Are You Looking For Movies Like Through My Window? Watch Sizzling Love Stories This Valentine’s Day!


After all, it is Valentine’s week, and love is in the air! As you are already looking for movies like Through My Window (2022), I can understand that you have already raised the bar of sizzling chemistry movie choices. Never mind, I am always prepared for your search queries!

Just like Through My Window movie, which was a romantic comedy-drama, my list of movies contains similar movies that have fiery hot chemistry, entertaining storyline, funny punches, and a lot of dramatic scenes that will make your day! So, let’s dive straight into the article without wasting a single second!

Best Movies Like Through My Window | Make This Valentine Memorable!!!

Through My Window movie is a Spanish romantic comedy-drama released on 4 February 2022. How about planning a romantic, cozy, intimate date for your partner and binge-watching some lovey-dovey flicks? It will surely spark your romantic mood, too (wink!).

If you have already seen the sizzling hot chemistry of Raquel and Ares in Through My Window, you must not want to miss similar passionate romantic movies. Instead of choosing any one of the mentioned movies, try to watch all of them. You won’t regret watching them. 

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#1  I Love You, Stupid (2020) | Love Is Stupid, Indeed!

Best Movies Like Through My Window

To start with, go for watching the I Love You, Stupid (2020) movie on Netflix. This romantic comedy movie will keep your mood light and romance alive through its hilarious plot and awesome characters. The movie was underrated and has got a 5.8/10 IMDb rating. However, it deserves better. The movie is directed by Laura Mana and acted by Natalia, Quim, Alba, and others; the movie has different shades of passion and regrets worth watching.

The story revolves around a guy named Marcos whose life is a complete mess, and he is trying to figure it out. The story opens with Marco’s breakup and obsession with getting her lady love back into his life. 

He tries to complete himself so that he can impress her. However, things turn hilariously twisted, and he ends up with another girl that will surely change his life. Marco is a person with whom you can co-relate if you were also an introvert or worse in dating! The movie has many funny incidents and passionate hook-ups that are fiery hot!

#2 Sounds Like Love (2021) | The Twisted Love Story Of Maca!

Best Movies Like Through My Window

The Spanish rom-com movie Sounds Like Love was released on 29 September 2021 and became a viewers’ popular choice. You can watch Sounds Like Love on Netflix. Juana M. Alba is the director of the film who has brilliantly portrayed the messy love lives of the lead actors. 

The star cast includes Maria Valverde, Alex Gonzalez, Susana Abaitua, and others. It has a 5.4/10 IMDb rating. The movie celebrates friendship, self-love, and romance that will make you happy for sure.  

The movie revolves around a lady named Maca and her dealing with a recent breakup. She is a brilliant fashion designer but lacks to channel her energies. Her girl gang is a support system for her in her crisis time, but there are a lot of secrets that she is unaware of. 

The movie takes an interesting turn when Maca’s ex-boyfriend Leo comes back with a bang. The Sounds Like Love movie has a lot of fashion statements, friendship goals, hook-ups, and breakups that will keep you jolted with the storyline. 

#3 Three Steps Above Heaven (2010) | Matches Are Made In Heaven!

Best Movies Like Through My Window

The Spanish romance in Three Steps Above Heaven (2010) is and will remain my favorite romantic movie due to two reasons- the plot is very interesting, and the chemistry of the protagonists is brilliant. The beautiful cinematography is a bonus. Fernando Gonzalez has made the film with actors like Maria Valvarde and M. Casas, who gave us an awesome piece of art. The movie has a 6.9/10 IMDb score and is available on Amazon Prime

The movie depicts the love story of two strikingly different personalities that will make you wonder. Babi is a young, beautiful, middle-class girl who believes in goodness and has a balanced way of living. On the other hand, Hache is a rich brat who loves to take challenges and risk everything. What happens when they collide with each other is an interesting thing to witness. Their awesome chemistry will leave you spell-bounded.

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#4 Rosario Tijeras (2005) | Love Story Of A Beautifully Dangerous Assassin!

Best Movies Like Through My Window

The Rosario Tijeras (2005) is an action-packed Spanish movie with many seducing moments and hot scenes that are enough to raise the heat of your romantic mood. The movie has earned a 6.3 IMDb score and is currently available on Netflix. The movie director, Emilio Millie, has made the movie with full conviction. The story is about a beautiful young girl devastated by the cruel fate that makes her the most brutal version of herself.

Rosario becomes a deadly assassin who first seduces her targets and then kills them mercilessly. In one of her missions, she needs to kill a lousy womanizer, Emilio. Thus, she traps him in her lust trap, but something happens that she doesn’t see coming. Emilio’s best friend Antonio falls for Rosario and develops genuine feelings. However, her past has never left Rosario alone, and she needs to pay for her deeds. The movie will give you goosebumps with its awesome script and acting. A must-watch for you!  

#5 The Wedding Unplanned (2020) | This Wedding Gone Wrong In Too Many Ways!

