10 Adventurous Movies Like Cheaper By The Dozen | Dramatic Comedies To Watch With your Family!!


There are many comedy movies available online for viewers to enjoy since the genre is loved globally. There are many comedy movies like Cheaper By The Dozen (2022) that are loved by fans. We have enlisted movies like Cheaper By The Dozen for the fans of the movie so that they can enjoy more of the genre.

Cheaper By The Dozen is the story of a family that houses a dozen children. The story features the struggle that the adults in the family go through because of so many kids. Cheaper By The Dozen is an extremely confusing plot as it juggles between the chaos that the children make and the deteriorating family business that is in dire need of a revival strategy.

The movie Cheaper By The Dozen was loved by the audience despite its complicated portrayal. We have brought more movies like Cheaper By The Dozen for the lovers of the movie since there’s always space for some laughs in your schedules. Have fun with these 10 Amusing comedy movies like Cheaper By The Dozen.

Fill Your Day With Fun And Laughter With These 10 Family Movies Like Cheaper By The Dozen 

Cheaper By The Dozen is a family-based comedy, the movie is quite enjoyable despite being chaotic and messy throughout. There are varied comedy movies like Cheaper By The Dozen that have similar plotlines. 

Mentioned below are 10 movies like Cheaper By The Dozen that explore various comedy plotlines that are mixed with drama and adventure. 

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#1 Better Nate Than Ever (2022) 

10 Adventurous Movies Like Cheaper By The Dozen | Dramatic Comedies To Watch With your Family!!

Better Nate Than Ever (2022) is a musical comedy-drama, based on the dream of a young kid and the measures he ends up taking to fulfill his dream.

Better Nate Than Ever explores the life of a middle school boy named Nate. Nate is obsessed with the idea of starring in a Broadway musical show. He wishes to be the lead hero desperately. However, he finds no luck in his school play as he is given the minor role of a tree. Frustrated by this event he plans a trip to audition for Lio and Stitch: The Musical with his best friends. The duo embarks on an adventure-filled journey to New York City.

Better Nate Than Ever shows the various issues the duo faces during their journey. The movie is well constructed and showcases the dynamics of Nate’s family perfectly. Nate’s parents’ acceptance of his quirks, his bond with his sibling, and the friendship between Libby and Nate are precise and well researched.  

IMDb Rating6.2
Runtime1 hour 34 minutes
DirectorTim Federle
WritersTim Federle
CastRueby Wood, Joshua Bassett, Aria Brooks
Streaming ServiceDisney Hotstar
Release DateApril 1, 2022,
Filming LocationNew York City, USA
Production HouseMarc Platt Productions, Walt Disney Pictures

#2 Godmothered (2020) 

10 Adventurous Movies Like Cheaper By The Dozen | Dramatic Comedies To Watch With your Family!!

Godmothered (2020) is the journey of an unskilled fairy godmother. She is on a quest to prove her worth and decides to venture alone in the search of a girl who sought help from fairy godmothers and was denied.

Godmothered is based around fantastical land called the Motherland, where fairy godmothers are trained to fulfill people’s wishes. Eleanor is the youngest of the fairy students and comes to know that her school is being shut down since no more wishes are being made. Eleanor finds a mission for herself and she leaves her school to seek the person who wished for the fairies last.

Godmothered shows how through her journey Eleanor realizes that the ancient ways of love are not relevant anymore and that is why the fairies needed to change their methods. The movie is quite predictable in its premise and is at most a one-time watch.

IMDb Rating6.1
Runtime1 hour 50 minutes
DirectorSharon Maguire
WritersKari Granlund, Melissa K. Stack
CastJune Squibb, Jillian Bell, Sonia Manzano
Streaming ServiceDisney Hotstar
Release DateDecember 4, 2020
Filming LocationMalden, Massachusetts, USA
Production HouseSecret Machine Entertainment, The Montecito Picture Company, Walt Disney Pictures

#3 Spin (2021) 

10 Adventurous Movies Like Cheaper By The Dozen | Dramatic Comedies To Watch With your Family!!

Spin (2021) is a movie about growth and the issues regarding teen lives. Primarily focussing on a girl who learns to let go through music and embrace her fun side. 

Spin revolves around a teen girl Rhea, who belongs to a strict family and spends most of her free time helping in her family business. The movie shows how she ends up discovering music and creating a track in collaboration with a friend.

However, she feels betrayed by his reluctance to acknowledge her efforts. Since her efforts are wasted in creating the track, Rhea feels she has lost her will to create music. She eventually discovers her deceased mother’s mixtapes and decides to continue making music.

Spin explores the idea of friendship, betrayal, and familial relationships. The movie is a typical teen movie about finding one’s passion and the gradual self-exploration of a teen. However, Spin is a fun watch for first-time viewers despite its predictability.

