8 Most Powerful Sith In The Galaxy | Legends Of The Dark Force!


By now, everyone must be aware of the dark forces lurking around in the Star Wars universe. The Sith Lords are one of the deadliest creatures in the galaxy. If they are so strong, can you imagine the power that the most powerful Sith holds? Can you imagine the destruction they can cause in the entire galaxy? Their abilities make me wonder if they are stronger than the Mad Titan Thanos, the king of genocide in the Marvel universe? 

Some of you must not be aware of the Star Wars universe, so let me give you a quick introduction. Star Wars is an American media franchise that expands into different media branches like films and video games. The Sith are a part of this universe and are often referred to as the Sith order. They belong to the dark side of the Force and call themselves the bearers of hatred and greed. 

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Multiple Sith spread across the vast galaxy, but only a few have been explored in the Star Wars franchise. To be exact, only seven Sith lords have made their presence known in the Star Wars canon franchise till now, but multiple sources point to the existence of other Sith Lords. To this date, only Dark Sidious, the Dark Lord of Sith, has managed to help the dark order rise to its highest power which makes him the most powerful Sith lord ever. However, others have fallen into his footsteps and walked down the path of hate. 

Let’s get to the fun part of Star Wars and find more about the most powerful Sith, who vowed to break the Jedi order and achieve galactic domination.

8 Most Powerful Sith In Old Republic | Creating Havoc In Galaxy!  

In the Star Wars media, Sith order is known to be the bearer of anger and hate. On multiple occasions, the Jedi order has tried to fill them with the fear of Force, but the dark Force turned it into anger. Soon this anger turned into hate, and the hate turned to lust for more power. This is how the Sith order works. They manipulate fear and it into their power. 

#1 Darth Sidious | The Most Powerful Sith  

Darth Sidious: 8 Most Powerful Sith In The Galaxy | Legends Of The Dark Force!

There is no doubt in announcing Darth Sidious, or shall I say, Chancellor Palpatine, as the most powerful Sith of all time. From pretending to help the queen of Naboo, Padme Amidala, to luring Anakin into becoming Darth Vadar (twice), the Emperor’s list is no short of horrendous crimes. Moreover, as the Star Wars franchise progresses, it is revealed that the Sith lord has mastered all the secrets of death and can resurrect himself. In the end, only his granddaughter, Rey, with the power of the Jedi flowS through her veins that could end his monstrosity. 

#2 Darth Bane | Sole Suriver Of Destruction Of Brotherhood

Darth Bane: 8 Most Powerful Sith In The Galaxy | Legends Of The Dark Force!

Darth Bane left a legacy behind him as he was the sole survivor of the destruction of the dark force caused by the Jedi order. The war took place a thousand years before the existence of the Star Wars franchise and ended with Darth Bane fueled with feelings of anger and hatred for Jedi. The dark Emperor not only managed to establish the Law of Two, but he single-handedly organized the doom of the Jedi order as well. 

#3 Darth Plagueis | Master Of Death

Darth Plagueis: 8 Most Powerful Sith In The Galaxy | Legends Of The Dark Force!

We may not have witnessed Darth Plagueis reprising his role in the franchise, but we know a lot about him. The Sith Lord was Emperor Palpatine’s former master who helped him attain the knowledge of the deepest darkest secrets of the Sith forces. Along with his apprentice, Darth Plagueis walked down the path to explore the mysteries of immortality and resurrection. While he was one of the most powerful Sith, his powers could not save him from dying at the hands of his students during a peaceful sleep. 

#4 Darth Tyrannus | Greatest Strategist Of All Time

Darth Tyranus: 8 Most Powerful Sith In The Galaxy | Legends Of The Dark Force!

We cannot say that Darth Tyrannus was the most powerful Sith of all time, but he was a great strategist who knew how to get things done without causing any trouble. Like his master Emperor Palpatine, Tyrannus also deceived everyone with his loyalty to the Jedi order. The man held his own fight against master Yoda, the greatest Jedi, along with Obi-Wan and Anakin. Ultimately, he was killed by Anakin Skywalker, who later turned into Darth Vader and became Palpatine’s worthy apprentice. 

#5 Exar Kun | Stronger Than The Most Powerful Sith Lord 

Exar Kunn: 8 Most Powerful Sith In The Galaxy | Legends Of The Dark Force!

Exar Kun was also a part of the Jedi order and a powerful duelist like Count Dooku before turning to the dark side of the Force. Due to his hunger for power, he went on the path of darkness to master the forbidden techniques and emerge as the most powerful sith in the entire galaxy. It is even said that Exar Kun surpassed Darth Sidious in terms of power, and it is rightfully correct because he has learned everything from Freedon Nadd, the deadliest Sith of all. 

#6 Freedon Nadd | An Old Sith In Galactic Republic 

Freedon Nadd: 8 Most Powerful Sith In The Galaxy | Legends Of The Dark Force!

Freedon Nadd was a part of the ancient Sith Order that existed a long time before the rule of Darth Sidious. Like many other Sith, Nadd was also a part of the Jedi Order, but he ditched the light for his lust for power. Freedon Nadd is considered an essential part of the Old Republic, master of Exar Kun and apprentice of Naga Shadow, a powerful Dark lord. After gaining all the knowledge from his master, he killed Shadow and became the master himself. 

#7 Darth Vader | Turned Into Darkness By Emperor Palpatine

Darth Vader: 8 Most Powerful Sith In The Galaxy | Legends Of The Dark Force!

Darth Vader is the only member of the Sith force whose presence is made known widely in the Star Wars franchise. Even if he was a powerful Sith member, he didn’t leave a powerful impact on the dark Force of nature. Darth Vader was once a part of the Jedi order, known as Anakin Skywalker, prophesied to bring balance to the Force. Though he served the Galactic Empire as the chief enforcer, a part of him wanted to help the Force. 

#8 Darth Maul | Master Of The Combat Skills 

Darth Maul: 8 Most Powerful Sith In The Galaxy | Legends Of The Dark Force!

Darth Maul is the first Sith ever to make an appearance in the Star Wars franchise. Darth Maul is covered in red skin with black horns around his head and marks all over him that make him look dead-ass scary. Darth Maul is also the first Sith to use the double-ended lightsaber that helped him kill Obi-Wan’s Jedi master Qui-Gon Jinn. Though he had only five-minute screen time in The Phantom Menace, he managed to impress everyone with his combat skills. It is also said that Obi-Wan’s hate kept him going, and he managed to resurrect himself by growing spider legs. 

Final Words 

Many Sith have come and gone in the Star Wars franchise, but these are the holders of supreme power in the galaxy. Star Wars would have been a dull franchise without these dark forces of nature, and no one would have enjoyed watching the movies. 

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