Best Movies Like Through My Window

What happens when you fall in love with the groom, or worse, you have made a one-night stand with him already? Well, this is not just the summary of the movie The Wedding Planner (2020) but some of the triggering factors of this hilarious Spanish rom-com. 

Director Dabi de La Orden and actors Alex Garcia and Silvia Alonso have spectacular performances. The movie has a 5.7 IMDb score and is available on Netflix. The story has a lot of hilarious moments and sizzling romances that will make you feel wow!

The story revolves around a wedding planner, Marina, who falls in love in the most unexpected circumstances. Marina is a no-strings-attached kind of girl who does not believe in love. She had a traumatic past that made her very practical. One day she got the wedding arrangement contract from her childhood friend. 

However, the groom, Carlos, turned out to be his one-night flame. Things go awkwardly wrong in a hilarious way when Carlos admits his love for Marina. The interesting characters of the movie make it worth watching. 

#6 Tall Girl (2019) | Is Being Tall A Boon Or A Curse?

Are You Looking For Movies Like Through My Window? Watch Sizzling Love Stories This Valentine's Day!

The sixth on our list of movies like Through My Window is the American teen comedy Tall Girl (2019). The cast of the movie includes Angela Kingsly, Luke Eisner, Griffin Gluck, Steve Zahn, Anjelika Washinton, Sabrina Carpenter, and Paris Berelc. 

The movie’s plot revolves around a teenage girl who tends to be taller than her other classmates and students. She has been overshadowed by her ‘all-achiever sister’ since her childhood. But trouble occurs when she finds herself attracted to a foreign exchange student. She gets involved in a love triangle and realizes that she is worth more than she thinks of herself.  

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#7 Chemical Hearts (2020) | Did You Have Your Greatest Love Story Yet?

Are You Looking For Movies Like Through My Window? Watch Sizzling Love Stories This Valentine's Day!

Chemical Hearts (2020) is based on a novel, Our Chemical Hearts, written by Krystal Sutherland. The star cast of Chemical Hearts includes Lili Reinhart and Austin Abrams in the lead roles. 

The story of Chemical Hearts revolves around the editor of a high school magazine, 17-year-old Henry Page. he hopes to become a successful writer one day. But one thing that always stayed a secret in his heart is that he has never fallen in love. He dreams of having the greatest love story that will leave him feeling inspired. 

Other Movies Like Through My Window That You Might Like! 

Are You Looking For Movies Like Through My Window? Watch Sizzling Love Stories This Valentine's Day!

Whether you are single or in a serious relationship, our above selection of movies, like Through My Window, did not satiate your hunger for love; here are some more love movies to keep your options open and varied.  

Movie Director IMDb RatingDuration Streaming Platform 
After Jenny Gage5.21h 46mAmazon Prime Video 
After We Collided Roger Kumble 5.01h 45mNetflix 
After We FellCastille Landon 4.61h 39mNetflix 
Rich In Love Bruno Garotti Anita Barbosa6.01h 44mNetflix 
The In Between Arie Posin 5.81h 18 minutes Netflix 
Candy Jar Ben Shelton5.81h 32 minutes Netflix 
AmarEsteban Crespo5.11h 45 minutes Netflix 
The Last Summer William Bindley 5.51h 50 minutes Netflix 
6 Years Hannah Fidell 5.51h 25 minutes Netflix 
Caught By A Wave Massimiliano Camaiti5.81h 39 minutes Netflix 
Endless Love Shana Feste6.21h 44 minutes Netflix 
Anonymously YoursMaria Torres 5.71h 40 minutes Netflix 
He’s All That Mark Waters 4.31h 32 minutes Netflix 
The Perfect Date Chris Nelson 5.81h 30 minutes Netflix 
Isi & Ossi Oliver Kienle 6.41h 53 minutes Netflix 
The Kissing Booth Vince Marcello 5.71h 45 minutes Netflix 
The Kissing Booth 2 Vince Marcello 5.72h 11 minutes Netflix 
The Kissing Booth 3 Vince Marcello 4.71h 52 minutes Netflix 
Confessions of an Invisible Girl Bruno Garotti 5.21h 31 minutes Netflix 

15 Teen Movies Like Through My Window For You To Explore!

Are You Looking For Movies Like Through My Window? Watch Sizzling Love Stories This Valentine's Day!

Even though Through My Window is not a heavily teen-centric movie, there are many teen movies like Through My Window that are worth watching. So here are some teen movies for you to explore the world of teen love.

