5 Movies About Slavery On Netflix | Have A Look At A Historical Event


There are many movies about slavery on Netflix, and all of them will make you nostalgic about the historical event of slavery, which African people mainly experienced. Interestingly, these movies will stay as a mirror to slavery and inform the coming generations about it.

Slavery emerged in the 17th and 18th centuries after Britishers overpowered Africans. The British settlers in America brought Africans as their slave and used to have complete control. All in all, the era of slavery was a curse for Africans. With the help of these movies, I have tried to give you an insight into slavery. 

If Are you ready to go into the depth of slavery? Then, watch these movies on Netflix!

Slave Movies On Netflix | Movies That Will Make You Nostalgic 

Slave movies on Netflix are a great genre that deserves public attention. Though these are just movies, we should never forget that some people have lived it. Watch these movies and have a look at the history of enslaved people. 

1# Free State Of Jones (2016) | A Struggler That Becomes Rebellion 

5 Movies About Slavery On Netflix | Have A Look At A Historical Event

A tale of a rebellion, Free State Of Jones is inspired by the life of Newton Knight, who revolted against slavery. 

The movie features the journey of Newt Knight from a struggler to a leader. To oppose slavery, he chose to help his wounded brothers rather than fight against the Union. Then, he moves to his county to ensure his family is safe. There, he is forced to flee and gets the company of a group of runaway slaves.

Eventually, Knight becomes a rebellion by allying with enslaved people and other farmers. This incident changes his life, and he starts his actual battle against slavery. 

It’s not less than a heroic movie with lessons of courage. Watch this movie to know what all Knight experiences in his journey of becoming a leader!

Producer: John Kilik, Gary Ross, and Scott Scuber

Director: Gary Ross

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2# Django Unchained (2012) | An Unusual Relationship Of Slave And Master

5 Movies About Slavery On Netflix | Have A Look At A Historical Event

Django Unchained is a highly stylized movie and a tribute to an Italian movie with the same name. 

This interesting movie is set two years before the civil war when Django, an enslaved person accompanied by his master, goes on a mission to capture the vicious Brittle brothers. After the success of their mission, they move to hunt the south’s most wanted criminals.

During their next, Django and his master get a chance to go to an infamous plantation of Shady Calvin Candie, where they come across the fact that Django’s wife is still enslaved. 

It is a must-watch movie because it is unlike conventional slavery movies that talk about the struggles of enslaved people. Rather, this movie will inform you about some good masters of enslaved people.

Producer: Stacy Sher, Pilar Savone, and Reginald Hudlin 

Director: Quintin Tarantino 

3# 13th (2016) | A Documentary That Covers Truth 

5 Movies About Slavery On Netflix | Have A Look At A Historical Event

13th is a documentary that has received a lot of appreciation for its presentation of enslaved people’s lives. 

The documentary gives an insight into the worsening condition of enslaved people. Further, it deals with the history of racial inequality in the United States. Also, it shows how the nation’s prison is filled with enslaved people. 

In a nutshell, the documentary is all about the experiences of enslaved people and how a few generations of enslaved people were in the clutches of their masters. It is not less than an African book that informs about the struggles of enslaved people. 

Let me tell you, it’s a bit of an emotional movie. Before watching this movie, keep tissues in hand because it is full of many emotional scenes!

Producer: Howard Barish, Ava DuVerney, and Spencer Averick

Director: Ava DuVerney

4# Harriet (2019) | The Story Of Harriet Tubman 

5 Movies About Slavery On Netflix | Have A Look At A Historical Event

Harriet is one of those biographical movies that show that women have also contributed to the liberation of enslaved people. Also, this movie is a tribute to those women who had to give up their life to abolish slavery.

The core of the documentary is about Harriet, who escapes from her slavery. After that, she starts a dangerous mission in which she tries to liberate hundreds of enslaved people through the Underground Railroad.

All in all, the documentary is about the events of the heroic abolitionist (Harriet) and how she manages to help people like her. Interestingly, the documentary reveals some unknown secrets to the common masses.

If you don’t have time to read a slavery book, watch this movie because it has a lot of information to offer.

Producer: Debra Martin Chase, Daniela Taplin Lundberg, and Gregory Allen Howard

Director: Kasi Lemmons 

5# 7 Prisoners (2021) | Trapping Of Innocence By Slavery

5 Movies About Slavery On Netflix | Have A Look At A Historical Event

7 Prisoners is a Brazilian drama movie that shows how slavery impacted the young generation of Africans.

This is a recent movie that deals with the life of an 18-year old boy named Mateus. He searches for a job opportunity in Sao Paulo (a city in the Southeast Region of Brazil). As a result, he becomes a victim of a working system of modern slavery (does not mean slavery is there even today, talk about the middle stage of slavery). 

Lastly, Mateus is left to choose between the growth of his family and the man who has enslaved him. So, you can have an idea of a terrible situation that a child goes through in this movie. 

I would suggest this movie to understand slavery from the lens of a child. 

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Final Words 

Watch these incredible movies about slavery on Netflix and learn more about slavery. I will not discuss them more because I have left a few things for you. Watch these movies and find out!


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