IMDb Rating6.0
Runtime1 hour 33 minutes
DirectorManjari Makijany
WritersJosh A. Cagan, Carley Steiner
CastAvantika, Abhay Deol, Meera Syal
Streaming ServiceDisney Hotstar
Release DateAugust 15, 2021
Filming LocationToronto, Ontario, Canada
Production HouseDisney Channel, Princessa Productions

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#4 More Than Robots (2022) 

10 Adventurous Movies Like Cheaper By The Dozen | Dramatic Comedies To Watch With your Family!!

More Than Robots (2022) encompasses the journey of teenagers, who plan to take part in a robotics competition and the challenges they face amidst a global pandemic.

More Than Robots focuses on teenagers from four different countries, as they prepare to represent their countries in the world’s first robotics competition. However, as the teams work on creating the perfect robots for the competition they undergo various challenges. The movie showcases how the teenagers gradually learn that the competition is way beyond the construction of the best robots.

More Than Robots focuses on the teenagers’ struggle, as they try to understand the concepts of funding and sponsorships while trying to recover from the consequences of a global pandemic. The movie makes for an entertaining watch as it shows what sports teams go through while preparing for global competition. 

IMDb Rating6.6
Runtime1 hour 29 minutes
DirectorGillian Jacobs
CastGillian Jacobs, Jason Sterman, Brian McGinn
Streaming ServiceDisney Hotstar
Release DateMarch 18, 2022
Filming LocationLos Angeles, California, USA
Production HouseSupper Club, Lucasfilm

#5 Happier Than Ever: A Love Letter To Los Angeles (2021) 

Happier Than Ever: A Love Letter To Los Angeles (2021) features celebrated singer Billie Eilish, as she covers her new release Happier Than Ever and various other songs in various concerts.

Happier Than Ever: A Love Letter To Los Angeles is a musical documentary film that explores the various processes that happen during a musical concert. The documentary showcases various ideologies, inspirations, and the journey behind the production of a concert. 

Happier Than Ever: A Love Letter To Los Angeles showcases various concerts by Billie, and the filming of her album Happier Than Ever. The documentary is shot in a cinematic way, and the musical tracks are simply amazing.

The documentary also features animated sequences stitched together with real-life performances creating a gorgeous viewing experience. The documentary is an audio-visual gem, and must not be missed.

IMDb Rating7.2
Runtime1 hour 5 minutes
DirectorRobert Rodriguez, Kerry Asmussen, Patrick Osborne
CastGustavo Dudamel, Billie Eilish, Brady Heiser
Streaming ServiceDisney Hotstar
Release DateSeptember 3, 2021
Filming LocationVarious Billie Eilish Concerts
Production HouseInterscope Films, Darkroom Productions, Nexus Studios

#6 ‘Twas The Fight Before Christmas (2021) 

10 Adventurous Movies Like Cheaper By The Dozen | Dramatic Comedies To Watch With your Family!!

‘Twas The Fight Before Christmas (2021) is a documentary based on real-life events. Revolving around the lawsuit filed by a resident as he fights against the local community for not letting his house be lit up with fairy lights.

‘Twas The Fight Before Christmas shows the journey of a lawyer who is severely infatuated with Christmas. He files a lawsuit against the local HomeOwner’s Association because of their rule regarding the use of limited fairy lights on Christmas. 

‘Twas The Fight Before Christmas features various views about the people affected by the said lawsuit, as lawyer Jeremy Morris tries to justify himself. He uses terms like freedom and discrimination based on faith as the prime reasons for his lawsuit. The documentary is well constructed and makes for an interesting watch. However, the debate still stays about his desire to have a super glamorous Christmas event. 

IMDb Rating6.3
Runtime1 hour 31 minutes
DirectorBecky Read
CastJeremy Morris, Becky Read, Julia Nottingham
Streaming ServiceApple+
Release DateNovember 26, 2021
Filming LocationNorth Idaho, USA
Production HouseDorothy Street Pictures

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#7 The Broken Hearts Gallery (2020) 

10 Adventurous Movies Like Cheaper By The Dozen | Dramatic Comedies To Watch With your Family!!

The Broken Hearts Gallery (2020), quite literally features the idea of a  gallery constructed from items of past love. A collection of items that break your heart more after a breakup.

The Broken Hearts Gallery features an unconventional thinker Lucy who meets the owner of a new hotel. As their friendship grows, Lucy comes up with the idea to create a gallery in the hotel that features items from people’s past relationships. Her idea is to create a space where you can leave your past memories so that people can move on to better things.

The Broken Hearts Gallery is a romantic comedy and is written in a typical cheesy and cliche manner. The movie however captures the essence of the plot in a beautiful manner. The Broken Hearts Gallery sheds light on the aftermaths of broken relationships and the human desire to hope for a new beginning.