TitleDirectorIMDb RatingDurationStreaming Service
To All the Boys I’ve Loved Before (2018)Susan Johnson7.01h 39 minutesNetflix
Sierra Burgess Is a Loser (2018)Ian Samuels5.81h 45 minutesNetflix
The Art Of Getting By (2011)Gavin Wiesen6.51h 24 minutesApple TV
Alex Strangelove (2018)Craig Johnson6.31h 39 minutesNetflix
I Love You, Beth Cooper (2009)Chris Columbus5.31h 42 minutesAmazon Prime Video
Before I Fall (2017)Ry Russo-Young6.41h 39 minutesAmazon Prime Video
Love, Simon (2018)Greg Berlanti7.51h 50 minutesDisney+
Everything, Everything (2017)Stella Meghie6.31h 36 minutesApple TV
Little Manhattan (2005)Mark Levin7.41h 24 minutesApple TV
The Last Song (2010)Julie Anne Robinson6.01h 47 minutesYoutube Movies
To All the Boys: Always and Forever (2021)Michael Fimognari6.31h 55 minutesNetflix
To All the Boys: P.S. I Still Love You (2020)Michael Fimognari6.01h 42 minutesNetflix
Let It Snow (2019)Luke Snellin5.81h 33 minutesNetflix
Hello, Goodbye, and Everything in Between (2022)Michael Lewen5.01h 24 minutesNetflix
The DUFF (2015)Ari Sandel6.41h 41 minutesAmazon Prime Video

15 Love Movies Like Through My Window | Feel The Love!

Are You Looking For Movies Like Through My Window? Watch Sizzling Love Stories This Valentine's Day!? Enjoy The Lovestories!

Since Through My Window is a heavily romantic movie these films dripping with love will also be quite exciting for you to watch. If you enjoyed Through My Window, you can also explore some of these beautiful romance films for sure. Here are 15 movies like Through My Window for you to explore.

TitleDirectorIMDb RatingDurationStreaming Service
Purple Hearts (2022)Elizabeth Allen Rosenbaum6.72h 2 minutesNetflix
The In Between (2022)Arie Posin5.91h 57 minutesNetflix
The Half of It (2022)Alice Wu6.91h 44 minutesNetflix
Midnight Sun (2018)Scott Speer6.61h 32 minutesAmazon Prime Video
Crazy About Her (2021)Dani de la Orden6.61h 42 minutesNetflix
The Fault in Our Stars (2014)Josh Boone7.72h 6 minutesYoutube movies
Love & Gelato (2022)Brandon Camp5.11h 50 minutesNetflix
If I Stay (2014)R. J. Cutler6.71h 47 minutesApple TV
Love Hard (2021)Hernán Jiménez6.31h 45 minutesNetflix
The Age of Adaline (2015)Lee Toland Krieger7.21h 52 minutesAmazon Prime Video
The Longest Ride (2015)George Tillman Jr.7.02h 3 minutesYoutube Movies
The Sky Is Everywhere (2022)Josephine Decker5.61h 43 minutesApple TV
The Last Letter from Your Lover (2021)Augustine Frizzell6.71h 50 minutesNetflix
A Walk to Remember (2002)Adam Shankman7.31h 42 minutesAmazon Prime Video
How to Be Single (2016)Christian Ditter6.01h 50 minutesAmazon Prime Video

15 Intense Dramatic Movies Like Through The Window | Explore More Than Love!

Are You Looking For Movies Like Through My Window? Watch Sizzling Love Stories This Valentine's Day!

Some of the best romance films are the ones laden with intense emotion and drama. So we have brought for you some dramatic love stories like Through My Window for a change of pace. After all, you might not be in the mood to explore romantic comedies all the time.

TitleDirectorIMDb RatingDurationStreaming Service
Caught by a Wave (2021)Massimiliano Camaiti5.81h 39 minutesNetflix
The Sun Is Also a Star (2019)Ry Russo-Young5.92 hoursApple TV
All the Bright Places (2020)Brett Haley6.51h 48 minutesNetflix
You Get Me (2017)Brent Bonacorso4.71h 29 minutesNetflix
Out Of My League (2020)Alice Filippi6.11h 27 minutesNetflix
Words on Bathroom Walls (2020)Thor Freudenthal7.11h 50 minutesNetflix
The Only Living Boy in New York (2017)Marc Webb6.31h 29 minutesAmazon Prime Video
Blue Jay (2016)Alexandre Lehmann7.21h 25 minutesNetflix
Dude (2018)Olivia Milch5.11h 37 minutesNetflix
Charlie St. Cloud (2010)Burr Steers6.41h 40 minutesApple TV
Remember Me (2010)Allen Coulter7.11h 53 minutesAmazon Prime Video
Yes, God, Yes (2019)Karen Maine6.11h 18 minutesAmazon prime Video
The Vow (2012)Michael Sucsy6.81h 44 minutesApple TV
Then Came You (2018)Peter Hutchings6.91h 37 minutesAmazon Prime Video
It’s Kind of a Funny Story (2010)Ryan Fleck, Anna Boden7.11h 41 minutesApple TV

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Final Words

We hope you enjoy our selection of movies and have a great week of love, life, and laughter. If you have any more suggestions for us, please let us know in the comment section. Till then, keep loving and spreading love.

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