Grab The Top 10 Most Expensive Shoes For Men And Women | Kickstart 2022 With Style


Thanks to the evolving global fashion trends, the obsession for luxurious shoes and footwear is rising. The most expensive shoes for men and women boast of precious stones and diamonds can cost you millions. You won’t mind insane price tags after seeing the creativity of artists and brand names!

If you are an uber-rich fashion buff and do not settle for less, I am here to help you find the perfect shoes that are trendy, luxurious, and expensive!

Best Handbags 2022
Best Handbags 2022

Check Out 5 Most Expensive Shoes For Men | Why Should Girl Have All The Fun?

In terms of fashion, men are not too far. They know the importance of brands, trends, and styling as women. If you are rich enough to own these unique shoes, here are the top five expensive shoes for men that you can explore!

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1# Jason Arasheben’s Tom Ford Shoes

Grab The Top 10 Most Expensive Shoes For Men And Women| Kickstart 2022 With Style

Nick Cannon became one of the most stylish hosts of America’s Got Talent (2014), thanks to his expensive round white diamond loafers! Designer Jason Arasheben enhanced the Tom Ford loafers with 340-carat white diamonds. 

The entire process took more than 14,000 dazzling diamonds in white gold, 2,000 person-hours, and 12 months to complete. It was auctioned at the whopping price of $2 million at an auction! 

This dazzling shoe can attract the attention of anybody and is worth giving a try. Are you ready to adorn your wardrobe with these expensive shoes?

2# Nike Air Jordan Silver Shoes

Nike Air Jordan Silver Shoes

Nike’s Air Jordan Silver sneaker shoes are incredibly unique. This sterling silver sneaker was introduced in 1985 by Nike. The original signature of Michael Jordan on the shoes makes it the perfect vintage collection for your wardrobe. 

You can buy the ten pounds Nike Air Jordan at the price of $60,000 dollars. You won’t mind spending such a huge amount because the pair is very unique in design, has a limited release and exclusive reach. Moreover, the sneakers are very comfortable to wear, durable, and stylish at the same time.

Unleash your inner athlete and put on these awesome sneakers. The brand itself is very popular and contemporary of the popular culture. So, now it’s your time to win the race! 

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3# Testoni Men Shoe Collection

Testoni Men Shoe Collection

Testoni offers elegant and premium modern Italian-style shoes based on traditional Bolognese craftsmanship. It uses the finest material and latest innovation to create comfortable weightless shoes with water resistance features. 

From the exotic alligator to goat skins and gold, diamond buckles to subtle leather-art, you will find premium collections ranging from $38,000 that will perfectly suit your formals and casuals. 

What is stopping you from buying these internationally recognized incredible designs? Order the best pairs for yourself now!

4# Manhattan Richelieu Shoes By Louis Vuitton

Manhattan Richelieu Shoes By Louis Vuitton

If you are into luxurious things, you do not need the introduction of Louis Vuitton. It is the symbol of exotic, elegant, and expensive collections. 

It has brought to you the Manhattan Richelieu shoes made of alligator skin, designed by high-skilled professionals and smooth finishing. 

The intricate details and stitching of the shoes, fine leather soles, and Ruthenium finishing are worth spending $10,000 on it.

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5# Diamond Shoes By Aubercy

Manhattan Richelieu Shoes By Louis Vuitton

If you are a more kind of subtle-art-lover person but at the same time do not want to compromise with the luxurious experience, then go for Aubercy diamond shoes! 

Aubercy is well-known for its incredible quality standards and uncomplicated designs. It has produced limited pairs of spectacular simple-designed shoes with tiny diamonds to highlight the features.

You can own the pair at the cost of 4,510 dollars. Now, even men can treat themselves with dazzling pairs and show their love for diamonds!

5 Most Expensive Shoes For Women That Require Your Attention, Ladies!

If fashion is the trend, then women are the trend-setters! That’s why we have more choices and categories of footwear to adorn. Who does not want to own the latest premium collection and flaunt a queen-sized wardrobe?

You are on the right page if you cannot resist dazzling, exquisite, unique pairs. However, these remarkable designs can cost you millions; who cares if you are insanely a fashionista and rich, of course! Let us straight dive, into the top luxurious and most expensive shoes for women.

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1# Moon Star Shoes By Antonio Vietri

Moon Star Shoes By Antonio Vietri

This shoe bag is first on the list because of its whopping price of 19.9 million dollars. The shoe was designed in Emirates, produced in Italy, and launched in Dubai Fashion Week. 

What makes it apart from the rest is its build. It is made of 30-carat diamonds and has solid gold heels. It boasts of using bits of Argentinian meteorite of the 16th century. Thus, the name suggests moon star shoes. If you are rich enough to buy and relish them, go for those lovely pairs!

2# The Katheryn Wilson Diamond Shoes

The Katheryn Wilson Diamond Shoes

Diamonds and women share a bond that is very hard to ignore. Admit it; women love dazzling embellishments in general and diamonds in particular. So, taking care of our taste, Kathryn Wilson- a shoe designer from New Zealand, made the spectacular 21.8 carats diamond shoes.

It fetched a 418,450 dollars price. The entire processing took 50 hours of tedious labor, physically intricate designing and pasting the diamonds with an adhesive.

3# Stuart Weitzman’s Expensive Diamond Dream Stiletto Shoe Collections

Stuart Weitzman’s Expensive Diamond Dream Stiletto Shoe Collections

Stuart Weitzman is the most famous shoe designer that has immensely contributed to the shoe fashion industry. Thus, it deserves a mention of all of its trendy and expensive collections that require your attention. 

The 1,420 diamond-studded Diamond Dream Stiletto is not just glamourous and alluring but dreamy as well! The design includes two diamond-encrusted circles on the upper portion and a silver strap on the toes, adding sophistication. This dreamy stiletto will cost you $5000000.

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4# Stuart Weitzman’s Ruby Heels

Stuart Weitzman’s Ruby Heels

Another masterpiece worth mentioning here is Weitzman’s version of Ruby Stilettos. Wizard of Oz-inspired ruby shoes were transformed into heels to make them look more glamorous. 

The heels are of cherry red color and embellished with around 642 Burma rubies. There is no doubt that this stiletto is a truly inspiring fashion statement. These shoes were first shown in the London exhibition in 2003.  

This highly valuable stiletto is made of 123-carat rubies and platinum. Isn’t worth spending $1.6 million on them to own such unique and rare metal-based heels! What are your thoughts on it?

5# Diamond Shoes By Jada Dubai & Passion Jewelers

Diamond Shoes By Jada Dubai & Passion Jewelers

What happens when two fashion biggies collaborate? Yes, they will come up with something unique, extravagant, and tempting. All these words perfectly suit the diamond shoes made by the collaboration of Jada Dubai and Passion Jewelers. 

The price is too high, the material used in it is also exorbitant. The professional workers have devoted nine months to curating the shoes. It is made from pure gold, embellished with a 15-carat diamond pair of D category and 238 diamond beads in the rim of the stiletto. Owning this luxurious shoe pair will cost you $17 million

Final Words

Irrespective of gender, we all deserve luxury as per our pocket standards. Owning a huge shoe wardrobe is most of our fantasy if you are the one who is already owning them or can buy them; congratulations! Rest like me; even seeing these remarkably expensive shoes is a treat to the eyes!

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