double-check the recipients of the work email you are sending right now. I don’t want to be the reason behind you getting fired from your job. 

#1 The Screenshot Swap!

If you tell me that you have never sent a screenshot to the wrong person, I swear I will never believe you. It is the one embarrassing moment that no one knows how to escape, especially when the person happens to be your colleague. It is the one awkward moment where you are bitching about your colleague with your friend, and you decide to take a screenshot and send it to your friend. Guess what you do? Instead of sending it to your friend, you send it to the co-worker. Be right back, typing the resignation! 

#2 The Lost Phone! 

What happens when you lose your phone at the workplace, and your boss is the only person standing next to you? Out of empathy, the guy decides to help you out and starts calling on your number to help. When you and your boss hear the ringtone, you realize that you have saved “The B*tch is Back” as the incoming call alert for your boss. Congratulations, now you have your phone but no job. 

#3 The Final Impression! 

Does not it feel good to spend a day in the office without your boss visiting? It does, right! Especially when he tells you that he will be out all day long. You take this opportunity to have fun with others and indulge in gossip, chit-chat, and silly activities. The next thing you know, your boss shows up unexpectedly while you show your best impression of him to others with your back facing him. 

#4 The Accidental Goodbyes! 

While you are daydreaming of leaving the office early but then you realize one of your workplace buddies is packing their desk and leaving. So, instead of feeling sad for yourself, you go up to them and wish them goodbye only to find out they have been fired. The second-hand embarrassment you get at this moment hits the right spot. 

Final Words

Different people have been through different embarrassing phases in their lives, but the ones you read above have been experienced collectively by every one of us. We all have been there, from getting into an awkward situation with a crush to making a complete fool of ourselves in front of our bosses. Don’t forget to continue the thread in the comments section below and share your embarrassing and cringeworthy moments with us. I can’t make a promise but trust me, I will try my best to control my laugh. 


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