5 Most Popular Avengers In MCU! See Where Is Your Favorite Placed?


Marvel is full of powerful heroes with killer personalities, so how come you never thought, who are the most popular Avengers? No doubt all of them are strong, confident, entertaining, and can make viewers fall in love with their irresistible charm, but there must be a few who receive a little more love than the rest, right? 

Unlike Fantastic Four and the X-Men in the Marvel universe, who saved humanity as outsiders, the result of which US Government officially created The Avengers team to protect its citizens. As the Avengers were always in the open and their identities were never kept hidden, they grew to become popular amongst the people at Times Square. 

Some Avengers like Thor and Steve Rogers easily became popular because of their oh-so-good looks, while others like Hulk and Carol Danvers had to prove their worth amongst the rest. Keeping all the charms and powers of the Avengers in mind, let’s find out who else became popular after joining the greatest league of the strongest heroes

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Most Popular Avengers You Love Blindly!  

If you ask a room full of people who are their favorite Avengers, you will probably get a different name from everyone. It’s all a matter of perspective and what a particular person is looking for in their favorite hero. The difference in everyone’s opinion regarding the Marvel Universe makes it difficult to pick the most popular Avengers. Still, we know a handful of them who are loved and worshipped by all. Honestly, even if someone is not a fan of marvel, I can bet they would still love the below-mentioned heroes because they are just awesome. 

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1# Thor | The Charismatic Asgardian God!

Thor: Most popular Avengers

Thor may be an arrogant hero in the Marvel universe, but he also happens to be the one with a big heart and tons of charm. Both in comics and movies, Thor has spent most of his life-saving people who are weaker than him, fighting for his teammates, and sometimes even saving villains. From snapping pictures with his fans in Thor: Ragnarok (2017) to losing his friends and family in Avengers: Infinity War (2018), Thor has gone through the worst times of his life with a big smile on his face. 

2# Captain America | The Moral Avenger!

2# Captain America | The Moral Avenger!

Steve Rogers, aka everyone’s favorite Captain America, is undoubtedly the most trustworthy and down-to-earth member of team Avengers. There is no doubt why he has such a big fan following because of his generosity and morals. From starting a revolution in Civil War (2016) for the sake of Sokovia to standing in the front line during the fight with Thanos, Captain has always made it clear that nothing matters to him more than his family, friends, and the lives of innocent people. 

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3# Iron Man | The Billionaire Philanthropist! 

3# Iron Man | The Billionaire Philanthropist! 

Who is the people’s person in Avengers? Simple, it’s Iron Man. The guy knows how to crack the silliest jokes in a room full of serious conservations, and his hot body is an absolute treat to watch. Keeping his body aside, there’s a lot that viewers love about Tony Stark. Tony’s don’t give a sh*t attitude is to die for; the way he handles things and brings out the best of everyone in the team is also worth noting. Besides, the best part about Tony is giving nicknames to people he adores, like calling Thor point break

4# Scarlet Witch | The Unstable Witch!

4# Scarlet Witch | The Unstable Witch!

Scarlet Witch may have started her cinematic journey as a ruthless child taking revenge from the Avengers, but soon she also became a part of them. After helping the team fight Ultron and his army in Avengers: Ultron (2015), Scarlet loses her brother Quicksilver (dies while protecting Hawkeye), after which Captain America takes her to the team. Following the events of Ultron, Scarlet is also seen sticking by Captain’s side in Civil War. Scarlet is not the most open character on the team, but that’s not her fault. After being held captive and later only relying on an android (Vision) who Thanos killed, Scarlet had a lot to lose. 

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5# Spider-Man | A Relatable Teenager! 

5# Spider-Man | A Relatable Teenager! 

Viewers have seen and read different versions of Peter Parker throughout the Marvel comics, but the cinematic universe has always kept things minimal with one version. A high school student with Tony Stark-like humor and the cutest smile is MCU’s version of Spider-Man, and to be honest, no one hates that. Especially Girls! Some fans even call Peter Parker Jr. Iron Man because of the bond between and the way spidey-boy worships him. Don’t you all remember how Spidey left Queens to be on Tony’s side during the events of the Civil War

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Final Words 

There are highly unlikely chances that you won’t find your favorite Avengers in the list above because they are the most famous figures in Avengers as of now. By any chance, if you don’t stop your favorite, feel free to mention the name in the comments section below and the reason that made you fall in love with the character.  

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