IMDb Rating6.3
Runtime1 hour 49 minutes
DirectorNatalie Krinsky
WritersNatalie Krinsky
CastGeraldine Viswanathan, Dacre Montgomery, Utkarsh Ambudkar
Streaming ServiceApple TV
Release DateSeptember 11, 2020
Filming LocationToronto, Ontario, Canada
Production HouseNo Trace Camping

#8 Mixtape (2021) 

10 Adventurous Movies Like Cheaper By The Dozen | Dramatic Comedies To Watch With your Family!!

Mixtape (2021) is the beautiful journey of a young teenager, who seeks out songs to download to recompile her mother’s mixtape which she broke by accident.

Mixtape is a dramatic comedy that revolves around the life of a teenager who breaks her mother’s mixtape by accident. The 12-year-old teenager feels the urge to refind each of the songs on the Mixtape to find out more about her mother. Beverly has never met her mother and after discovering the mixtape that she has now broken, she decides to seek out more information about her.

Mixtape features Beverly’s journey as she completes her mother’s mixtape once again. During her search for said songs, she also ends up meeting the woman who raised her mother. Mixtape is a beautiful movie that investigates mother-daughter relationships in a light-hearted manner. The movie is for sure a must-watch for lovers of teenage dramatic comedies.

IMDb Rating6.6
Runtime1 hour 33 minutes
DirectorValerie Weiss
WritersStacey Menear
CastGemma Brooke Allen, Julie Bowen, Audrey Hsieh
Streaming ServiceNetflix
Release DateDecember 3, 2021
Filming LocationVancouver, British Columbia, Canada
Production HouseNetter Productions, Reunion Pacific Entertainment

#9 Vacation Friends (2021) 

10 Adventurous Movies Like Cheaper By The Dozen | Dramatic Comedies To Watch With your Family!!

Vacation Friends (2021) is an adventurous comedy that is based on the events of a vacation, as a couple makes new friends there. Upon returning the duo forgets all about the vacation and the friends they made there until they are forced to face them again.

Vacation Friends features a couple Marcus and Emily who are vacationing in Mexico and end up meeting another couple, Ron and Kyla. Unlike the duo, Ron and Kyla are party animals and love to live in the moment. The couple befriends these unexpectedly chaotic people and decides to enjoy their vacation in an equally chaotic manner. But they are in for a surprise when months later on their wedding day, the couple Ron and Kyla show up at their house uninvited.

Vacation Friends is an amazing comedy and features a hilarious and awkward plot. The comical and tense conversation between the so-called friends is amusing. Vacation Friends is a must-watch for people who like to see over-the-top and loud comedies. 

IMDb Rating6.3
Runtime1 hour 43 minutes
DirectorClay Tarver
WritersTom Mullen, Tim Mullen, Clay Tarver
CastLil Rel Howery, Yvonne Orji, John Cena
Streaming ServiceHulu
Release DateAugust 27, 2021
Filming LocationPuerto Rico
Production House20th Century Studios, Broken Road Productions

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#10 The Kid Detective (2020) 

10 Adventurous Movies Like Cheaper By The Dozen | Dramatic Comedies To Watch With your Family!!

The Kid Detective (2020) explores the journey of a celebrated child detective, as he grows up and feels inapt because of his lacking skills as a detective.

The Kid Detective features the journey of Ape Applebaum, who once solved a theft case as a kid and still works as a detective decades later. He feels guilty for the loss of a friend who got kidnapped years ago and feels disrespected by the whole community as they urge him to stop working as a detective. In a bid to prove himself, Abe ends up taking a case regarding the death of a teenage boy.

The Kid Detective showcases Abe’s investigation as he gradually solves the murder and coincidentally ends up solving the decades-old kidnapping case as well. The movie is a dramatic comedy and revolves around the inner guilt and trauma that Abe has been going through over the years.

IMDb Rating7.0
Runtime1 hour 40 minutes
DirectorEvan Morgan
WritersEvan Morgan
CastKaitlyn Chalmers-Rizzato, Adam Brody, Kaleb Horn
Streaming ServiceAmazon Prime Video
Release DateOctober 16, 2020
Filming LocationNorth Bay, Ontario, Canada
Production HouseWoods Entertainment, JoBro Productions & Film Finance

Final Words

Comedy is an evergreen genre and is globally loved by the viewers. We have curated a list of 10 funny movies like Cheaper By The Dozen that will make for an amazing watch. These movies like Cheaper By The Dozen will be loved by viewers for their amazing plotlines and stories. We hope the readers loved these hilarious movies like Cheaper By The Dozen. Do let us know which movie was the most enjoyable for you. 

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